I So You Think You've Got Troubles ( BBCI) 10-10.3()pm. Warren Mitchell stars as lvan Fox. facing a tricky situation at work. and a trickier one at a police road-block. I Drop The Dead Donkey (Channel 4) 10—10.3()pm. Topical newsroom comedy. as the unbearable Sally finds Christianity. I ND (Scottish) 10.45—1 1 . 15pm. Forsyth. Campbell and Burnett show Christian. De Cadcnet and Puckrik how it's done.


I Thunderbirds (BBCZ) 6-6.50pm. Some cad attempts to poison Lady Penelope

, while she‘s enjoying a civilised drink in Paris. The Tracys rapidly sort out the miscreants

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9—9.3(lpm. The award-winning sitcom returns for a long-awaited new series with all your favourites. Sam and Rebecca are now an item, Norm is still knocking back beeron his regular stool and barman Woodv is as surreal as ever. The best. .

I I Roseanne (Channel 4) 6—6.30pm.

E What‘s this? Roseanne and Dan return

? home to find that the sublime Becky has been hitting the bottle. Surely not? I Cats: Felines And Pharaohs (BBCZ) 8.30—9pm. Thankfully not a Lloyd-Webber to be seen in this new

Series. It‘s a celebration of the feline species. presented by Roger Tabor, one of

a the world's leading authorities on the domestic cat. The series opens with an examination of the cat‘s status in Ancient

Egypt. I Casually (BBC1)9.30—10.20pm. The new nurse Sandra Nicholl (Maureen

Beattie) turns out not to be as accomplished as she initially appeared when she has to deal with an HIV-positive patient.

I Clochemerle (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. Things get really out of hand in the French village

farce. as the army are called in to quella

,' ‘bolshevik uprising‘.

I Have I Got News For You (BBCZ)

f 10-1l).3()pm. The usual topical quips and questions with guests Trevor McDonald and Craig Ferguson.

I Dream On (Channel 4) 10—10.35pm. The

' second-best. The first episode of a

three-part story featuring guest stars David Bowie and Tom Berenger asa

- director and actor making a film of the life

Confused? You will be . . .

i of Martin‘s ex-wife’s new husband.

I The Word (Channel4) 11.15pm-12. 15am. Gossip, gaffes and general gormlessness from the terrible trio and guests.

leisure industry.

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I Mystery Train (BBCZ) 11.45pm—2. 15am. Richard O‘Brien introduces more horror tack, including a classic B-Movie from 1957, Dragstrip Girl about rivalry among illegal teenage hot-rod race rs.


I Saturday Night Out ( BBCZ)

9pm—l .(l5am. A group ofprogrammes reflecting gay life. including a welcome rerun of The Naked ( iii/Servant. starring John Hurt as Quentin Crisp.

I Saturday Night Clive (BBc‘l) 9.40—lt).3()pm. Aussie clever-dick Clive James takes his usual irreverent look at global TV. joined by guest pundits.

I NBXI Stop Hollywood: 12.01 pm (Channel 4) 9.40—10. 10pm. A Martin Amisianstory ofa man forced by a freak of nature to constantly relive the same hour of his life. Starring Kurtwood Smith.

I The lcicle Thief (Channel 4)

10.10—1 1.45pm. Maurizio Nichetti manages to satirise filmmakers. cinema. commercials and TV values all in one go. spoiled slightly by his own over-the-top performance as a hapless arty director. Plenty ofhit-or-miss visual gags.

I The Lords 0i Discipline ( BBCI) 11.35pm—1.15am. A strange and sinister tale of a racist secret society operating within a US military college. Robert Prosky. David Keith aitd Barbara Babcock star.


I Scotsport (Scottish) 5—6pm. l lighlights from one of the weekend‘s top Premier Division games. plus action from south of the border and across Europe. ITrainer(BBC1)8. 15—9. 10pm. Mark Greenstreet stars in the increasingly

' farcical ‘horse opera' set in a racing


I London's Burning (Scottish) 8.50-9.50pm. The boys front Blue Watch with another combination of heroics and family drama. Hue/(draft with rhyming slang.

_IAshenden (BBCl ) 9.2a- 10.20pm. The

start of a new series about adcrring-do writer in the 30s sent on a variety of missions into Europe. Stiff upper lip stuff starring Alex Jennings in the title role. supported by the likes oiloss Ackland. Ian Bannen. Alfred molina and Elizabeth McGovern.

I Rebels With a Cause: Attack! (Channel 4) 10pm—12 midnight. Robert Aldrich's version ofThe Battle Of'l‘he Bulge that effectively attacks the system ofprivilege and self-interest that allow a cowardly young officer to lead his troops to disaster. Jack Palance. Eddie Albert and Lee Marvin star.

I The South Bank ShovHScottish) 10.35—11.35pm. A profile ofplaywright and former Mr Marilyn Monroe Arthur Miller.


I City nghIS (BBCl ) 8.3(l—9pm. Gerard Kelly stars as Willie Melvin . whose literary ambitions are still hindered by his choice of friends.

I Cutting Edge: Strange Neighbours (Channel 4) 9—10pm. the extraordinary story of Peter and Helen Kroger. Russian spies who posed as antiquarian booksellers living in Ruislip. Sleepers made real. itseems.

I Bumpole Of The Bailey (Scottish) 9—10pm. Leo McKern stars as the tubby brief, somewhat hindered when his client insists on his right to remain silent.

I Scottish Women (Scottish) 10.45—11.15pm. Sheena McDonald chairs a debate on the Ale epidemic.

I Songs For Drella (Channel 4) 12.40am—1.4()am. John Cale and Lou Reed's musical collaboration celebrating the life and death of Andy Warhol. and exchanging many a significant look during their performance.


I Boon (Scottish) ‘Llllpm. Michael Elphick as the motorcycle-obsessed private eye. haplesst pursuing more miscreants. and trying to control his assistants.

I Quantum Leap ( BBCZ) 9—9.5opm, More scientific conundrums and adventures for the time and space travellers iii the innovative science drama.

I Without Walls: England's Jane/Sole Of The NaIi0n((‘hanncl 4) 9—1llpm. Fay Weldon launches an attack on the reputation of .lanc Austen. followed by a report or. the history of the Doc Marten. No doubt Ms Alisten's admirers will be donning the latter to teach Ms Weldon the error of lter ways.


I Travelog (Channel 4) 8.3(1- 0pm. Sue Nelson heads for the Berber villagesand marketsofthe Atlas mountains. Robert Elms stays at home and offers his usual irritationg intro.

I The BAFTA Scotland Awards (Scottish) 8.3(L-‘lllpm. Industry back-slapping among 'l‘\' and film-folk . supping champagne and getting stuck into the smoked salmon. 'l'ltt'Advocates for best drama scries‘.’ Maybe not.

\ 7 f. ‘5. "4 I Children OlThe North ( BBCZ) 9.25-- It). lfipm. Continuing the MS Power adaptation set in Northern Ireland. I 8 And M (Channel 4) lll.3()—l lpm. Improvised comedy series starring heavyweight Mike McShane and innuendo-ridden charmer Tony Slattery. I Up the Junction (Channel 4) 11pm» 1.10am. l’eeble cult swinging 60s movie starring Suzy Kendall as a poor little rich girl slumming it in Battersea with a pre-Mimler Dennis Waterman. lixtrcmely quaint portrait ofclass-ridden London.


I Free For All (Channel 4) 8.3(i—-9pm. Another viewer takes control of the crew to present their viewpoint on an issue of their choosing. Sec preview.

I Minder(Scottish ) 9- lllpm. Arthur Daley and his side-kick Ray venture into golfclub politics. stopping offonly to consider the purchase of a police transport coach. courtesy of I)S Morley.

I Murder Most Horrid (138(2) 9-9.3(Ipm. The second in the series of whodunnit spoofs starring Dawn l"rench.enjoying centre-screen for once.

I 40 Minutes: Torn Apart ( BB( ‘2)

9.30—10. lllpm. Following the ramifications for all the parties involved in an alleged rape in a seaside resort in Eire. I Canned CarrottlBBC])9.3ti—1(lpm.A new series with the brummie comicJasper Carrott loooking at the absuditiesof advertising. A sort of west Midlands Clive James.

I So You Think You've Got Troubles ( BBCI) Ill- ll).3()pm. More post-:‘slfGarnett sitcoming with Warren Mitchell. Nice idea. shame about the scripts.

I NB (Scottish) 10.45—1 l . 15pm. ()utand about on the Scottish arts scene with the usual trio ofpresenters.

I Scottish Books (Scottish)

ll.lS—-l 1.45pm. Jenny Brown introduces discussion and reviews of the latest literary releases.

741119 I ict R—7I NnUthpr IQUI