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Buddy Guy: beating the blues


leading Scottish composer James MacMillan. are launching a project for fourteen composers (background and musical experience unimportant) to create scores for four silent movie shorts. The scores will be played by the SCO at the OFT on 3 March 1992. so there’s not much time. For further information. contact Eona Craig. SCO Development Officer. on 041-204 4848 or write to SCO. 27 Elmbank Street. Glasgow (32 4PB.

I ll you get your List before Friday afternoon (and if not. why not?) and you live in Edinburgh. you‘ll be able to mosey along to Avalanche Records. West Nicolson Street. for 3pm. when Jad Fair will be doing a few numbers for delighted customers. Though his name may be unfamiliar to most. Fair has been a stalwart ofthe American indie scene for years. both with his group l-Ialf Japanese and his collaborations with other artists. Later on, Jad will be supporting The Pastels at the Hipster Club. so there‘s no excuse for not catching him in action.

I The latest on Ricky Ross's throat is that plans for the new Deacon Blue tour haven't been endangered but that the singer has been strictly advised to look after his pipes. Ross has been going through a prolific period with his home recording studio and strained his voice as a result. An infection settled on top of all that. giving him a ‘heavy—duty sore throat‘ that we non-vocalists can only imagine. Caution has been advised for the duration ofthe tour.

I Botany 5 are recording ‘Love Bomb‘ again. this time with producer and remixer Andy Richards for release as a single in January. This will be the third version.

his technique. and while he remains ' a great guitarist, he is not, as Clapton

guitar player. ‘There were musicians back then

Rouge, but I went to Chicago hoping I The Blue Nile are said to

claims in a copywriter‘s dream of a

quote. ‘the best guitar player alive‘. What he does have, though, in

both his playing and his raw.

rough-edged vocals. is a depth and

authenticity of feeling and

experience, without which the blues is just so much empty noise and

who made some records and stuff. but I don’t think any of them were

i making any kind of decent living

from it. I didn’t care about that,

. though, all I wanted to do was to

manufactured angst. He began life in

the cradle of the music in the South, a long way from his ultimate fame as an electric guitarist in Chicago.

learn to play guitar so that I could please myself.’

Guy made his name in the electric, electrifying Chicago style, where his flamboyant guitar work, rasping

? vocals and shamelessly contrived

‘When I was a kid, my family didn’t

even have electric lights, never mind no electric guitar. My daddy was a sharecropper. and we didn‘t have no radio or nothing like that. I was always trying to make guitars with rubber bands and stuff, but I didn‘t know what a real guitar was until my mid-teens, and at that time there was no such thing as making a living as a

Showmanship (he grabbed attention by coming on like a Windy City precursor ofJames Brown) established him as a natural successor to the giants he came to Chicago to hear, names like Muddy Waters and Howling Wolf.

‘There were about a million places to play in Chicago back then, and everybody was there. I had played a little with local musicians in Baton

to be able to hear guys like Muddy and the Wolf, and after a while I found myselfup there playing with them. There wasn’t a lot ofmoney, but we sure had fun, and eventually I got to make some records too.‘ These days, Guy is firmly established in the annals of the music, and runs his own club. Buddy Guy‘s Legends, in downtown Chicago. This European tour will see his band supported by a new name to British audiences, a white Southern guitar player and singer named John Campbell, who made his own pilgrimage north, albeit to New York rather than Chicago. The Buddy Guy Blues Band and The John Campbell Bandplay The Playhouse, Edinburgh on Sat 23, and the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow on Sunday 24.

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be writing songs fortheir next album. but thisis hard to confirm as no one knows which side ofthe Atlantic they‘re on at the moment. Rumours, however. suggest that Paul Buchanan is still so

. blissfullyhappyinthe armsofRosanna

Arquette that he's refusing to answer the phone.

I The musical content for Up The Usher. the Sick

Kids benefit taking place

at Edinburgh‘s Usher Hall on Sun 1 seems to be fixed as Wet Wet Wet. Jools Holland. The Silencers and Kevin McDermott. Tickets are £15 and 1' l 2.50 from Virgin Megastore. T()('l‘A outlets and the Usher Hall itself.

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