I All I Want For Christmas. another gore-splashed serial killer thriller. or sweet seasonal schrnaltz? Film index has details.

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I ‘You stole the maple syrup doughnut. Harry. you know that was mine. lgot Lucy to put a little tag on saying Coop’s.’ Patisserie tun revisited as the entire Twin Peaks epic gets released on video. See Video listings in TV section.



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a I Dedicated ignorers ot lashion, Deacon Blue parade their sartorial inelegance and chantalong pop toons at Edinburgh Playhouse. See Music listings.

I Three more long-haired yobbos playing that loud rock music. They don't come much louderthan Nirvana. testing the PA at Edinburgh Calton Studios and Glasgow Queen Margaret Union. See Rock listings.

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2 The List 22 November— 5 mam, 199i 1