I When your getting on a hit, pop groups llnd attracting women

i .. s , . _. . . m Squeeze adopt theirlatest .. 3 g .. If“. __ . ploy heiore their gigs at ' . ‘- ‘. Glasgow Barrowiand and

Edinburgh Playhouse. See _. flooll listings. ‘m’ ".‘K'v

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l’en events that shook the world, ate Cincinnati, and gave Godzilla a good seeing-to all in the same iortnight.

The Pogues Shane MacGowan is off

_ somewhere with a late licence. Who

could replace him. Joe Strummer

I Glasgow photograph; will be giving it a try at the Itselllsthetitleolthe I Edlnburgh Playhouse. exhibition at Glasgow Efiflmgnggumg :7“ Point Break Surf’ s up and so are ' o" o 3" Keanuand Patrick.sexgodsforthe Hartneilandtheearras. 90 D. K’ th . B. I . . ,‘ Seemnwnos. s. lrector a cum lge ow .’.~. I :2. : proveshermasteryofthe I, y ‘, ; testosterone movie. {-N fl‘9w . .y L»"‘ “'3'” mil“: " x l to e dd 6 Th 1‘ d' Ch' are: 2;” “:1 . L33 w“ u y uy. e cgen ary icago 9343/31 («pf-f].- “; ‘3 S: « I. :..:,21;.:‘;ev bluesman is the best gultar player J’s??? 3.2,» :e-{iéf’f 3 :r 3314 5- M‘ alive,according to Eric Clapton. J"? ’1': "IA ~‘ A:S‘_""““~'w~" Findout for ourselfin Glas owand ' Wlew¢v§ J 6 4 s .A . y g ' KM“ " 7" Edlnburgh. 2‘1";

Nirvana Seattle or somewhere is the hometown of this hard-rocking bunch, as heavily devoted to loud noise as they are suspicious of personal hygiene.

9 ‘6'4.. ""' a 1 . v ,Afifo‘fik‘ T I’anto Behind you! Well everywhere 1.; 1"‘l’h’rmfl ' gt “‘5‘, yrA'Aug -. "‘j in fact. The early whispers are that , 3“?” the Glasgow Tron's version ofJack

And The Beanstalk. written by Forbes Masson could be a grower (geddit).

l The Soul Machine The Gospel

l according to Test Department. who bring their version of Christianity to E Glasgow‘s new Cottier Theatre.

The Dragon’s Trilogy Epic tale of

l Chineseimmigrantsin Canada told l over separate evenings or in one whopping six-hour marathon. Robert Lepage‘s play is at the Glasgow Tramway.

The Pastels Scotland‘s best-kept cults reappear for a rare gig at Edinburgh‘s Hipster club in Victoria Street on 22 November.

Ken Currie The Talbot Rice gallery in

5 Edinburgh hosts a new exhibition

‘: demonstrating the Glasgow painter’s

V rational despair at events around the i 3 :5; world. l ‘- , , _ s

Toto The Hero An award-Winnlng fllm '

I from Belgium packing in those

recurring (‘ontinental themes of childhood adversity and rites of

passage to telling effect. 2 FLIGHTS T0


The List 22 November 5 December 1991 3