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Their debut single is the biggest selling dance track of the year i which, in Scotland at least. managed f to knock Bryan Adams off the top slot. Join Andrea Baxter as Oceanic take her into ‘Insanity’.

Frank just throws it into the conversation: ‘We know The Farm and The La’s and Thomas Lang and K-Klass and The Bassaeads and The Utah Saints. . .‘ Dave makes a point of telling me to write it down: ‘We‘re the biggest selling dance track this year. the biggest indie single. we‘ve spent more time in the top ten than anybody else who’s not been Number One and we knocked t -’ I“ I Bryan Adams off the top in Scotland!‘ Oceanic are a band to make you sick. really - but ' - ' y despite their obvious pride in their recent mega ; \ success with ‘Insanity‘. Dave Harry and Frank Crofts are still down to earth Liverpool lads who‘ve made it the hard way. After working behind the scenes for years with local acts in their own studio. last year they teamed up with singer Jorinde Williams (who does the ‘take meeee . . .‘ . bits) and made a deliberate attempt to sound more like a ‘proper band‘. as Frank affirms: ‘The definite direction Oceanic is taking is songs. we

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' consider ourselves a live act rather than a dance Ocea‘nib. we could be Lennoh ana mummy} outfit. we ve done over 50 PAS/gigs. some quite small and cosy. but we‘ve played to 3000 in Sefton done it without hype. As with most even vaguely What “my.” "ling ‘0 d” 5 milk“ ll CW“ hard” if” Park in Liverpool. a really big event. The kind of . hardcore dance tracks. ‘lnsanity‘ was treated with danCC acts [0 get on. Mind you. it‘s not very good, I songs we write can be listened to in any the mainstream music business‘s usual contempt. don't TCCkim it'” “15‘ 7 environment. whether on the radio. sitting in a ; ’Until the record was No. 3. Radio One had only Oceanic 115011liiiollilueld’ilimucr * Frank chair. in a club or whatever. The direction we‘re played it when they had to. on the Chart Show.‘ laC0nlCilll)'~ Diii'C CiithSlii-‘llt‘iilli' imd Siliiit‘limt‘s going for is the Pet Shop Boys/ Erasure market. explains Frank. ‘lt‘s interesting to see their Sound like thF'VC S‘WHUWL‘d Mil-“C Wt‘k‘k for but with a wider range ofstyles, y’know.‘ response to the new single. which has been played bicakfast. but th music \‘Iill stems to Come first Dave backs this up: ‘Already people are saying a lot already. so they obviously do make an effort fm thcm- AS DIWC Siii'Si ‘lli'k‘ hail “100118 iiihs‘ hui we‘re a one-hit wonder. but me and Frank have to catch up once you‘re established. 1 don‘t think [only did lhcm ‘0 fund mi 10W “l "1”le -- I'm not had five releases outon vinyl this year. We do that not getting on prime time. daytime RadioOne milTTlCd‘ “'9 "0121‘" iltl'rlli‘it‘mL mi“ i“th most actually write othertypes of music and we‘vejust actuallyharmed the sales ofthe single at all. but impomim thing i” m.“ “it”. remixed Ride Like The Wind. We could be one-hit the track definitely took a lot of people in the ()C'f’u’m‘lflai' TWIN“. (i/USXUH'UH 310134. wonders or we could be Lennon and McCartney!‘ industry by surprise they‘re missing something. Edinburgh L"’11'l“’r-Vil.\’“’l “0’1 3-<(1'1(/rlii‘\'()ttu’ 10/ Well. if Oceanic are the new Beatles they‘ll have it‘s called dance music. Top OfThe Pops now. WUVWX-S’m"FUW”W'15W7- | _ ; to everybody whereverthey are.‘ And e to De Construction and is the product of material and 88 YOU "3ch this a second i i like manna from heaven came ' a fluid line-up of club musicians and single should be bringinga breath of l . ; ‘Templehead' -the first single from I world musicians who. strangely fresh air to clubland and, ii the l ; Transglobal Underground. Atribal , enough. include percussionist Talvin performance 0' ‘Templeheéd' IS . l } chorus of‘Na, na. na’ anda Iolloping . Singh who now works with Slouxsie anything to go by, Gary DaVIes's Radio l ' backbeat lead into the above 3 And The Banshees. The song, like 1 show as well. if you‘ve heard the l u a instruction before gentle Italian-style i Nation, who produce what is best : band's single. their Scottish - 3 . piano and subdued guitar introduced described as Techno bangra, was an i appearances will be unmissable and if i i l Sherriff’s positivity rap. ‘Templehead’ l attempt to move away from what was you haven't don’t you lhlllk you owe it to I a i is like no other dance record you will ' happening in clubs and do something i yourself to try something Just a bit :

* hearthis year and is all the better for it. - Transglobal Underground play The . Tunnel. Glasgow on 1 Dec.

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64 The List 22 November— 5 December 1991