g I The Golden Girls (Channel 4)

10-10.3(lpm. Rose‘s new boyfriend Miles

1 reveals that he is in fact Chicago

‘i accountant Nicholas Carbone. given a new identity by the FBI after testifying at a

Mafia boss‘s trial. More sitcom fun.

' I 8 And M (Channel 4) 10.30—1 lpm. Tony

Slattery and Mike McShane continue their

3 improvising. tonight tackling that vital moment when a sperm hits an egg.

i I A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy

(Channel4) llpm—12.35am. One of

Woody Allen's later comedies. where

unfortunately the gags are more Bergman

than Carry On. A neurotic romance set in

the pastoral bliss of upstate New York.


i I The Time Tunnel (Channel 4) 6—7pm. Ann has strayed into AD8433 and been kidnapped by aliens from the Canopus system who want to drain her body for informationiThey‘ve already done Adolf : Hitler, so the prognosis isn’t great.

I An Actor‘s Lile For Me (BBCI) 8.30—9pm. John GordomSinclair stars as Robbie in an adaptation of the Radio4

- comedy series. Tonight he is forced to lie to his fiancee when a part in a TV show comes up.

I Stanley And The Women (Scottish) 9—10pm. First in a four-part adaptation of the novel by misogynistic old git Kingsley Amis who at least writes chronologically unlike his offspring. Stanley isa reasonably contented bloke. whose life takes a radical turn when his son Steve arrives for a surprise visit. Mid-life crisis stuff.

I Murder Most Horrld: He Died A Death (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. Dawn French recalls her husband's early attempts at stand-up. No. sorry. it's another murder mystery. with Tony Slattery being the unfortunate topped on stage.

I 40 Minutes: Windermere’s Burning (BBC2)9.3()—10.1()pm. The reality of fire-fighting is a far cry from the heroics of Backdraft as this film shows. following the fireman around as they wait for the ‘big one‘.

I Canned Carroll (BBC1)9.30-10pm. More comedy from the droll Brummie. supported by Robert Powell. Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis.

I So You Think You've Got Troubles (BBCl) 10—10.30pm. Warren Mitchell stars as Ivan Fox. facing trouble from his ‘vestigial Jewish guilt glands‘.

I Drop The Dead Donltey (Channel 4) 10—10.30pm. Topical newsroom comedy. as Sally finds a somewhat dubious spiritual guide.

I NB (Scottish) 10.45-1 l . 15pm. Forsyth, Campbell and Burnett on the state ofthe arts.


I Thunderolrtls (BBC2) 6—6.50pm. Look out, the Hood is back. tampering with aircraft and causing all sorts of mayhem. One of these days the Tracys are goingto have to shave his eyebrows off and teach him a lesson.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) 6—6.30pm. Dan‘s old biker buddy arrives to disrupt the usual Conner disharmony.

I Gone To The Dogs (Scottish) 8—9pm. The I first of a new comedy drama series with a [spot of romance thrown in. Greyhound

3 triangle involving Lauren and the rivals i for her affections: Larry. a self-made

racing is the unlikely backdrop for a love

millionaire and J im. a loser who has just got out ofjail after being caught fare-dodging.

I Cats: Pet Dr Pest? (BBC2) 8.30—9pm. Apparently our furry little chums can be a bit of a nuisance. A cat curfew has just been imposed in Victoria. Australia.

because the feline chappies are

threatening local wildlife.

I Losing The Hold (Scottish) 9~10pm. George Rosie asks whether there truly isa Scottish economy after the takeovers of I numerous Scottish firms by English and ; foreign corporate raiders

I Casualty(BBC1)9.30-10.20pm. Yes folks. it‘s that old favourite. ectopic pregnancy. hitting Holby General this week. along with a seriously fat bloke who wants his jaw wired up.

; I Have I Got News ForYou (BBC2)

10—10.30pm. The usual topical quips and

' questions with guests. including

i Concluding the three-part story. in which I Martin is being systematically humiliated ateveryturn.

: show looks at the memory topic.

broadcaster and journalist Martin Young. I Dream On (Channel 4) 10—10.35pm.

I Omnibus: Joseph Cornell -Worids lnA Box (BBCl) 10.20-1 1.10pm. A profile exploring the life and work ofthe ‘dark horse‘ of modern art. Cornell. an artist and filmmaker. was a cult figure wholived a reclusive life in a quiet New York suburb. His modest studio became a place of pilgrimage for the likes ofAndy Warhol. Susan Sontag. Tony Curtis. John Lennon and Max Ernst.

IThe Word (Channel4)

11.15pm—12. 15am. Gossip. gaffes and general gormlessness from the terrible trio and guests. Sandra Bernhard reportson plastic surgery and advises hopefuls on how to become an extra on Baywatch.

I Mystery Train (BBC2) l 1 .50pm-1 .35am. Richard O‘Brien introduces more horror tack. including a classic B-Movie from 1956 directed by Roger Corman. The Undead features Pam Duncan as a prostitute sent back by regressive hypnosis to medieval times. where she is condemned to be executed as a witch.


I Jaws: The Revenge(BBC1)

7.45—9. 15pm. Just when you thought it was safe to switch on the TV. More piscean thrills (the fourth in the series) as the toothed one develops. toludicrous lengths. a grudge against the family who hunted him. This time it‘s personal. . . and laughably bad.

I Moving Pictures (BBC2) 9.35-10.25pm. Amnesia is the common theme linking recent movies The Fisher King. Dead Again, Shattered and Regarding Henry, and also Oscar Micheaux. a famous film director who is now forgotten. The film

I Saturday Night Clive (BBC 1) 9.40—10.30pm. Aussie clever-dick Clive James takes his usual irreverent look at global TV, joined by guest Lenny Henry. I Next Stop Hollywood: To The Moon Alice (Channel4) 1(1.1()—10.45.A potentsatire on the American dream telling the tale of the homeless Wiliker family who live on a TV sitcom set after hours.

I Fltzcatraldo (BBC2) 10.25pm—1.05am. Klaus Kinski stars in Werner Herzog‘s epic and over-ambitious film about an epic and over-ambitious plan to haul a steam ship manually across a South American mountain ridge. with the ultimate aim of building an opera house in the jungle. Mad Germans, dontcha just love 'em?

I A Short Film About Love (Channel 4) 1().45pm—12.20am. A television premiere for Krzysztof Kieslowski‘s drama from his much-lauded Decalogue series. It concerns a nineteen-year-old who develops a voyeuristic obsession with an older woman designer.


I Scolsport (Scottish) 5-6pm. Highlights from one of the weekend‘s top Premier Division games, plus action from south of the border and across Europe.

I London’s Bumlng (Scottish) 8.50—9.50pm. The boys from Blue Watch with another combination of heroics and family drama. Backdraftwith rhyming sian .

I Ashenden(BBC1)9.10—10.05pm. Our hero (Alex Jennings) becomes embroiled in the Russian Revolution. travellingto Petrograd in a vain attempt to prop up the ailing Kerensky government and keep the Russians in the war.

I Hebeis With a Cause: Somebody Up There Lilies Me (Channel 4) 10pm-12.05am. A classic Hollywood biopic. with Paul Newman starring as the troubled boxing champion Rocky Graziano.

I Facing Up To AIDS: The Butterfly Garden (BBC2) 10.05—10.45pm. A special documentary for World AIDS Day. Three prisoners in Edinburgh‘s Saughton prison talk about their experiences and emotions caused by their disease.

IAndre's Mother (BBC2) 1045-1 1 .45pm. An Emmy award-winning drama about a woman coming to terms with her son‘s homosexuality. then facing his death from AIDS. Sada Thompson and Richard Thomas star.


I Wish You Were Here (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. A new series of the travel show. opening with a report from Barcelona provided by Gary Lineker who lived there with his wife Michelle forthree


I City Lights(BBC1) 8.30—9pm. Gerard Kelly stars as Willie Melvin. whose literary ambitions are still hindered by his choice of friends.

I Cutting Edge: Plain Sailing (Channel 4) 9~ 10pm. The drama and tension ofCowes week including the singing ofthe traditional Maxwell song. ‘Who‘s that bobbing in the water. who‘s that floating in the sea. . . It‘s Admirals Cupweek actually.

I Humpole DiThe Bailey (Scottish) 9L10pm. Leo McKern stars as the tubby brief. not looking forward to agrim Christmas at home. The last in the current series.

I Prime Suspect (Channel 4) 1(1pm—12 midnight. ‘A chance to see again. . .‘is usually a euphemistic excuse for a repeat filler, but in this case it seemsjustified. Lynda La Plante's feminist cop drama being one of the triumphs of the year. Second part tomorrow. See preview.


I Boon (Scottish) 9—10pm. Michael Elphick stars as the leather-clad lugubrious private eye.

I Quantum Leap (BBC2) 9—9.50pm. Scott Bakula stars as time travelling scientist Sam Beckett zapping back to 1974 and becoming a Rabbi.

I Without Walls: The Obituary Show (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. a celebration of the life and times of Glenda Jackson . who ain‘t dead yet. but the premise ofthe show is to pretend they are. See preview.

I Class Huie: Never Had It So Good (BBC2) 9.50-10.30pm. Continuing the story ofthe class factor in post-war politics. Michael Cockerell looks at the consumer boom of the late 505 which caused MacMillan to claim ‘You've never had it so good‘. See preview.


I Dig (Scottish) S—lOpm. Tom Hanks stars in an engaging comedy as a twelve-year-old boy wishing on a carnival machine to become grown-up. and getting his wish. Plenty of sexual and other misunderstandings ensue.

I Traveiog (Channel 4) 8.3(l—9pm. Observer columnist Simon Hoggart heads for the US Deep South and unearths a few new experiences for the traveller.

I Clarissa (BBC2) 9.25—10.3(lpm. The second episode of the period drama. with Clarissa on the run with the dashing but libidinous Lovelace (Sean Bean).

I Shot! M (Channel 4) 10.30—1 lpm. Improvised comedy series starring heavyweight Mike McShane and innuendo-ridden charmer Tony Slattery. tonight enacting the workings ofthe first Jewish computer in space.

I Look Back In Anger (Channel 4) 1 1pm—12.50am. Badly-dated film version ofJohn Osborne‘s badly-dated play. starring Richard Burton as an angst-ridden bloke taking it out on the wife.


I Free For All (Channel 4) 8.3(J—9pm. Another viewer takes control of the crew to present their viewpoint on an issue of their choosing.

I Secret History: Bloody Sunday (Channel 4) 9—10pm. A documentary re- investigating the events of30January 1972. when British paratroopers shot26 people. killing 13 ofthem. The filmmakers talk to soldiers and civilians who have kept silent about the events for twenty years.

I Murder Most Horrid (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. Dawn French plays Rita Proops. quantum physicist and time traveller. whose work is somewhat hindered by husband Selwyn (Jim Broadbent). '

I Canned Carroll (BBC1)9.30—10pm. Jasper gets intrigued by the varied meanings of words. depending on who‘s using them. The observational stuffisfine. it‘s the sketches that let him down.

I NB (Scottish) 10.45—1 1 .15pm. Outand about on the Scottish arts scene with the usual trio of presenters.

I Scottish Books (Scottish) 11.15—11.45pm. Jenny Brown introduces discussion and reviews of the latest

literary releases.

74 The List 22 November— 5 December 1991