cueeuum ! BANDS/MUSIC

; I Female vocalist/guitarist

' would welcome opportunity to

sing country and western. 19605

etc. with a band. Box No


I Lyricist with bright ideas seeks

similar guitar/keyboard for

collaboration Costello. Redding. The The Heavy Dub. Reggae. Deep Southern

Soul. accordions. horn sections,

creative sampling. atmospherics but mainly songs! Phone Alan

on ()31 5564725.

: I Eclectic, experienced bass

player seeks musicians.

1 songwriters. I‘m keeping the day job. want fun and

3 experimentation.Jazz/fusion.

prog rock. rolk. wide influences. Absolutely no beginners. Edinburgh. Box No 163/M/1.


Demhcedlloldingslad Fresh fruit and

vegetables, flowers

and wholef‘oods. Open Mon - Sat 9.30am - 5pm 32: Damhead,

Old Pendand Road Lothianbum. Edinburgh Phone: 031 445 5591 for more details

SOMEBODY OUT THERE wants to know you. Write to the PE RSONAL column of The List

and find out who!


WEIGHT CONTROL. EATING DISORDERS, STRESS MANAGEMENT For appointment or further information, telephone 041 221 1707. The Grosvenor Clinic. 4 Fitzroy Place. Glasgow G3.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE Jim Stewart. DTM MSHP. For appointment telephone

031 229 7924.

HYPNOTHERAPY PSYCHOTHERAPY You can free yourselffrom stress. allergies. asthma. anxiety. emotional problems. habits. pain. panic. phobias. migraine etc. Concessions available. Call the Human Performance Clinic on

041 337 3327.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE Treat yourself to improved health and relaxation with the help of this ancient therapy. Reasonable prices and concessions. Gift vouchers available. For information. contact LIZ Highet (AMAMA) on 041 357 4494.

REFLEXOLDGY/HYPNOTHERAPY Phyllis A. North. GSSR.NR11P (Affil). Member ofthe Scottish Institute of Reflexology. For appointment or further information. please telephone


84 The List 22 November 5 December 1991

VENUS SMITH Out-of-this-world clothes at down-to-earth prices. Designer sale goods. Come and find a


I Wanted! One or two tickets for Nanci Griffith Glasgow concert.

December 2nd. Good price good quality bargain, paid. 041 339 4781 (after 215 um: Walk 6.30pm). 0315544460.

.7lauel. flettfiete! Sun. 34sec“. felts. Vat“. Snell“.



few jingle bells and set the scene for all your festive frolics. You could even slip into a Santa Suit and remember there‘s no time like the present for Christmas planning. So don‘t be stuck - let yourself loose on I. Myers new selection.

It‘s in stock now!


33-37 Admiral Street, Glasgow. Tel: 041 429 0537 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm Sun 10.3mm - 4.30pm

inland. lantern“. 84:54.9“. ésacleu. Past, Pellets.

Already getting down to planning a party or dreaming up a display for your store windows? Myers can make it merrier - and easier to look the party pan with trees, lights, garlands, lantems, tinsel and backdrops. Their vast range of crackers. poppers. hats and novelties will ring a

“Theta. 22"“. page“. gaetuie. (acetate. Kaeuupe. equine. past, peppered. We“. Sate Sun "to; events '9295 'vsadied fijsvd 'esayavsg 'eiespyng 'evsnarf 'vyuvysvé 'nfilpyd '92y627 'vaasL

BEFRIENDING relies on volunteers. No amount of money can buy the friendship and support offered by one person to another. Enquiries to:



Edinburgh Association for I



Looking for business? Advertise in our Buy 8; Sell or Services sections from only £3 for 30words.

I Don't hide your light under a bushel. Advertise it in

the BUY & SELL section.

I XTC ottlcial famine. Limelight XTC fans you've got the

Mental Health. 40 Shandwick Place. Edinburgh. 031 225 8508.

album. now buy the fanzine. EASIER." ART'FACTS Send £1 plus A4 sac to Spccwllscs In alYaSt rant/i? 0!. i Mark Fisher. Tweeddale Court. 'X‘II’Sggtshr‘l‘i’cm l 14 High Street. Edinburgh

I Glasgow Ski Club meets every Thursday at Scaramouche. Elderslie Street. from 9.30pm. Inexpensive weekends/day trips to Scottish resorts. social nights. Christmas dance. SNSC insurance cover and much much more . . .

I GAY? Seeking genuine friends? (M&F) Unlimited profiles. each is invitation to longterm friendship. perhaps relationship, also overseas penfriends. Free (confidential) brochure. S.A.E. to Triangle Profiles. 27 Old Gloucester Street. London. WC1N 3XX.

I GAY? LESBIAN? CHRISTIAN? Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement meets for friendship/ social activities. All welcome. For details phone Gay Switchboard on 041 221 8372 or Lesbian Line on 041 552 5768. I DUEST an organisation of people who care deeply about their faith and sexuality. Although primarily for gay Catholics. a ny Christian who feels we can help is more than welcome. For further information about meetings. social events and support. contact Quest Linkline on (141 333 9340. Sunday and Tuesday between 7pm and 10pm.

IS THERE LIFE AFTER WORK? Yes. with 1VC. a self-run club for career people in their twenties and upwards. We organise many diverse events such as badminton. hill walking. theatre. meals. days out. parties.cinema . . . in Scotland. For details phone:

041 537 8324 for Glasgow or 0506 882142 for Edinburgh or 0382 480382 for Dundee.

LESBIAN AND GAY TEENAGERS Stonewall Youth Project meets every Friday in Edinburgh. Phone 031 556 4040. Tuesdays 7.30—9pm. for details.


CO-STARS Whether you want an assertive Arien or a caring Cancerian. you‘ll find them all at Co-Stars. though of course we match you through your whole horoscope and not just your star-sign. Only £5 for the taster offer. Please write for full details to Co-Stars. PO Box 858. Glasgow G31 zDY. (Io-Stars. The Astrological Match-makers.

products from around the world. 42/43 Royal Park Terrace (nr Abbeyhill).0316521962. Open Mon—Sat noon—5pm: closed Wed.

(0. TIME TO SPARE? J/ We are a group of people with Connexmns learningdifflculties. Our new ' t 'f- -)r"e'/" Po. Box 43. self-advocacy group hasone ‘- Th 3 .3 I/ 34 Torquay Road adviser but we need some more . 11 ' pa'gmon ' help. We are learning to speak 3 \ '\\L. r )1: Devon up for ourselves to have asayin \x '1“? ' T04 SNF ourlives. Interested? '

031 555 0920.


f/Ie xvi/Male, exp/k1? can/ac! club for add/£7 Cor/pies, sing/es whatever/our Mfrs/956.... For Iree data/7: 0/ members/140 etc, send SAE



I Wanted!!! Wacky. unusual flatmate(s) to share this hilarious experience called Life. in open-minded. honest flat in West End (not yet found). with 21-year-old veggie. Leave message on 041 357 4285.

I Fat cow with sense oihumour and bad habits needed to share flat with insecure student and bad-tempered musician. Any nationality. Tel: 041 636 5969}


I Room required in Edinburgh Jan/Feb only. Phone Dave on 031 667 4021.

I Stockhridge/ilew town 2/3-bedroom. furnished flat wanted by city workers. New Year entry preferred. Phone 031 315 2518 (after 5pm).


I Neat Stirling Single room in cottage. shared facilities. quiet village location. Would suit traveller or student with own transport. £100 pcm. Non-smoker only. Tel: 0786 823021 (ansaphone).

PALATIAL RESIDENCE (or particularly spacious broom-cupboard or even average-sized flat) wanted to rent for couple in Central Edinburgh. Washing machine essential. Phone The List on 031 5581191 and leave a message for Paul.


THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation. Circulars. promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. If you receive such material with your Box replies please let us know. Write. enclosing the material. to: Classified Ads at The List.

I Good-looking. educated, forthright woman (40s). with spirit. self-knowledge and humour. likes books. music. therapies. travelling roughish. wants non-stereotyped relationship with imperfect. loving man who recognizes the feminine in himself. Box No 158/28. I To gay (46) Mail recently re-directed from L821. Friendship gradually growing is the most important thing. you too? Slightly New Age. arts. music. sometimes certain. sometimes not about things. Box No 161/9. I RICHARD Received your card and call. You had moved on when 1 called. Please get in touch. Laura. Box No 161/15. I Social life in a rut? Join a new events/dining circle for professional/business people (Glasgow area). Sports. dining. films. theatre. concerts.