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Just another band from LA

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I V‘ A I; 7 u - 4.", the many special projects NO publicity iS bad ' Courtney Love: ‘Someone stole a tax that was to me and sold it to apaper' Exitsregdhttstissiic/iat t0

pUbllClty they Sfiy.’ H016 S from Nirvana opened his trap on The stars. And the really ironic part is Kids Appeal is a courtney Love mlght take Word to hail Courtney Love as ‘the that there’s probably more corporate 233:2?“ S someconvmcingofthat’ reassessassailant...i...

starte to get ou 0 an . t o e s e . 7. In this ever- ular a? AlaStalr Mabbou show in the Camden Underworld the people I know who are in oratorio‘ puffing“, from discovers - last month, Courtney made a fence-sitting, middle-Of-thC-foad, the SCO, the recently By rights, “(gets first trip to Britain stage-dive into the audience and pretend bands. You know, what’s formed SCO Chorus and a should have passed fairly couldn’t get out. really weird 18 that Madonna 5 , fine quarteth of solgistsh uneventfully. But singer/guitarist ‘I flipped out so bad. I was crying. mating“ called OUT lawyer and She S ;:$:‘(§’f§:)£r‘i’c“k g’r‘ dim

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Courtney Love has just come off the My dress got ripped, my underwear starting a label and she I on for an evening than is y phone to a British newspaper and is got ripped. It was really weird, there It! BUt JUSt the thehght 0t het'belhg unashamedly mainstream badly shaken, were hands all over me. . . I mean, my boss, and conSigning my life to in its appeal, in order“)

‘I am sick of these reporters that I’ve asked some of my friends in boy being Madonna 5 femtmtft Protect» raise as much money as can me from tabloid papers, some bands, and they say people grab their doesn’t turn me on one bit- _ possible. In common with dumb fucking thing happened and _ clicks and grab their butts and stuff, Nor does she want to be forced into many of the occasions in they’re just stupid, I can’t believe but this was like mauling. it was the P051t10h 0t representing ahyehe a'd 0f the 3'“ Kédsi "5 they’re interested in grunge stars. I insane. God, it freaked me out. But Other than herself, Wh'eh '5 Why cannot believe that they would care I m gonna keep domg it, because . . . recent events have PTO ed volunteers making sure about someone like myself who fuck you knOW . . . it’s n01 fair-’ Petttetflarty ".OUblesoma that everything runs barely ever washes het- hair, Courtney started out life in ‘You can t sit there and make smoothly on the Someone stole a fax that was to me Eugene, Oregon (‘8 White trash eonsetous deetStOhSebOUt Yet" aft organisational side. and sold it to a paper. It just hippie redneck Nike money town based on that. If I did that I’d be Just Leading the Messiah’s happened today. [can’t believe it. 1 it’s a weird mixture’), and came to as bad as any mediocre LA person committee iS Simon think it’s called the Daily Sun or the Los Angeles via Frisco, who Wants to Pleasc eve'YbOdY- t _ Creoga'tganagcr ‘3‘ Daily Star, and people keep calling Minneapolis, Portland, and just had to do what I had to do, write issngigfrcatscno me and wanting me to comment and probably plenty Of Other Places She songs and have a band- And at the chari’ty concerts, hafng _fuck off. [can’t believe it; she doesn’t bother to mention. LA, end of the day, Part 0f me 1”“ wants been involved with no less repeats, trying to hold her voice though, was where Hole developed, to take drugs and fuck and the other than seven this year_ and steady, making a noise that, at first, must part wants to be idealistic and create that’s apart from the

It is indeed bizarre, Only weeks have sounded like commercial vaine- One thing that. teetty’ehheys Queen‘s Hall‘s own ago, Hole were just another link suicide, Now, as she says, ‘grunge me is when people think we re. tundraising events. ‘This (albeit female) in a chain of noisy . sells’, and the band are being taken somehow not creating value, like . isdefiniteiy the biggest , young bands to cross the Atlantic, to dinner by prospective managers “the black or “the dark or shit like says, atndit relally came They had announced themselves Who say things like ‘COUttheY’ We th‘s' wgre. not! I thmk the Chm“ m ah on qhm f ilmg yf ' with a single, ‘Teenage Whore’, and COUid make some Stupid money right roek ththg ‘5 50 new to them that twigigchic?“ 0 "me an album, Pretty On The Inside, that now-i She lUSt finds it Scary and they’re not 956‘} to physiotherapist at the Sick brought to mind, 533’» ‘3 Strung’om threatens to keep touring and Intellegtuahsfqtlon’ nOt used}? any Kids. She‘s interested in Mudhoney or a ragged Sonic Youth. touring 50 that the band doesn’t have “attatwc wr‘tmg' To them, 'I 3 gm to music and asked me to Even now, they should be known to make decisions like that. bethe real thmg- realty hav? to be organise a concert.‘ only by the relatively small (but ‘Because we’re in LA, we’re totally this teenage PTOStttUte ‘vthat 5 the Haj/ins gone through . growing) circle of grunge-hounds isolated. There’s no bands there , iI‘S way they want me tobe' various Posgbtcéccnanos who make it their business to know like everyone there is fence-sitting H018 Play the Mafia”, Glasgow 0" ‘Ctne'ttdtngénv'ttfitgn‘. these things. But then Kurt Cobain i and desperately trying to be famous Sat 14. d’mas‘ '00 a 5

committee decided that The Messiah in a

l repertoire oi Gershwin, Porter, Kern, PC'fotmancc with S‘fong V JAZZ and the rest, and plays them with a local 1m"? was the b‘st I way of raismg most 3 k 3 lovely, salt-edged tone which owes . money. .Thc conductor, pl e i more to the example oi Lester Young Roderick Brydon, who : than the players oi the Bop era. lives in Zurich now, was Unlike Bop, where the tune is largely closely associated with the It would be easy to lake the playing oi a springboard lor an exploration oi sco in its early years and

the likes oi saxophonist Spike Robinson iar too much tor granted, simply because what he does is uniussy, lineiy judged, and, it not quite sell-aliasing, certainly does not call

he‘s delighted to come back to his home city, especially as it marksthe first time he‘s worked with the SCO Chorus.‘ says Crookall. ‘We‘re hoping

uncharted and occasionally incoherent regions, he plays within the melodic and harmonic boundaries ol these standard tunes, but treats them as a challenge ratherthan a restriction, and

attention to itselt by displays of an occasion tor a wonderfully subtle 5 to raise £20,000, and inappropriate virtuosity or llery * 4 ~ = exhibition oi music-matting. His latest ! we're well on the way to pyrotechnics. spit. Robinson Scottish visit brings him to Glasgow, in doing that with £16590 Within the medium oi mainstream the able company ol his HEP recording 1 ttckct money already In- ien, however, Robinson is an absolute the latest oi which, ‘Stairway To The partners, the Brian Kelloclt Trio. Inge” 3'“ S": 50"” a??? delight to listen to. The veteran Stars', was released earlier this year. (Kenny Mathieson) i dean; Oricgftzc‘vtafigc‘: iazzman’s cause has been taken up in a Robinson, whose odd, sideways-on Spilte Robinson plays the Glasgow (Cam, M2,") ' series oi recordings irom Alastair embouchure is instantly distinctive, Society oi Musicians on Sun 8. .The Messiah t, a, ,he Wm Robinson's HEP Records in Edinburgh, iavours the classic American song Hall. Edinburgh on Sat 7.

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