I HAVE THEY JUST been released imm five years oi

. tonnent in a Beirut cell, or are they just pleased to be touring? Probably the latter

. tor lippers with attitude Kith Snappler than Snappy the And Kin. piayinpseiected Snapdragoncin Snaptown dates. See Music .1 Q Ilhnons, It’s the . . .

I BEARSKIN HUGS added to Kenneth Baker's hit list shock! Sink your teeth into The Addams Family at a

movie the-aternearyou

new. See Film Iistinpsior

I I exactly where.

I ‘BEiiiiiD YOU', ‘Oh iiol Didn’t' and other popular panto phrases. Merlin The

Magnificent, a Christmas show at Cumbemauld Theatre eschews (bless

you) the usual tat. See < Theatre review.

I NOT A RED Rock cider ad but a Top Gun spooi oping underthe name at Hot ,5... Shots! Jet over to Film

preview tor iiipht details.


ZThe List 6— 19 December 1991 |