restaurant trade as depicted in Beth Webster's Poor Di Bread Is Dead, part otthe

Scottish artists show atthe Royal Academy. See Art listings. i a —--'

I DON’T TRY Tllls at home ltids, itiust might result in Murder Most Horrid, Dawn French’s series that is proving a hit with List readers. See TV listings.

I REMEMBER, a kitten is not lust for Christmas. These scoundrels have disguised themselves in orderto dispose at several tahhies. Actually they’re Pirate Theatre Company bringing a tamlly show to Portoliello Centre. See Theatre listings.


Reasons to be cheerful as Christmas draws near, compiled by the worker-ant critics who produce The List every lortnight.

The Addams Family Freaky family frolics of a big-screen variety as

An jelica Huston, Raul Julia and Christopher Lloyd take on the roles made famous by the cult TV series. See feature.

The Blue Angel The old Marlene Dietrich classic rewritten in a new theatrical production by the Royal Shakespeare Company directed by Trevor Nunn. See it at that cathedral of the performing arts, Barrhead Sports Centre.

The Delialog A chance to see Krzysztof Kieslowski’s ten-part masterpiece of cinema, screened in full on BBC2 on ten consecutive evenings. See TV preview. Proof Winner of six of the top awards at this year‘s Australian Oscars, Jocelyn'Moorhouse’s intriguing tale of the power games surrounding a blind photographer comes to the Filmhouse and GFI‘. See Film review.

My Bloody Valentine and Teenage Fan Club These boys and girls could be in trouble if someone mugs the guitar roadie. Watch them crash through those barriers, like what they dotin music mags, at Glasgow Barrowland. This issue’s Value For Money gig.

Texas Realism Social realist images from the 305 and 405 in a variety of media, on loan from the Museum of Dallas to the Modern Art Gallery. See Art preview.

Dracula These foolish fangs revisited in a Radio 4 drama production of Bram Stoker’s classic. See Radio preview in TV section.

Lawrence Welner An eccentric American who specialises in artistic stickers. See them at Glasgow’s Transmission Gallery. See Art listings.

Bruce Myers The acclaimed Mahabharata actor leads twelve other performers in a specially- created short piece, given a single airing at Glasgow Tramway. See Theatre preview. .

Jose Carreras Not a brand of tequila

: but one of the world’s greatest tenors

who’ll set you back at least three (tenners that is) to catch him at the

l SECC. See Music preview.

The List 6— 19 December 19913