‘IfI had sold all the drugs I’m said to have planted on people, I wouldn’t be here today. I’d be in Spain with the rest ofthem.’

An unnamed Detective Sergeant with the Regional Crime Squad claims police corruption isn 't all it’s cracked up to be.

‘I know that there are signatures from everybody, but they mean relatively little.‘

RSO chairman Lord Goold reveals that a petition signed by more than 90 per cent of the orchestra’s players does not bring music to his ears.

‘A rotund Geordie slob with a retarded dress sense.‘

Arena magazine gives Paul Gascoigne a dressing-do wn in its male fashion survey.

‘It’s a world record fuss for about 32 quid, don’t you think.‘

Carol Thatcher, journalist daughter of a more famous mum, dismisses the charge for legal costs after being summonsed for non-payment of her poll tax.

‘The whole ofour cultural superstructure is a house ofcards.’ Duncan Macmillan, director of Edinburgh '3 Talbot Rice Gallery, on the fragility of Scottish arts institutions.

‘Kim Basinger, Samantha Fox and Julia Roberts.‘

Rangers midfielder Ian Ferguson gives his choice ofthe three things he would take with him if stranded on a desert island.


4The List 6- 19 December 1991

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Gitizens’ role in Europe

While EEC governments bicker over monetary union and the Maastricht summit takes over the headlines, the Helsinki Citizens Assembly is trying to promote co-operation between the people of

Europe. Thom Dibdin talked to the Assembly’s vice-chair for

Scotland, Joyce McMillan.

tits inaugural session in Prague last October the Helsinki Citizens Assembly attracted over 800 citizens from all over Europe. As one of the few organisations which can claim to be truly Pan-European, it exists to encourage contact and co-operation between citizens and voluntary associations of citizens in the interest of peace, the development of democracy and the safeguarding ofhuman rights.

The Association is the non-governmental shadow of an organisation known as the Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which, unlike the EC or NATO. includes all the countries in Europe, including the republics of the Soviet Union, as well as Canada and the USA.

‘Our aim is to try and make the integration of Europe along the principles of human rights into something more than just an intergovernmental process into a real process involving citizens which will actually share these values,’ says Joyce McMillan. ‘This structure works through national committees, so each country is trying to build up a committee of people who are interested in being involved.’

As part of this process, the HSA is hosting a seminar on Saturday 7 December on “citizenship rights in the new Europe’ which follows on from a successful event last April. ‘Trying to reconcile the growing sense of regional and national identity all over Europe with the need for everyone to have citizens’ rights is one ofthe burning subjects of the moment,’ says McMillan pointing to the current ‘immigration panic’ in Western Europe.

As well as providing a forum for citizens to exchange views, and being an empowering process for those who take part, the Assembly does have a material effect. ‘Our main influence is in helping set agendas for intergovernmental organisations,’ McMillan says. Ifyou feel that issues of nationalism, human rights and citizenship should be on the agenda, then the seminar concerns you.

‘Who is (1 Scot? A Frenchman? A Lithuanian? Citizenship rights in the New Europe’ an open seminar and discusion will be held at the Centre for Continuing Education, 11 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh on Sat 7 Decfrom noon to 4.15pm. Details from 031 650 43 75.

:— Givic Trust Awards

The Scottish winners of the 1991 Civic Trust Awards were announced today (Thurs) in London. Now in their32nd year, the awards are intended to increase awareness at architecture and planning in Britain’s cities and countryside, alternating each year between metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas. This year sees two awards for Glasgow and one lor Edinburgh.

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Glasgow Cathedral Prolect