Doing it for the kids

In the fickle world of Edinburgh’s club scene there’s one name that consistently delivers the goods to an ever-increasing audience. James Haliburton dodges the expletives while unearthing the secret of the success of Fuck It.

It may seem hard to believe, but Edinburgh currently plays host to a club that can regularly pull well over 1000 punters. The last Fuck It event, in fact, drew 1600 people on a Tuesday night. The success, it seems, is due almost entirely to word of mouth rather than exposure in the press. The club began modestly two years ago when two students at Napier Polytechnic - Steven and Martin decided to join forces and inject a bit of life into the city’s club scene. That event attracted 200 people and, as the cliche goes, they have never looked back. The name came simply from their exasperation at not being able to come up with anything else. While it makes their flyers

memorable, it has, in the past at least, caused them

some bother, with Napier Union trying to organise a boycott but only succeeding in generating more publicity for the pair.

What has probably made the Fuck It events so endurineg popular is Steven and Martin’s beliefin value for money. Their conversation is peppered with phrases like ‘target audience‘ and ‘market research’ in short they are fine examples of the enterprise culture, only, for them, business is booming. Initially, the crowd they attracted were, primarily, Napier and Queen Margaret students but slowly their net has widened. With over 50,000 students living in Edinburgh it seems surprising that, with the exception of Shag and Floral Riot (now Hipster!), this captive audience is not being more fully catered for. One reason may be the inherent snobbery attached to the word ‘student’ and the often uninformed ignorance concerning ‘student clubs’. As Martin points out, ‘Anyone who criticises the club probably hasn‘t been along to it. Because there are three floors, there's something for everyone.‘

This year‘s Christmas bash, typically subtitled Santa’s Coming— Are You?, will fully exploit the three floors of the Network. The top floor will accommodate Tinseltown Christmas records, Phil Spector and slowies will soundtrack Santa’s generosity -— and the second will be reserved for more serious clubbers, with stalwarts Gareth and Bootsy catering for those with an appetite for the best in current dance sounds. The ground floor is the centre ofactivity where the majority of 'clubbers will congregate. For the first time this will include a live band; local indie/dance merchants,


Better Ways, who will release their first single early in the New Year, will be playing a short set. The idea behind the live set to avoid the miming of most club PAs while incorporating yet another dimension into the evening’s entertainment.

It looks likely that the event will be even more successful than its predecessors and begs the question ‘What next?‘ There have been offers of weekly clubs, and the obvious steps of moving to another larger venue and extending operations to include Glasgow and Dundee are all being considered. However, the increased workload this



Steven and Martin at the front with the rest of the Fuck It crew- Matthew, AI, Adam and John

would demand means it is something Steven and Martin are considering very carefully rather than rushing into. Whatever the outcome of their deliberations, with such attention to detail and the emphasis they put on value for money, it looks certain that any club venture they tackle will be

just as successful and as entertaining as the last two g years of Fuck lt. ?

Fuck II— It’s Christmas 0! Networks I. 2 and} on [2 Dec. 9pm—3am. £3.

The List 6— l9 December—1991 67