A selection of television highlights. listed by day. in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Tom Lappin.


I Ouizhowl (Channel 4) 8.30-9pm. A new look sports quiz hosted by Will Buckley with the format based on American football. Tonight the sports hacks from the News Of The World take on the Mail On Sunday.

I Casually (BBCI ) 9.3(l—l().2(lpm. Holby General prepares to opt out of the NHS. and suspicions are aroused by the appointment of a new trauma services manager.

I Dream On (Channel 4) l()—l(l.35pm. A sleazy Australian publisher (who can they be thinking of?) takes over Martin‘s firm. and his job is under threat.

IThe Word (Channel4)

ll.lSpm—12. 15am. Terry Christian and the brainccll sisters introduce Charlie Sheen and Cary Elwes talking about their new film Hot Shots. Vic Reeves also indulges in a spot of‘singing‘.

I The Mystery Train (BBCZ) ll.5(lpm—2.2()am. Richard O‘Brien introduces more shlock horrors with the highlight a showing of The She Creature from 1956. about a sideshow hypnotist with an unusual line in summoning prehistoric sea-monsters.

I Ring My Bell (Channel 4) 12. 15—1am. Laurie Pike's live phone-in show with five guests fielding the calls. The finaledition of a show that was a nice idea. but consistently failed to deliver anything really juicy.


IStarman (BBCl ) 7.45—9.40pm. Jeff Bridges of The Fisher King fame starsin John Carpenter‘s fantasy adventure, playing a gentle sort ofextra-terrestrial. He shacks up with widow Jenny Hayden. by dint of disguising himself as her late husband.

I Moving Pictures (BBCZ) 8.50—9.40pm. behind the scenes of The Addams Family. hotly tipped to be the Christmas box-office smash. It cost $35 million and representsa crucial screen debut for director Barry Sonnenfeld.

I Moving Pictures Presents: Dillingerand The Fall Of The House 0i Usher(BBC2) 9.40—1 1 .20pm. A double bill of contrasting pictures opening with Dillinger. a biopic of the notorious gangster of the 305. The Fall Of The House Of Usher was the fourth attempt at adapting the famous Poe story for the big screen. Vincent Price stars as Roderick Usher. who swears that the tainted blood of the mad family must be destroyed forever.

I Next Stop Hollywood: Once In A Blue Moon (Channel 4) 9.45—l(l.2()pm. The final film from the season of shorts by up-and-(lcoming directors. Charley Lang‘s film tells the story ofa reclusive rock ‘n‘ roll fan and a pregnant angel. twoloncrs who find salvation in each other.

I Lenny Go Home (Scottish)

10. 15—1 1 . 15pm. Lenny Henry returnsto his roots in Dudley near Birmingham. and recalls his childhood.


I Lord Of The Rings (Channel 4) 2—4.25pm. Ralph Bakshi‘s version ofthc hippy bible is nicely animated and quite scary in parts. but suffers from covering only the first halfof the story. thus rendering it frustratingly inconclusive.

I Ski Sunday (BBC2) 4.30—5.05pm. David Vine returns with a new series back on the piste. starting with coverage of ‘La Premiere Neige‘ from Val D‘lsere.

I The Travel Show Guides(BBC2) 6—6.30pm. All roads lead to. er. Rhodes actually where Penny Junor reports on an island that is part simple and unspoilt. part commercialised and sophisticated.

I The Natural World: The Wonderful World Of Dung (BBCZ) 7. 15—8.05pm. Tony Robinson takes a look at dung (and the other 38 ways of describing it) and explains nature‘s complex recycling system. A sort of new world ordure in fact. I You've Been Framed (Scottish) 7.15—7.55pm. Jeremy Beadle returns with the astonishingly popular compilation of viewers‘ videos. Most of them look painfully contrived.

I Whiclter Way Out West (Channel 4) 8-8.30pm. The series of classic repeats concludes with a look at the first and largest of the Christian Foundations- squalid Jesus communes. whose ‘leaders‘ live in luxury on the hill above the camp. I Sportscene Review N19!“ (880) 8.05-8.55pm. Dougie Donnelly introduces a look back at the year in Scottish sport and announces the winners of the Team of the Year and Personality of the Year awards.

I A Clydeside Carol (BBC1)8.55-9.20pm. The last film made by the late Chic Murray. He stars as Smellie Brown. feeling unseasonal on Christmas Eve. but pestcred by visitors from his past. present and future.

I Ashenden (BBC1)9.35—10.30pm. The fourth and final episode of the spy adventure series sees our hero bumping into General Carmona (Alfred Molina) a renegade Mexican Army General turned soldier of fortune.

I World Cup 94 (Scottish) l().40pm-12.40am. The draw for the qualifying rounds of the World Cup. Yes you can start saving for USA '94 already. I Ten Commandments (BBCl) 11.05-12 midnight. The first ofKrzysztzof Kieslowski‘s acclaimed dramas shown on consecutive nights. The first story focuses on a middle—aged university lecturer building a relationship with his son but having a premonition ofimminent tragedy. See preview.


I Desmond’s (Channel 4) 8.30-9pm. Desmond And Shirley get ready for a plush evening out at the Hilton.

I City Lights (BBCl) 8.30—9pm. Willie (Gerard Kelly) faces problems with his editorship of the church magazine. Meanwhile Tam is making preparations for his stag night.

I Galahad (ll Everest (BBCZ) 8.30- 10pm. Large. loud thespian type Brian Blessed fulfils a lifetime‘s ambition by retracing the steps of George Mallory‘s ill-fated 1924 Everest expedition. Mallory disappeared into the swirling snows 800 feet below the summit never to be seen again. Blessed presumably doesn‘t.

I Wall Street (Scottish) 9pm—midnight. With the usual irritating break forthe news. Michael Douglas gets his teeth into the part of Gordon Gecko. a role-model for the 805. Otherwise Oliver Stone's greed drama plays it a little too melodramatic. An interesting period piece already.

I Cutting Edge: Cream Teas And Concrete (Channel 4) 9—10pm. An investigation of North Cornwall District Council, which has a somewhat unorthodox approach to planning. Cutting Edge looks at some ofits more controversial decisions.

I Knights and Emeralds (Channel 4)

10—1 1.40pm. A TV premiere of Ian Emes‘s impressive feature set in Birmingham. The film focuses on racial tensions in the city charting the rivalry between marching bands. and the romance that develops between white drummer Christopher Wild and the black

drummer Beverley Hills. Quirky but thought-provoking.

I KYTV(BBC2) Ill—10.30pm. More satellite TV satire from writers Angus Deayton and Geoffrey Perkins.

I Moment OlTrulh (BBCl) 10.10—10.40. Edi Stark talks to some of the first generation of Scots-born Moslems about the dilemmas they face and their attempts to keep the Islamic faith.


IThe Blaclt Bag: Violent Disordet((?hannel 4) 8—8.3(lpm. The story of the acquittal of three black youths charged with violent disorder in a Leeds shopping precinct. I Without Wells: The Obituary Show (Channel 4) 9—9.3(lpm. A premature in memoriam for Spike Milligan . whose tombstone will read ‘Goon. but not forgotten‘.

I Bedroom Window (BBCl)

9.30—1 1.20pm. A less-than-enthralling thriller from 1988 starring Steve Guttenburg. Elizabeth McGovern and Isabelle Huppcrt. Guttenburg plays an adulterer who finds himself the main suspect in a murder enquiry.

I Class Rule: Workers' Playtime (BBCZ) 9.50—10.3()pm. The tragi-comic story of the class factor in British politics reaches the years between 1964 and 1979. when l were just a lad and we had Labour governments apparently. Presenter Michael Cockerell looks back at Harold Wilson's promises of a classless society. Now where have we heard that one?

I European Film Awards (Channel 4) 11.5(lpm—12.35am. Highlights ofthc award ceremony held on I Decembcrat Babelsberg in Germany.

I The Melting 0i Terminator 2 ( BBC 1)

l 1.55pm—12. 15am. A behind the scenes look at the making of the most expensive movie of all time. including interviews with Schwarzenegger and writer/director/ producchames Cameron.


I Reportage (BBCZ) 6.50-7.4(lpm. The death of the teenage rebel is examined by Aminatta Forna. reporting on the new conservatism among teenagers. See preview.

I Clarissa (BBCZ) 925-1 1 .55pm. Epic 181h century bodice-ripping stuff reaching its final episode. with Clarissa discovering she is living in a brothel. and attemptingto escape the clutches of the evil Lovelace.

I Travelog (Channel 4) 8.3(l—9pm. The man you love to loathe. Robert Elms. visits Seville to see how Spanish culture is transcending the image offlamenco dancing and bull-fighting.

I DEA: Michelle (BBCl)9.30—10.20pm. The final film in the drug-bust documentary follows the agents as they arrange a rendezvous with local DEA boss Michelle Leonhart. who spends her spare time at the hospital cuddling crack babies. I The Golden Girls (Channel4)

l()— l 0.30pm. The second part of the story where Sophia is trying everything to prevent Dorothy‘s marriage to Stan.

I 8 And M (Channel 4) 10.30—1 1pm. Tony Slattery and Mike McShanc continue their improvising. tonight tackling the tricky topic ofa psychopth applying for a job at the zoo.


. HI/ “I H Illh\

I 4-Mations: Friday To Saturday(Channel 4) llpm—midnight. The first in a new season of animations and reportson animators is a profile of Polish surrealist Zbigniew Rybczynski featuring one ofhis best shorts and pop videos. Look out for more animation throughout the week.


I The Time Tunnel (Channel 4) 6—7pm. The end of an era. or at least the end ofthc current series. Tony and Doug travel forward (yes) to the late 70s where they meet up with an evil alien. His name is Malcolm McLaren.

I Focal Point: Justice ForAIl? ( BBCl) 8-8.3llpnt. A report on the legal aid system in Scotland. Paisley sheriff Charles Stoddart voices his concern that many lawyers are refusing to take on legal aid work because it isn‘t viable.

I An Actor’s Lite For Me (BBCl) 8.3(i—9pm. John-Gordon Sinclair stars in the weak comedy adapted from the radio series.

I Stanley And The Women (Scottish)

9— lilpm. The third part of the Kingsley Amis drama starring John Thaw as the middle-aged man with female trouble. Better than the book. but that isn‘t difficult.

I Murder Most Honid: (BBCZ) 9—9.3()pm. Dawn French is Bunty Breslaw. a Play Schoolstyle presenter who will go to any lengths to retain her popularity with her audience - even murder. Dexter Fletcher co-stars as streetwise presenter Colin.

I 40 Minutes: Heads 0n Beds( BBCZ) 9.30-10. 10pm. A film of the notoriously secretive world of small hotels in London. where wheeler-dealers speculate in property that can be bought for bargain prices.

I Canned Carroll (BBC1)9.30-10pm. More comedy from the droll Brummie. supported by Robert Powell. Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis. Tonight Jasper speculates on whether cats would make good guides for the blind.

76 The List 6— 19 December 1991