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El Gomez Addams (Haul Julia), the sensual, smouldering pateriamiiias whose Latin good looks and sword-lencing skills add more oi a sexual charge to his relationship with

wiie Mortlcia than when played on TV by the rather gormless John Astin.


Morticia Addams (Anielica Huston) was perhaps the original Goth in her iirst incarnation, played by Carolyn Jones. How a keen horticulturalist, she keeps her conservatory in trim by snipping the heads oil roses. Huston hersell is no stranger to rather bizarre cinematic iamilies.


Fester Addams (Christopher Lloyd), Gomez’s long lost brother, whose reappearance sends the Addams household into turmoil. Lloyd relies more on the madveyed stare oi Dr Emmett Brown (his character irom the Back To The Future trilogy) than the inspired weirdness oi his TV predecessor, Jackie Coogan.

Wednesday Addams (Christina Hicci) has a name inspired by a line irom the well-known nursery rhyme: “Wednesday’s child is iuil oi woe.’ Asked ilthe lemonade she is selling is made irom real lemons, she replies by demanding ii the Girl Scout cookies her classmate is setting are made irom real Girl Scouts. Eleven-year-oid Hicci made her debut in Mermaids.

Pugsley Addams (Jimmy Workman) is more mischievous, but less moribund, than his sister. Their segment oi the school’s annual show- sort oi Hamlet meets The Evil Dead - is a blood-splattered classic. God help us it Pugsley decides he wants to be a brain surgeon when he grows uo.


Granny (Judith Malina) rules the kitchen, making up tasty meals by alternating The Joy 0i Cooking with Gray's Anatomy. Malina may be an award-winning writer, stage director, actress and a teacher at Columbia University, but she doesn’t have as wacky a name as herTV predecessor, Blossom Rock.

Lurch (Carol Struycken) will be iamiliar to viewers oi Twin Peaks as the giant who gave warnings to Agent Cooper in those weird dream sequences. While Ted Cassidy's creation was one oi the most memorable characters in the original series, Struycken’s butler role is under-used in the movie.


Thing (Christopher Hart) is a useiul little dismembered limb to have around the home. Modern special eiiects mean that he is now liberated irom his box and is able to roam ireer around the Addams’s estate. This role, won by 29-year-old magician Hart, was one oi the most llercely contested during auditions tor the llim.

The List6— 19 December 1991 7