Celebrate Christmas at The Queen's Hall

Clerk Street, Edinburgh bring a party for

CHRISTMAS LUNCH Monday 9 - Friday 21 December from 12.30pm

Sen/ed Mondays - Fridays £15.00 per head inc VAT

Crackers provided Waitress service

Telephone 031 668 3456 for a copy of the menu and to book

Advance reservations neccessary



This is Simon. Smiling Simon simply says sink your

Steinlagers swiftly.

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From fast-food freaks to garlic gourmets, the USA caters for just about anyone. Catherine Fellows sends back a postcard from America, followed by a round-up of

local restaurants with a Stateside theme.

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Agent Cooper may have taken donuts into another dimension, but muffins are everywhere. Do not be deceived; they are not muffins, but buns - usually unbearably sweet

and they do not go with scrambled eggs whatever the breakfast waitress may say. Posh muffin stores are often to be found in malls; many also sell truffles the size of cakes and choc-chip cookies the size of dinner plates. Sweets are not small either: believe it or not, lemon meringue pie candy is really good, so is cranberry fudge, and pecan brittle especially when you go on a Willie Wonkeresquc factory tour and get free samples.


Everyone eats ice cream, and at any time of day. A businessman may have a daily pecan fudge sundae, a grey librarian may lick a pineapple ice in her automobile; the incongruity is for our eyes only. There are parlours on every street, and supermarkets have frozen aisles full. There is no-fat, low-fat and much-frozen or slushy yoghurt seen as a healthy alternative unless it’s the orange flavour laced with sweet raspberry, banana and peach puree, and sprinkled with honeyed granola.

Americans are also extremely good at coffee. Nobody would dream of offering instant. In gas stations there is always a pot of good strong continental coffee on the go, where truckers fill their thermoses and motorists get plastic cupfuls with easy-drink, no-spill lids, often thrown in for the price ofthe fill-up.

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David Cowan oi Glasgow's lashionable restaurant, One Devonshire Gardens, recommends one oi his lavourite lish dishes.


8 oz shelled Iangousllnes

8 oz cleaned lresh scallops

‘lz pint clear llsh stock

6 oz julienne oi vegetables

6 ll oz double cream

3 oz unsalted butter

lresh dill

salt and pepper to taste

Lightly poach the scallops and langousttnes in the llsh stock, taking great care not to boil. When lightly poached, remove the shelllish and keep warm. Quickly reduce the fish stock by hall, then add the cream and gently whip in the butter over a gentle heat. The finished sauce should not be boiled alterthe butter has been added and it should not be too thick in

5;." :1 David Cowan cooks up a fish dish

consistency. Correct to taste.

Arrange the shellfish in the centre at the serving plates, then pour the bouillon over the shellilsh. Blanch the vegetables in boiling water tor a law seconds then arrange on top ol the scallops and shellilsh. Garnish with lresh dill and serve in soup plates so that more bouillon can be added.

One Devonshlre Gardens, Glasgow, 041 339 2001.

dazzling range of varieties— Kenyan, espresso, dark roast - and flavours vanilla, hazelnut, raspberry— you can often blend your own at mix bars with alarming bean shutes two parts French, one part mocha and six parts all over the floor. Make way cappuccino, roll on cafe latte cinnamon, chocolate, almond or anything you can think of— mostly creamy froth and sugar, but an adventure for the Brit in wonderland.

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Surprise, surprise, a lot of Americans are very overweight, and a lot of them buy the huge number of Eat YourselfThin or Love Yourself Fat publications weighing down extensive Psychological, Personal and Health shelves in bookstores. A random flick of a TV switch can yield gruesome details oflast-resort stomach stitching-up surgery, or a new sylph-like selfstepping out of a former fatty with the help ofad camera trickery. But weight- watchers are driven by unpalatable realities more potent even than images - many company medical insurers refuse obese people. Being fat can mean no health-care cover and no job.

There again, North Americans are given a ten-year longer life expectancy than us and diet must have something to do with that. The latest innovation - still awaiting approval by the Federal Food and Drug Authority is olestra. a synthetic, unabsorbable fat. Doctors foresee alarmingly slippery consequences!

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't is true, they pile it on. A $7 all—you-can-eat Sunday brunch means strawberries, melon, pineapple, pasta salad, Waldorf salad, palm hearts, roast turkey, beef, ham, chicken drumsticks,

88 The List 6— 19 December 1991