Also Olympia Centre, East Kilbride, 44645. Mon—Sun 10am-11pm. Whether you’re starting the day with croissants, orange juice and cappuccino, or main-coursing on Cajun, Mexican or American specialites, Shenanigan’s caters for a wide variety of tastes at all times of the day. Mexican dishes currently account for 25 per cent of the output and there are plans to develop further the American menu in the New Year.

I Trading P081 63 Carlton Place, 429 3445. Mon—Sat noon—2.30pm,



RESTAURANT Blllllll 8T. Efllllfllfll

Bistro menu 1 iam~8pm $5.25

A la Carte

Table reservations e m

031-229 8663 frOrnQDeoerrber

6—11pm. Grill T-bone steaks or whatever else takes your fancy on your own table before your very eyes. A taste of Wild West living without having to venture outside.


I Bell’s Diner 7 St Stephen Street, 225 8116. Sun—Fri6—10.30pm; Sat Noon—10.30pm. Friendly Stockbridge restaurant specialising in up-market American hamburgers and steaks in an informal setting. I P.J. Clarke’s 80 Queen Street, 220 2052. Mon and Tue 10.30am—12.30am; Wed—Sun 10.30am—2.30am. This New York cafe and newly-opened basement steakhouse, serves a broad range of burgers, pastas, clubhouse sandwiches, soups, crépes and Mexican mince. It also saves the journey to New York. I ike’s Pizza Emporium 158 Rose Street, 225 1010. Mon—Sat noon—1 1pm; Sun 5—11pm. There are provisional plans to extend the opening hours in the New Year. Home-baked bread and pizza~bases cooked in an authentic American style, with a full package of Buffalo Wings and Potato Skins to boot. ‘The best American pizzas in the world,’ they say modestly. I Mamma’s 30 Grassmarket, 225 6464. Mon—Thurs 5pm—late; Fri and Sat Noon—late; Sun noon-10pm.




(Student Discount on request)

225 6464

We also deliver beer, wine, starters and desserts





7 Victoria Street, Edinburgh, 225 7306. Tue—Sun dinner irom 5pm; Fri—Sun lunch irom noon. Aiming to repeat the success at Mamma’s, the Grassmarket plua-speclailst, Pappa’s brings traditional American chargriiled loud to the heart oi the Old Town. With its wall iestooned with the surreal animal cartoons oi Gary Larson - always a talking point at Mamma’s-the new restaurant has the kind at bright and breezy inionnai air, cheerful stall- some genuine North American imports! and popular-music soundtrack that have proved so popular down the road. A typical three-course meal iortwo with coiiee should clock in at less than £20 beiore wine, and there's a lull range oi salads, starters, side-dishes, meals oi the day, main courses and puddings, not to mention the cocktails, wine and beer, irom which to choose. The backbone oi the menu is its burgers and grills- my partner kicked oil with chicken wings in a honey sauce and

graduated to a properly-made hamburger In thick sesame mils - but there's also room ior divergence - I began with raw vegetables (celery, carrot, cauiiiiower, broccoli) and a yoghurt and herb dip, and moved on to the vegetarian dish ol the day, an incredibly hot vegetable chllli with red beans, mushrooms and caullilower, on a bed oi yellow rice.

Most main dishes come with generous heiplngs ol-saiad and chips, but it’s well worth exploring the side-dishes to discover delights including Bullan Chips (more like thick crisps with the skins still intact) and Spinach Salad. Being American, there is the expected quota ol gamishes and salad dressings— I’m a sucker lorliiilii Island and Blue Cheese -which, with the gingham table cloths, help to bring a touch oi Stateside pzazz to the glitshops and eateries at Victoria Street. (Mark Fisher)

Choose your own toppings at the Grassmarket’s ever-popular American Pizza and Panzerotti specialists, serving in this bright and cheerful restaurant.

I Did Orleans 30 Grindlay Street, 229 1511. Sun—Thurs noon—l 1pm; Fri and Sat noon—midnight. Relativer new but already well-established lively restaurant opposite the Royal Lyceum, decorated with all manner of Deep South Americana and concentrating on Cajun food. Also featuring an unusual selection of Californian wines.

I Pappa’s Victoria Street. 225 7306. Mon closed; Tue—Thurs 5—10.30pm; Fri and Sat noon—1 1pm; Sun noon-9pm. The most recent addition to Edinburgh‘s Stateside restaurants specialising in charcoal grill. See review. I Trading Post 32/34 The Shore, Leith, 553 5153. Mon—Thurs 6.30pm—9.30pm; Fri—Sun 6.30pm—11pm. Sec Trading Post,

Glasgow, above.


[ITEM- Glasgow

I The Barbizon Brasserie 44 High Street, 552 2070.

Mon—Wed 8am—midnight;

Thurs and Fri 8am—1am; Sat lOam—lam; Sun lOam-midnight. The refurbished and newly rc-opcned Barbizon now opens onto High Street, making it more noticeable to the passing eye, while inside it has lost none ofits charm. It is divided into two sections— brasserie and restaurant with the art gallery to reopen in the New Year. The brasserie has been

snappily fitted out with whitewashed walls and seats at the bar an ideal

place for early morning ' patrons to grab a coffee .

and croissant and test their balance at the same time. The restaurant, meanwhile, boasts a striking chandelier, and is predominantly candlelit. Starters range from the Fresh Popperamian Soup with Garlic Croutons and Fresh Herbs at £1 .45 to Chargrilled Calf’s Liver with Beanne Rouge at £3.80. To continue, the Grilled Fillet of Salmon (£7.55) is superbly

complemented by Cucumber Noodles, and the Witch with Crab and Ginger in a Champagne Sauce (£7. 10) is fish at its best. Main courses range from £6.30—£11.65.I finished off with Figs au Gratin with Masearpone, a warm, exotic dish in which the fruit soaks up the liqueur to form a dessert correctly described by a waiter as ‘sheer decadencc‘.

All this and live accordion music too, makes this a healthy rival to the nearby Cafe Gandolfi. (MP)

90 The List 6- 19 December 1991