Pallirlllo AND linrwolllt SELF EMPLOYED? 'fi";’2fi1‘°&§$fififgf”' ORGANIC FARM SHOP Edinburgh at compemivc prices' making for bUSinCSS? $5 S t includin blues rock - I liooln required In Edinbu Ii ~Colour printing up to A3 size Advertise in our Buy & Sell or m ems s g W Maw 1‘“ m . . reggae, soul. New Age , J an/Feb only. Phone Dave on ~Posters, leaflets, pamphlets Seerces sections from only . Fresh fruit and makossa, etc. Day lob, so prefer . 031667 4021. -Photos screened £3 for 30 words. . k h .bl B vegetables, flowers .Typesctting . Graphic an night w/(iru w ere pOSSl e. ox -Desk Top Publishing N0 ‘64 and WhOIeYOOdSo _ . . o M S 9 30. s SMOKING VEGETARIAN “LOW 005‘ laser'anmg RUNNINGA SMALL BUSINESS? Pen 0” u ' m ' P" k ' ' BASS'ST see 5 room in gregarious The Centre PTIIIISIIOD Lookin for customers? , , 32! Damhead. - g ' re lured to la With a b Edmburgh flat- 103 Broughton Street ' - 9 P Y t 5‘3“ and- 01d Pcttumd Reed Advertise in our Buy & Sell or Should b h - - . . Phone 031 2201145(after6 m). Ed. D h EH13” . . 6 cnt usnastlc, open, P n "'9 Seerces sections from only -. Wnnbum» WM 031 557 0718. and HERE. For talk and tape . £3 for 30words, h on M 0“ 3342511 Phone. 031 445 5591 p one I! on . for more dean. PALATIAI. RESIDENFE I Antique telephone doctor (or particularly spacious bakelite telephone guru most broom-cupboard or even elusive spares available N D M U S I C H THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE average-sized flat) wanted to (drawer? Chm? diaft . Jim Stewart, DTM MSHP. Cf“ :‘l’gup'e i" mouthpieces). omp .ete seerce MALE SINGER was"... CONTROL, anus _ For appointment telephone . ntr .lnburgh. . by established specnallst. . msonoms smess 031 229 7924 Washlng machine essential. Display bakelite models: ideal young. talented. good vmcc, “Masha” ° Phone The List on 0315581191 pub, cafe, stage, £18. Rod Jones 800d CONI’OI. desperately F . f h , and leave a message form". 0,1031 667 1834_ seeking work with big band or . 0’ apPo‘mmemor u" 9" I Squeezebox music: French Swing group to build experience ‘nformat'on’ telephone 011.221 . . waitzes. Scots hornPiPeS. and get “OtICCd' Sings like 1797.1.“ Grosvcnor Chmc' GI II I "g Tex-Mex polkas, Cajun blues, Sinatra. Please call 0501 20358. 4 F'tzroy Placer Glasgow 63' I N SW“ S. I ° , ' . I II ' 0” “Cor 91'0" ‘9‘! co'Iccr‘li'f‘f"; I Reduced costaccommodatlon “mg; shargd {Iggliggfm'i‘ct 3:": 232330625‘ New 5"” ' '“ 0" I Female Vocalist/duller“! "VPNOWEMPY Comfor‘ab'c “’0'” ‘0 '°' in. village location. Would suit ' would welcome opportunity to PSYCHOTHEIIAPY Pceccml Hyndland flat- SW traveller or student with own sing country and western, 19605 You can free yourself from qU'ct "Oil-Smoker 0“ “38‘1"” transport, £100 pcm. ONLY 33! etc, with a band. Box No stress, allergies, asthma. Mon-F” bas's' £135 indusive Non-smoker only. Tel: 0786 will put you in touch with lots of 161/M/2. anxiety, emotional problems, Pcm- T610“ 339 3222 anyt'me- 823021 (ansaphone). PPOPIc With Space“) 1910’ I Eclectic, experienced bass habits, pain, panic, phobias, wanted. An 8d "1 OUT _ player seeks musicians, migraine etc. Concessions [ ACCOMMODATION SCCUO“ songwriters. I'm keeping the available. Call the Human l SAM HOUSING PROJECT is from only £3 PCHSSUC- dayjob,want fun and Performance Clinic on i We provide accommodation for young adults wm‘ experimentation. Jazszusion, 041 337 3327. mild lumin difficult,“ and other om I , . prog rock, rolk, wide influences. ' g I y g pcop c I JOIMH'E' DUggdn' Reliable Absolutely no beginners. I within a group setting. tradesman. All types of AflOflATHERAPY MASSAGE !

Edinburgh. Box No 163/M/1. I Jazz musicians required Singer/writer, into Metheny, Fagan, Bush and Tzuke , seeks experienced sax, bass, guitar and percussion players to form band. Serious persons only please! Phone Caroline on 041 558 9077 (9am—5pm).

joinerwork undertaken in Central Scotland. Phone Penicuik 76565.

LOOKING FOR AJOB? Watch this space! The best vacancies appear in The List.

I SUPPORTING TENANTS REQUIRED _ Single room available for students/young people willing to offer informal support on social and domestic matters. City Centre location/inexpensive, centrally heated/ no formal experience necessary/one years commitment essential. FURTHER DETAILS 041-332-7202

Treat yourself to improved health and relaxation with the help of this ancient therapy. Reasonable prices and concessions. Gift vouchers available. For information, contact Lil Highel (AMAMA) on 041 357 4494.


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