Under the bed

I found a copy of your magazine under my son’s bed this morning and I feel I must write to you to complain in the strongest possible terms about the article in your magazine about a self confessed drug abuser. How dare you allow this kind of article to be printed, when on the previous page you publish a reasonably balanced article about the rise in AIDS.

I have not seen Keanu Reeves in any of his films so I cannot comment on whether he provides a suitable role model or not or whether he is any good at acting. But I do not think it right for a person who is obviously a film ‘star’ to be allowed to say, unchallanged, that ‘I’m so glad I’ve hallucinated. I think that’s one of the most beautiful things. Isn’t it one of the most beautiful things?’

The answer is ‘no it is not’. I know that people take drugs. That, sadly, is a fact, but the media should not condone a way of life which so often leads to addiction, pain and sometimes even death.

A. Moffat (Mrs)

Cammo Gardens


I don ’t think that we published anything about Keanu Reeves’ drug taking habits which is not common knowledge. As for making him a role model, it specrfically pointed out that he was ‘not at the front of the queue when the brains were handed out. Not the greatest of commendations one would think.



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No relation

I wonder if any of your readers have noticed the startling similarity between Paul Hullah’s article on Keanu Reaves in the last issue of The List, and the piece on the selfsame ‘meathead’ in December’s Face magazine?

Could they, by any chance, be related?

I think we should be told.

Yours, etc. ,

Iain Barbour

Royal Terrace ,


As our man with the pencil pointed out, young Cool Mountain Air does not have a lot to say for himself. Any similarities between the two articles are entirely of your own perception and besides, ours has style.

Sic? src!

I was quite Annoyed about the artical on coloumbus road and thier Song ‘my Love for you’ In which It was described as ‘the squidgiest of soft Rock’. In my OPinion this is a very en joible Song I also think that coloumbus road are a very talented band and with the right encoragement could do well instead of being put down and being described as squidgy.

NEil ScoFField

killin st



Take 100 lines, boy, ‘Columbus Road are as solid as a raspberry jelly’

v 1 '.v’ awash" ' ,,,,, , u 7,’ \


In response to the ‘Eye Eyc‘ letter in issue 163 from David Mather I would like to say this:

The quote Tom Lappin selected from Among the Thugs was used to demonstrate a point, give an indication of the content of the book and grab the reader's attention (which it obviously did). You say you were ‘quite nauseated‘ by the description well Blue Peter badge to you that was the major point of the paragraph. Ifyou find it uncalled for to print such material from anotherpublicarion then I suggest you stop reading The List and try Women 's Weekly instead.

.1. Whalen


East Lothian

[should be careful]. Are you implying that Women's Weekly is not a nauseating publication or that its readers are squeamish ? 5] 0/0 of the population say it isn 't, and they aren’t.

Film noir

Am I the only reader to have discerned a sinister link between The List Film Listings section and the recent demise of well-known .personages? The movie What About Bob heralded Mr Maxwell’s big splash, and Drop Dead Fred was no sooner doing the multiplex circuit than Mr Mercury was stocking up his

local morgue. Browsing through last issue‘s listings it would appear that the film Monster In A Box seems to be an omen of the imminent interment of Nigel Kennedy. Will the Curse OfThe List strike again? I think I should be told or at least given a bottle of tequila. (Do I win or what?)

Gary Nelson

Brighton Street


Well Gazzer, the great letter judging panel has decreed that you shall win the bottle. As for The Curse Of The List. such questions are better left unasked unless you wish to enjoy your tequila as a spirit.

.‘b \ '0‘

cuenv Esquilu '


As an avid letters page fan lam pissed off that in order to enter the competitions I have to cut up the letters. Quite often I don‘t even get to read the letters because my flat mate (naming no names, but you know who you are and you are responsible) enters the competitions before I have had a chance.

Why can't we use photocopies to enter the competitions? Then both Kar(whoops).. and I can have a chance to win. What about the readers‘ poll? We all read The List in our flat. so how should we fill it out? By answering the questions in turns or all three of us writing so tiny that you can’t read it?

Sara Lennon

Woodside Park


The good news is that you can use photocopies for the reader’s poll. Please answer as many questions as possible. As for the competitions, it 's only one entry per magazine, so why not photocopy the letters and make your parsimonious flatmates buy their own copy.

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