In Memoriam (I)

The unfortunate demise of Superfly soul club which was situated in Fury Murry‘s every Tuesday has left myself and a hard-core of at least 50 Soul Fans very pissed off indeed. The sad fact is Glasgow does not deserve a fab club like this and it showed its appreciation by not turning out. The club has see-sawed up and down. though to the credit of DJ Marc Carpiet. it never wavered in its policy of superb 60s and 70s soul classics and rarities. You can imagine the anger that we feel about the last measly turn out (15) which caused this fine club‘s closure. I‘m afraid Glasgow ‘Trendies‘ would rather dance to ‘Rave shit' or hang out pretending to be ‘Homeboys. Yo!‘?.‘ Bollocks! David Elbert Young Terrace Glasgow. Well Elbert. I trust that you and the faithful fifteen will be visiting Marc in his new venture at Tighten Up. But I'm sure you all knew about that at any rate.

In Memoriam (ll)

May I be the first to mourn the passing of that glorious Christmas Institution: John Peel‘s Festive 50‘? Like a shaft of bat‘s piss glowing in a dungeon. Peelie‘s duleet tones introducing yet another seminal track chosen by the collective consciousness of a nation of spotty adolescents and pot headed pixies was the only warm spot left in the cold commerciality of Christmas. Only 100 listeners wrote in with their choices this year. Well. all you Peel fans who didn’t submit a choice should be ashamed of yourselves. Okay. some might think it ‘an idea whose time has passed'. but I am pissed off that so few people took the trouble to make an effort. Democracy is not just about taking the benefits. but also about accepting responsibilities. Imagine the vapid inanity of Radio One without Peelie! What would all you grunge freaks listen to then? So come on. next time the big JP asks

If you’ve topped the Auntie, slaughtered the


you to get your pens out: Do It! After all. you manage to write to The List every week.

Paul Fox

Hathaway Drive


Actually Paul, we are a fortnightly publication. Pity about that slip up. we were going to award you the tequila. even if your turn of phrase is a little. well, Pythonesque.

' Eequilo a ' if


Thanks for the rundown on The Addams Family in issue 164. Does Raul Julia look Wowey Zowey or what'.’ He can pour boiling oil over

Ain’t no Soul in the heart oft/1e city. j Christmas fairy and castrated the family poodle. confess it to the West Midlands Serious Crime Squad. But if you’ve got something interesting to : say, write to The List. The best letter next issue will

win a bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila.


me any day. But I must take issue with Alan Morrison because. as far as I recall (not that I have BSkyB TV to verify the fact) the song goes ‘Dee de-de-de Dum. Click. (‘lick.‘ A small point. maybe. but that missing ‘Dee‘ is all important.

Jane Anderson

Leith Walk


'Wowey Zowey' Jane? Boiling oil." It takes all sorts. as the actress said to the bishop. Alan insists that he is right. just three (les before the (lam.

0n the cards

After reading Miranda I’rance‘s piece on the (‘ollectivc Art (iallcry’s postcard show in The List 164. I went along and very good it was too. For once here was art with a small ‘a‘. Accessible. witty (without being trivial). ironic and even ‘arty‘.

Oliver Stone's JFK

Arnold Brown live .

Congratulations to the Collective (iallery for a truly inspired show which I hope will be repeated. (And thanks to The List art pages for the tip.)

(iill Porter

St Stephen Street


You'll be happy to know that at the

? sale of Postcard Art. the (‘ollective

(iallerv raised over [4000 towards refurbishing their new premises

Maastricht 2

Not content with saddling the UK workforce with lower wages and poorer working conditions. the Government is now going to saddle the citizens of Edinburgh with a Iiuropcan Summit. Next December, the 12 EC Heads of State will assemble for a week of intcrnecine strife at the Holyrood Palace. (ireat. (‘an you imagine the chaos it will bring to the city as the pompous bigwigs trundle the streets in their gas-guzzlcrs. The Holyrood Palace will be closed for two months while they put the phones in and think of all the terrorists who will congregate here. Its not as if we didn‘t have enough nutters here already. what with the ALF and all. 'I‘ini Paterson Drutnmond Street Edinburgh.

Post Script

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That's your lot of letters for 199]. letters fans. The letters page is now officially on holiday and toasting its toes in the winter sun. But keep those epistles coming in as we will be back in the next wonderful issue of The List. Until then. ‘mine‘s a pint of Jose (‘uervo.‘

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