From Norwich (well, Central Scotland actually), it’s the Quiz Of The Year. Were you asleep all through 1991, or can you recall the momentous events that rocked the world to its foundations? . (Steady on there Ed). Put down that turkey sandwich instantly, get your clever-dick 11-year-old z cousin and fill out the answers pronto. And win, win, win, win, win, as we say in hyperbole land. Just look down there (over there on the right) and drool at the wonderful prize that awaits the lucky person who scores highest on our fiendish test.



4 Why did the makers of Unfinished Symphony also leave their name unfinished?

I Who came out of a public toilet on a List cover and emerged with a prize a week later?

2 Who tested the water on TV but still used fish to conceal their embarrassment?

5 Already being bracketed alongside Ishtar and Heaven ’3 Gate in the ‘slight disappointment category. No prizes for guessing the 3Who scored the goal which sent names ofthese two, but who was the

Scotland to Sweden?

16 The List 20 December 1991 16 January 1992

female star and what was the film? ,

8 Who is this songstress and which colleague’s life did she portray this year?

7Who tried to Save the Bridie?

8 If Isabelle Pasco is Miranda. who is Caliban?

9 Who broke a 23-year-old record this summer?

10What is the connection between Buffalo Bill and Patrick Bateman?

11 Whose last-minute lunge sent a

Scots hope home early from the Far. East?


15 Who made it to number g. ' .

Seven» if YOU only count Richard‘s"

Burton once) this year and With

whom? .

14 What is the connection}fWhg.


Uma Thurman and

15 Which 8-52 experierltt.}tci_§;”‘l'sj()litt'te.1 rapid eye movement thisy'éal‘? - _

16 Which teams were j from the Scottish Premier last season? v_ < - 17 There’s a clue in this}; picture as to who this " man is (or was). But v which show did he host on Channel 4 this year?

18 Which newspaper is 200 years old this year?

Mmmm, that was tricky wasn’t it? But look what

you can win. Those

Valvona & Crolla have offered a £60 hamper so the clever winner can enjoy gorging themselves well into January.

To qualify for the prize, simply fill out all the answers as best you can. and get them to us by 10 January 1992. The highest number of correct answers will win the hamper. The winner will be announced in the first List of 1992. published on 16 January. Ah, you say. but what if I’m too dim to do quizzes? Never mind. just get along to Valvona and Crolla at 19 Elm Row Edinburgh and they‘ll provide you with a selection of hampers starting at £28 for their ‘Milano hamper.‘

Name . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Address ..................................... ..

_ Who was the most ‘Dangerous‘

5 year?

L. womance? ath Traverse? 12 Where was 1991’s City of _- i f " .. . .


Maxim‘s This chap

.. ante. Who, is he and what was the .,- 3 .fl programme? -

19 Who tried to pick up more than his left luggage at King’s Cross?

20 Whose debut novel finally appeared after a quarter of a century’s writing?

comic on the Edinburgh Fringe?

22 What lost £23 million just by trying to create more interest?

23 Who grifted her way into Dick Tracy’s affections?

24 About which part of his anatomy was Michael Murray most touchy?

25 How many women were on the shortlist for the Booker prize this

26 Which type the Booker I. ,‘ 27 What won-the: main Felix this year? '. ., 2‘28Whontarked‘his final Edinburgh gappearance with a rabblc~rousing

:29: Madagm c219¥¢d 9%“ on '1

:seéms. to Be having a slightlymorsc

smashing people at