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r- “Whom a 1m: Saddam and win .aMcn‘ofwmpetitien? ._ c w ;


30 This hand knew how to treat Phillip Schofield during an awards 'Aqeremony. Who are they?

cable from New York

:33? Nicholas: Mosley (son of Béoker panel:th year.

.33What'was Scotush‘ " and‘ of

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' 35} “What was the ymaixi‘i’yvent-yop i

August this year?

37 Who did Agc'ri‘t'Cdoper'. .

5 his dictaphonc messages for? 7' T

i . . . . , Who prowded the tang on the' .‘

: cake of these films (in correct order i please): Boy: .‘V The Hood, New i Juek ( 'ity. Teenage Mutant Ninja ' l Turtles 2.

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59 Which North American logging town had a regularly dwindling population this year.

40 Who has gone from being a Navy hero to being a dustman to being an . Air Force hero all in the space ofone i year?

4' A man. a woman. a pair of scissors and some sushi. That was the plot. What was the film? (Extra point for original title.)

42 Who paid £2000 and won. whilst others laid out over £20 million and lost?

43 Who cast off their Glad-rags from 1990 and became Bad-lads for l99l'.’

44 Who celebrated I763 with an aeroplane trip‘.’

‘, , _. . _ a g , . i ° “Just hangin' around is this theatre _ _ .SSWhyg..wag Lady- Ghislaine bad 5 a I news for- pensioners?

company who V’lSlth Glasgow twice .this year. Who are they?

many years has Barry Norman’s Film 91 been running?

‘Wh‘aiican you iséc?’ ‘Someone making yet another acceptance

speed: oh great white wise one.’ But

how many Oscars did this mgyie actually pick up?

48 Look closely and you can mak out some Camay in this picture. But which soap did this chap used to be associated with?