1) Saddam Hussein

2) Michael Forsyth

3:) John Major/Neil Kinnock

Mr Butcher of Baghdad was a resounding winner. leading the slippery Scottish ()ffice man. with the party leaders in a rather neat tie in third place. Someone actually voted for Terry Waite. Shame on you!


Political issue

1) Europe i 2) Poll Tax l 3) The Gulf

Scottish independence wasn’t far off the pace. but with Maastricht in mind it was Europe that occupied your thoughts. Plenty of you were no doubt looking at your sheriff‘s notices when you put down the Poll Tax.

Voting intention

1) Labour

2) SNP

3) Green

An interesting voting pattern here with Labour and the Nationalists going neck and neck until the late Labour voters came out en masse in the last few days. Given our sample was significantly larger than most opinion polls. it might be worth quoting the rounded percentages: Labour 44 per cent. SNP 28 per cent. Green 16 per cent. Liberal Democrat 7 per cent. Conservative 3 per cent and others 2 per cent.

Important event

1) Gulf War

2) Soviet Union fragmentation

3) Hostage releases

A bit off a crossover with an earlier question here. but it produced an amazingly close contest between the

momentous events of the Gulf War and the Soviet break-up. with the war leading by a single vote in the final count. Quite a lot of you preferred to tell us about your personal highlights. Hope all those new babies/husbands/wives are going strong.


Booker Prize recipient

I) Martin Amis

2) Roddy Doyle

3) Ben ()kri/lain Banks

()ld Nitram Sima (gcddit'.’) held off jovial Dubliner Doyle and actual winner ()kri to get your thumbs-up. although a huge list of nominees followed. including the editor of The List. Flatterers. . .


1) Magnum photography

2) ()ut ()f ()rder —- MacLennan Galleries

3) George Wyllie

A one-horse race this. with the world's most famous photographic agency (the subject of a List feature earlier in the year) easily the most popular exhibition. Scul'.’tor George Wyllie had strong support in third place.

TV _

Best show

1) Twin Peaks

2) GBH

3) Drop The Dead Donkey

Agent Cooper and his chums saw off a healthy homegrown challenge from Alan Bleasdale's excellent series. with quite a big gap back to the satirical Channel 4 comedy set in a newsroom.

i j l

Worst show

1) Blind Date

2) The Word

2:) Beadle‘s About (‘illa‘s execrable matchmaking series also scored highly in the Best Show category thanks to a host of kitsch fans out there. Beadle and the limited braincells of the Word team ' chased her all the way to the wire.


l) Tennents’ Lager

2) lrn Bru

3) McEwan‘s Lager

You were unfazed by the revelation that the returning (‘aledonian in the 'I‘ennants' ad was in fact Irish. and voted it the best. Sandwiched in between the lagers is the ever-reliable antidote. lrn Bru.


1) Rugby World Cup

2) Liz MeColgan‘s gold

3) Hibs Skol (‘up victory

Most of you put ‘Australia beating England‘ as your highlight. We never realised we had such a huge Antipodean following. ()n a more positive Scottish note. Liz McColgan‘s superb gold medal performance was justly lauded. and our east coast readers pushed a rare Hibs triumph into the frame.



1:) Cafe Qui. Glasgow

1:) City Cafe. Edinburgh

1:) Uisge Beatha. Glasgow Impossible to divide the three leaders with a huge spread of candidates. Most readers seemed to

plump for their local which made it difficult for any one bar to build up a lead.



I) Keanu Reeves

2) Punk

3) Prospero‘s Books


1) Keanu Reeves

2) Frock Off

3) Marvel Comics

A case of short memories we suspect. with Mr Reeves winning both titles. A lot of you didn‘t seem to care what was on the cover. although a significant minority quoted back numbers with authority. no doubt sensibly treasuring their old Lists.



1) Cinema

2) Music

3) Punk's Not Dead

Live Without

1) Sport

2) Clubs

3) Kids

Cinema is still the most popular single feature. but the wealth of other things mentioned confirms our belief that you want a diverse mix of all the arts in Scotland. with one-offs like our Spain and Punk features proving gratifyineg popular. What an unsporting lot you were as well. despite your mass interest in the Rugby World Cup.



Jetting off to Madrid courtesy of Campus Travel will be John McColgan from Edinburgh. plus

friend. Say Ola from The List John.

Runners-up and recipients of HMV music vouchers to the value of £10

are: Anne Roberts. Ewan Simpson. v

()ighrig Park. Fiona Hassall (all Glasgow). Hazel Hunter. Sian Bayne. Judy Sawyer. Peter Telford. Clare Lardner. Frank Stevenson. Mark Symonds (all Edinburgh). Ron Montgomery (Strathkelv'inajand Craig Anderson (Ayrshire). Your

DrB.J. Roemmele. Richard Goldie. [ VOUChCTS arc in the P"St f0lk‘"

The List 20 December-.1697 Isiah. 57199319