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Well, you had your say, and you got two pages and a holiday in Spain. The List stafftug their forelocks, queue up to collect their Christmas boxes (a greenish tangerine and a cracked almond) from Mr List and are made to write out their selections of the year, before slumping off to their miserable hovels to enjoy their twenty minutes festive holiday. The photographs reproduced below have been airbrushed to conceal the writers’ deathly pallor and expressions of grim resilience.

ANDREA OAXTER : I Band Arthur l l - brilliant! I Film The Garden ' I Single Nomad >- Devotion. Double D»-

I Band Manic Street Preachers I Single Kinky Love - The Pale Saints I LP Strange Free World Kitchens Of

Found Love I LP Arthur ii I Theatre Event Bobby Baker

Distinction I Art Event Redoute‘s Roses at Botanics I Theatre Event Medea Sexwar Volcano I TV Show News-night

Theatre Company. I I TV Soap Twin Peaks

I Art Event Magnum Photography I Book No Full Stops ln lndia Mark

I TV Soap Prisoner Cell Block H Tully

I Book U And l- Nicholson Baker/Alma Cogan Gordon Burn

I Sporting Event Celtic beating Rangers on St Patrick’s Day

I How l Will Spend Christmas Trying to avoid the Queen‘s Speech.

I Sporting Event Mark doing food news while l'm away.

I How i Will Spend Christmas Visiting my brother in an artists‘ co-op in Calcutta.

,2,» MARK FISHER y]. la" I Film Green Card " IBand REM .. v... 912:“, I Single Losing My Religion - RliM I} ILP Out OfTime— REM '7 -" 1“ '2’ I Theatre Event Bondagers Traverse

THO” OIBOIN Theatre. (war, not REM." lid)

I Film The Silence OfThe Lambs I Art Event Julian McGowan's (‘itizens' I Band The Barely Works designs

ISIngle Again. Hurrah! ITVShOWGBll

I LP One From The Vault The Grateful Dead I Theatre Event Frank Dunlop‘s last stand

ITV Soap Twin Peaks I Book Slow Walks In Barcelona -

. Michael [.eitch I A" sum My “moot Hons; I Sporting Event Rain stopping ITVShovt DOA punk movre. Wimbledon I TV 3089 Twm Peaks I How I Will Spend Christmas Exploring . no“ Fates worse Than Death _ Kurt peripheral housing estates in search of Vonnegut

z t ~ '. I Sporting Event Blind Date “W P in Omtmcs

I HOW I Will Spend Christmas In an illegal state of mind.


I Film Thelma And Louise

I Band Las Chicas De Nucva York

I Single Martika's Kitchen

I LP Pet Shop Boys Discography

I Theatre Event La La La I lurnan Steps

I Art Event Windfall/Magnum Photography/Ash Gallery ll/Arthur Tress I TV SHOW Trashy Films 'Ouestion


I Film Jules Et Jim. Well i saw it forthc first time this year and it was better than anything else.

Time/'l‘he Late Show

ITV Soap thirtysomething

I Book The Music Of Chance ~- Paul Auster

I Sporting Event Powderhall greyhounds. I How I Will Spend Christmas Eating chocolates/feeling guilty about eating chocolates.


I Film Woody Allen's Alice

I Band \Norid ()tTWisl

I Single Walking Down Madison Kirsty McColl

I LP Out OfTimc REM

I Theatre Event chtch/A Dybbuk For Two People.

I Art Event Mark llaiiiey Ceramic Sculpture. Billiard Room

I TV Show i lave I Got News For You I TV Soap Golden Girls

I Book Saint Maybe Anne Tyler

I Sporting Event Kabaddi Ouarter-iinal betweccn Punjab and Bombay

I Howl wm Spend Christmas Planning how ;

to avoid spending another Christmas in Britain.


I Film Time ()fThe Gypsies

I Theatre Event Ubu Rex - National Theatre Of Craiova

I Art Event Ashley Cook at Glasgow Print Studio.


I Book'i‘he View Front The Ground Martha Gellhorn

I Howl Will Spend Christmas As far from this office as possible.

PAUL W. HULLAH I Film Silence OiThe Lambs I Band Kraftwcrk

I Single Love See No Colour The Farm I LP Jack Frost Steve Kilbey and Grant


I Theatre Event Dennis Leary at the Edinburgh Fringe.

I Art Event Growing sideboards then shaving thetn off.

I TV Show Fall And Rise Of Reginald Pcrrin.

I TV Soap NBC Gulf War Coverage. I Book Seeing Things SeamUs l leancy I Sporting Event Arsenal 2 Spurs() (December ‘91 ).

I Howl Will Spend Christmas Fast and gently furious. like I spend money.


I Film Miller's Crossing

I Band Chamber Orchestra Of Europ. I Single llmmm. depressing isn‘t it'.’ I LP John Eliot Gardiner‘s Brahms Requiem

I Theatre Event Dragons trilogy at 'I'ramway

I Art Event My Van Gogh waistcoat I TV Show Fear In The Dark

I TV Soap Brooksidc

I Book Robin Wood -— Hitchcock‘s Films

Revisited I Sporting Event. El FF's Music And Cinema bash

I How I Will Spend Christmas Watching the

same old movies on the box

20 The List 20 December 1991 16 January 1.992