. LP Cappcna Nova's Carver series (CD) viscerality ofthe underarm: sketches

x I Theatre Event Scottish Opera‘s Falstaff thereof. 1

I Art Event Avant Garden at Edinburgh I TV Show GBH _ Eileen Critchlcy is the

awaitsle City Lights amiChriSL

I TV Soap Twin Peaks A whole new

I TV Soap Coronation Street coruscating world. 1 o

I Book La Potiniere and Friends I Book Half Dark Nailrod Findo Gask—

. HOW I Spend Christmas Traditional gouts of cerebral fulmination. E with family, but going away for New Year I Sponing [gem 5km Cup Final _ A game

KENNY MATRIESON oftwo halves and there‘sonly one winner. I Film City of I {0pc I limit I Will Spend Christmas Spending my \\

I Band Geri Allen. Charlie Iiaden . Paul CF” gm “’kcns in BS’OL‘N trying ‘0 PUfChaSc

Mom“ Tm) 1:20 worth of toiletries. swapping my Blue loci)”; alr'l.‘w\

. Single N0. married Stratos All True man bathroom pack for a 5:1“ g i

satsuma with my brother. eating

I LP Aaron Copland Orchestral and

TOM LAPPIN . Ballet works 193648 (Sony) Matchmakers but not the coffee ones. I Fm“ Edward “MO'hands . I Theatre Event Scottish Cup Final "3 '"g ‘9 “9'9"”? """mc‘P'us I Band REM ; . conversations With elderly and deaf I Single James’s rereleascd Sit Down 2 I A“ hem Dim)” 1“th 1’02“an relatives. pondering how the number of (their swansongin light ofsubsequent .wsnow Mosmiannt Naturally presents you receive isincreasingly rclcascs)_ ITVSOBD Allergic 10thcm . disproportionate with the numbcrofyears I LP Don't Try This At Home Billy I Book Pau' Ausu” The MUSIC 0f you‘ve been around . . . Bragg (I had an uncle who once played for Chance w ., .~ -- Red Star Belgrade _ genius) lIbSporling Event (Almost) any game at

I Theatre Event An Evening With Gary Lineker (Edinburgh Fringe and one night in Poznan)

I Art Event Just maybe Magnum photography

I TV Show Sleepers/GB“ (heartbreaking comedy and exemplary writing in both) I TV Soap The Street (Des Barnes for Pope)

I Book A Strange Kind OfGlory— Eamonn Dunphy (the best soccer book since longer than I can recall)

I Sporting Event Watching Man Utd win the Cup-Winners Cup on TV at the Hampan Babylon party.

I Howl Will Spend Christmas Overdosing on lard and lager, eating 12 pounds of

I How I Will Spend Christmas Digesting

walnuts and watching Only Fools And '21:“; Ll! Vi

Horses: ie just another Wednesday. ALAN MORRISON - Band Co‘ctc'lll Ttvim

" [‘5- ., 9" I Him Miner‘s Crossing I Single Mr Songwriter Vic Reeves

t r I am Jesus And Mary Chain I LP Blood This Mortal Coil . Single I thought they only made CD‘S I Theatre Event Simon Bayly‘s smoking of nowadays acigarette at the beginningofAreTherc I LP Prospero‘s Books soundtrack Tigers 1" The 0mg” Michael Nyman band I Art Event Lumps of metal at the Tate ITheatre EventBruce Myers‘ ADybbuk .wsnowGB“ byamilc' D For Two people I TV Soap Brookside (purely for having 6 1‘ "-‘ \ IArt Event Pop Art at the Royal Academy ‘S‘Lkllrgsbsyi- H wk. . % w} in London. l ee ate - at l ' ITVShovlTwin Peaks Muraki‘mi ~ . / ' ' :gv Skolap As above. with extra Cherry Pie. A” Sum I Q

00 male —Cl' ‘8' k '

. 390mm 5’“; Ruggingfmi; the I How i wm Spend Christmas Picking the l , Brockville turfto watch Simon Stainrod grittxb'ts {mt Of‘muncqwmc before lift the First Division Championshipfor dnm‘mg 8“"‘m5 0‘ "‘0 “u” 7 ‘4; x Falkirk. it I How I Will Spend Christmas You mean figmnsrfsrninfnd 1 (misc

ALASTAIR "ABBOTT they‘ll let me out ofthe office? I Band Levitation

I Fm“ Term'm’m‘.” . I Single Why Don‘t You Smile Now?

IBantl Tackhead llvcheenageFan Spirilualizcd

Club I Single Size Of a Cow Wonderstuff ILP Nevermind—Nirvana !

I LP Whirlpool Chapterhouse I Theatre Event Pax Brith Gof I Art Event Magnum Photography

I Theatre Event Bob Downc i - . i

2 Wh ‘h . E i ~ t I Art Event Too scatological for words :3 c “31L ousc xpumn“ ITVShovI Twin Peaks g

I Book The Uncensored Boys‘ Own Dick Beresford: spifflng tales ofplucky deeds and unspeakable beastliness (Iotsof pictures. negligible text).

I Sporting Event Queen‘s Park scoring a goal. I How I Will Spend Christmas Singing carols. going to church. opening presents. eating. dispensing goodwill.

I TV Soap Gulf War/Russian Coup

I Book The Hitmen Fredric Dannen (revised 1991 edition)

I Sporting Event Making it to the office before lunchtime

I How I Will Spend Christmas With a bottle of Grouse as usual.

SUE WILSON I Film December Bride _ - . . ~ £2 ' IBand The Barely Works : - ~ " " I Single Sit Down ‘— James ' CRAlG MCLEAN I LP Out OfTime REM I Film Miller’s Crossing byzantine and i I Theatre Event Bondagers The Traverse erm. violent. i I Art Event Magnum photographers‘ In I Band Teenage Fanclub grubby Our Time scenesters. trend-buckingtrendy buckers. ITVShovv Twin Peaks I ISingle Set Adrift— PM Dawn—summer ITVSoap Roseanne groovin’ had me ablast. ; I Book Love And Death On Long Island— k I ILP Out OfTime— REM—epochaland Gilbert Adair ' ' dead dead good. I Sporting Event Mass ceilidh at the CAROL "Am I Theatre Event Bondagers Traverse - Tramway. . Film The Lunch Date earthy. pithy. couthy. tattle. ' I How I Will Spend Christmas Sleeping. .3.“ BBC 530 IArt Event Oxter soup— Ruthy Pitt— the eating.drinking and more sleeping. i

The List 20 December 19‘)! lolanuary 19792 21