Hello, little boy, what would you like for . Christmas? What, a selection of gratuitous phOtos with inane captions entitled ‘Frontlines’. Well it just so happens that I‘ve got one left . . .


2The List 20 December 1991— l().lanuary I992

I Don't try this at home department. Alison Scott is an artist she knows how to deal with large dogs. You are not. A photograph by Carol Gordon irom the New Scottish Photography exhibition at Edinburgh's Stills Gallery.

I Looking not a lot like Kevin Costner. Rikki Fulton takes a bow (geddit?) ior his Hogmanay special on BBC Scotland. as much a part oi the Scottish New Year as twelve crates oi industrial-strength lager. See TV listings.

I The perils oi doing a photo shoot in Portobello during November are vividly demonstrated by Tempo Musical Productions, bringing South Pacific to Edinburgh's Churchhili Theatre. See Theatre fisfings.

I Hulk Hogan prepares to ask Oliver Reed to pay his drinks bill. See more oi ilqu in Suburban Commando. a sophisticated Chekhovian comedy oi manners, or perhaps something entirely diiierent. See Film listings.

I D‘ya reckon someone will write in to complain about the gratuitous use oi our semi-clad bodies?‘ ‘Nah. we're in a class movie ain't we?‘ It's called Flirting. See Film review.