I 0340: A Family Affair (Channel 4) 5.30-6.30pm. The soggy reggae combo are captured live in concert at Finsbury Park in London.

IThe Lost Boys (BBC2) 9.30—1 1pm. The first episode of a three-part series tracing the life ofJ.M. Barrie. the creator of Peter Pan. lan Holm stars as the author.

I Carrott's Commercial Breakdown ll (BBCl) 10—10.50pm. The Brummie comic takes another pointed look at the world of TV advertising.

I Vic Reeves’s Big Night Out On Tour (Channel 4) 10.35—1 1.35pm. The toplight entertainer was recorded in Newcastle on one of his recent live dates and this show serves as a nice ending to a phenomenal

1 year for the workshy fop with the meat

; products fixation.

I Barry Norman's Films Of The Year (BBCI)10.50—11.35pm.Thelugubrious one gives his verdict on the year‘s movie releases. and reports on how Hollywood is learning to live with the recession.

I Late Lunch With Sir Les (Channel 4)

: 11.35pm—12.1()am. Another holiday dose of Barry Humphries. this time in his Australian cultural attache mode. Guests/victims include Marie Helvin and Clare Rayner.


I Dame Peggy (Channel 4) 3.25—5. 10pm. The usual suspects are rounded up fora portrait of actress Dame Peggy Ashcroft. or ‘darling. darling Peggy' as she is no doubt known.

I Candide (BBC2) 4.35—7.05pm. Leonard Bernstein’s version of Voltaire‘s novel in which the hero searches for ‘the best ofall possible worlds'. This was Bernstein’s final London performance. conducting the London Symphony Orchestra.

I Disney Time (BBCI ) 5.55—6.35pm. Another holiday staple. presented by Phillip Schofield from Disncyworld in Florida. Clips come frotn Pinocchio. Bed/mobs A ltd Broomsticks. The Little Mermaid etc.

I The Best Of Friends (Channel 4) 9—10.40pm. A play based on the letters of George Bernard Shaw and his friends. Sir John Gielgud. Wendy Hiller and Patrick McGoohan star.

I Amnesty-The Big 30 (Scottish) 10.40pm—12.40am. A showbizzy celebration of Amnesty International’s 30th birthday. featuring a host ofacts including Lisa Stansfield. Dannii Minogue. French And Saunders and Mike McShane.

I The Secret Policeman's Third Bail (Channel 4) 12.35—2.15am. More ofmuch the same sort of thing. ie comedy for charity, featuringJohn Cleese. Rowan Atkinson and all their great showbiz Lmates.


I Auntie's Bloomers (BBCl ) 7.25—8.05pm. Terry Wogan down on his luck does a Denis Norden and picks out a selection of cock-ups caught by the BBC cameras. Will

2 they include the decision to invite a

seriously pissed ex-footballer onto an

4 early evening chat show? I Classic Coronation Sheet (Scottish) 7.45—8.45pm. A stroll through the

archives down Weatherfield way. looking

at some of the momentous events that

have rocked the street over the years.

7 I Miss Marple: They Do it With Minors

(BBC1)8.()5—10pm. You pays your money and takes your pick. Agatha

Christie ‘3 Poirot is on the other channel.

but you might as well stick toJoan

Hickson as the smart old bat called in to

investigate a puzzling murder in a

5 reformatory for young criminals. 2 I Julie Walters And Friends (Scottish)

10.05-1 1 .(lSpm. Walters teams up with Alan Bennett. Willy Russell. Alan Bleasdale and Victoria Wood for a sketch

show with a difference. See preview.

I Monty Python Live At The Hollywood Bowl (Channel 4) 11.()5pm—12.35am. Another chance to chant along to those favourite sketches that you've learnt by heart.

I Gray Clay Dolls (Channel 4)

12.35—1 .(lSam. A creepy tale ofeccentric inventors. burglary. arson and murder. Ronald Pickup stars as Leonard Gray. a reclusive boffin. friendless and under threat of eviction from his landlady. Fortunately though. he houses a sinister secret in his seedy flat . ..


I Global Reports (BBC2) 7.45—8.25pm. A film from the Harlem district ofNew York. where a local man speaks out against the drug trade that has wrecked his neighbourhood and left his three children without a mother.

I Without Walls: The Thing ls . . .Hoteis (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Paul Morleygives the subject of hotels his usual verbose treatment. and probably wears quite a nice suit as well. This new arts programme approach is a doddle isn‘t it'.’

I Review DlThe Year(BBC1) 10.20—11.35pm. A retrospective of 1991 with plenty of momentous events to cram in. from the Gulf War and Russian coupto the deaths of Robert Maxwell and Freddie Mercury.

I Tina Tumer— Simply The Best (Scottish) llpm—12.(l5am. Getting on a bit but ‘doesn't she look great for her age'. as everyone always says. Annoy your mum by asking her why she doesn‘t dress like that.

I Simple Minds In Concert(BBC2) 11.55pm—12.55am. Recorded live in Glasgow earlier this year. Jim Kerr tears his mind off Patsy Kensit‘s hemline for an hour to belt out those ditties that all sound much the same but are jolly stirring forall that.

I It’s Roger Mellie —The Man on The Telly (Channel 4) 12.10—12.15am. Fulchester‘s finest. Mr Mellie at last branches out from FTV to say ‘Bollocks‘ on terrestrialTV. Peter Cook provides the voice. Regular appearances throughout the week follow. See preview.


I Athletics (BBC2) 4.25—5.20pm. A chance to relive some of the athletics highlights ofthe year. includingthe wonderful moment when Kriss Akabusi won the 400 metres relay gold for Britain at the World Championships.

I Elephant- Lord 0i The Jungle (Channel 4) 5—6pm. A meticulously~made film about the life of the Indian elephant. looking at its place in the eco-system and the efforts being made to save it from extinction.

I Liz McColgan (BBCl ) 8—9.30pm. Woman ofthe year“? Well. nearly. A profile ofthe astonishing ll).()()()metres world champion who has become the most impressive star in British athletics.

I Carreras, Domingo, Pavarotti and Mehta In Concert (Channel 4) 8—9.45pm. Another chance to catch the three tenors in concert at the Roman Baths of Caracalla. with backing from 200 musicians conducted by Zubin Mehta.

I Ruby TakesATrip (BBC2) 9.05—10.()5pm. Ruby Wax heads for California to investigate the ‘New Age'. is it an era ofspiritual enlightenment. orjust an excuse for alternative capitalists to make a fast buck? She meets the religious fringe movements who are searching for some new answers in mysticism.

I The White Heather Club (BBC 1) 9.3()—10.()5pm. Reminiscences from the gloriously kitsch show of the 60s. when Andy Stewart would lead the nation in the swinging of the kilt and the sipping ofthe whisky.

I As it Happens From Moscow (Channel 4) 1().45pm—12.3()am. Live (allowing for the time difference) from the Russian capital. the video verite team find out what‘s happening at midnight in Moscow asthe Russian people prepare for a turbulent 1992.

I Scotch And Wry(BBCl) 11.05—1 1.45pm. Rikki Fulton presents his usual batch of sketches that have become an enduring Hogmanay tradition.

I Hogmanay Live (BBCI) 11.45pm—12.35am. BBC Scotland sees in 1992 in a folksy musical sort of way with Capercaillie and Wolfstone fiddling away. See preview.

I A' The Best (Scottish) 11.5(lpm—1am. Sophisticated entertainment Highlands and Islands style. as we are invited to head for the Heidrum Hydro for a ‘heuchter teuchter‘ Hogmanay.

I He’s Ne’erday Bands (Scottish) 2—3am. Some of Scotland‘s better bands rock into 1992. Highlights include Texas. Love And Money. Deacon Blue. Captain America. Fini Tribe and Better Ways.


I New Year’s Day Concert (BBC2) ll.lSam—12.35pm. Richard Baker introduces a live broadcast ofthe traditional New Year concert from Vienna. where Carlos Kleiber conducts the Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra.

I l l i

I Rugby World Cup '91 (Scottish)

1.15—2. 15pm. A chance to relive the autumn's sporting highlight and agonise again over Gavin Hastings‘s missed penalties. Highlights from all twenty matches.

I Saving The Tiger (Channel 4) 5-6pm. A film showing how lndian conservationists are working to protect the tiger population. and following a tigress and her cubs through a year of their life.

I Carmen (BBC2) S. lS—Spm. A new production of Georges Bizet's

: tempestuous tragedy by the Royal Opera

House. with Maria Ewing and Luis Lima. I The Trouble With Mr Bean (Scottish)

8—8.3lipni. Rowan Atkinson‘s hapless

hero overslceps. but still makes it to his dentist appointment in time to drive the

T dentist crazy.

I Adam Bede (BBCl ) 8—9.45pm. (ieorgc Eliot's epic romantic novel gets the BBC costume department treatment. Patsy Kensit stars as heroine Hetty. torn between two lovers and feelin' like a fool. The supporting cast includes Susannah Harker. Julia McKenzie and Jean Marsh. See preview.

I Taggart (Scottish) 8.45— 10. 15pm. Deid boadies for '92 with everyone's favourite

3 granite-faced ‘tec. A schoolboyspots

bloodstains in French actress Florence (iuerin‘s flat and Taggart is called in to investigate.

I Kit and the Widow: Lavisth Mounted (Channel4) 1(1. lS—ll.15pm. The camp society cabaret duo do their satirical stuff and introduce guests Julia McKenzie (her again). Leslie (‘rowther. Geoffrey Palmer and Mary Archer.


I Open Space (BBC2) 7.3(i—b’pm. A look at the darker side of Christmas and the pressure the season puts on people.

I leading to rows. hangovers and financial

difficulty. Sounds like another day in The [.istoffice.

I The Tweed (BBC2) 8—8.3llpm. The first in a new series looking at life on the banks ofthe river that divides Scotland and England. startingoff with a report on the various activities that take place in the area. from salmon poaching tosheep farming. ; I Sherlock Holmes: The MasterBlackmailer 7 (Scottish) Jeremy Brett stars as the master 4 detective in another period whodunnit. saving the society wedding of the year frotn disaster. Serena Gordon co-stars.

I Bill Hicks— Relentless (Channel 4) 11.25pm-12.25am. The American comedian who created a stir at the Edinburgh Fringe earlier this year runs through some of his acerbic and contentious material.

84 The List 20 December 1991 16January 1992