Twelve hungry


We‘ve spent the year mouthing off about our culinary:

tastes. so now it’s time to find out what you like to eat and drink. We asked a dozen local people to name their

I IAN LANG Secretary of State for Scotland.

Favourite Christmas tipple: Kir (ie cassis and white wine or champagne).

Typical evening meal: Tomato soup and boiled egg.

Favourite restauranUbar/toodshop: l’ass (not at liberty to say the minister mustn‘t have favourites of this nature).

Food and drink dislikes: Raw seafood. sweet sherry. coffee without sugar.

I EDDIE MAIR 26. newscaster. BBC Scotland.

! Favourite Christmas tipple:

i Blackcurrant cordial.

favourites and least favourites.

Typical evening meal: Meat and two ;

veg no pudding. Favourite restaurant/bar/loodshop:

' (‘athcdral House Hotel. Glasgow: ()Id Batik Bar. Dundee; M & S.

Food and drink dislikes: Waiters rushing you out before you have finished your meal properly.

I SARAH YOUNG 1‘). student of politics and sociology. Strathclyde University.

Favourite Christmas tipple: Port and

lemonade. Typical evening meal: Pasta. tuna and


Favourite restaurant/bar/loodshop: Brahms and l.iszt Bar. (ilasgow. Food and drink dislikes: (‘an‘t stand cutting up raw meat; mushrooms.

I MOHAMMED SHEIKH Proprietor of Fair Deal Superstore. Roseneath Street. lidinburgh.

Favourite Christmas tipple: l.ucozadc. Typical evening meal: Lamb curry

I DAVY AND TOMMY ZYW (4) (sons of I

Jenny Brown of Scottish Television‘s 5

Scottish Books)

Favourite Christmas tipple

Davy: Ribena. - Tommy: Orange juice.

Typical evening meal

Davy: l‘ish Fingers with tomato sauce. followed by strawberry yoghurt.

'l‘ommy: Macaroni cheese with

tomato sauce. followed by an orange.

Favourite restaurant/bar/loodshop Davy: The fiin & chip shop opposite our dentist (ie l.'/\|ba D‘()ro, Henderson Row. lidinburgh).

: Tommy: Safeways.

Food and drink dislikes Davy: l'ish pic. Tommy: No pigs! Tomato juice.

with chapatis.

Favourite restaurant/bar/loodshop: Sonia‘s Indian restaurant and takeaway. Dalry Road.

Food and drink dislikes: I like everything. 1 don't drink alcohol but then I've never tried it. so I can't say I don‘t like it!

I CECIL SMITH 8|. actor. of (ilud fame.

Favourite Christmastipple: Anything I can lay my hands on! Brandy and coke if you’re asking.

Typical evening meal: l-‘ish from the chippie or boiled eggs. washed down with a can of linsure (liquid food from the chemist).

Favourite restaurant/bar/loodshop: The Grapes it‘s called The lidinburgh Bar now ~ in (‘lerk Street. but any bar will do!

Food and drink dislikes: Salad.

I LORRAINE CRAIG Train driver on (ilasgow Underground.

Favourite Christmas tipple: Sparkling white wine.

Typical evening meal: (‘hieken and chips with veg.

Favourite restaurant’bar/foodshop: La liiorentina Restaurant at l’aisley Road \Vcst. (ilasgow.

Food and drink dislikes: I don't like spicy foods or whisky.

I J0 MASSON Stage Manager. Tron Theatre. (ilasgoyv.

Favourite Christmas tipple: (‘ockburns Port.

Typical evening meal: Any type of pizza or maybe chilli. homemade of course!

Favourite restauranb’bar/loodshop: Marks & Spencers for food and drink: (‘hinese carry-outs!

94 The List December 1991— 16January 1992