I front tlte wicked wit of the W est.

including histories of tlte corset arid the potato. observations on tlte mind of Borges and on tfte cartoons of(iilbert Hernandez.


I Hook Steven Spielberg's wish-fulfilment movie lifts the Peter Pan story iitto the realms of cinema spectacular. Robin Williams is the boy

wlto did grow tip attd w ho itttist rediscov er

the cltild in himself with the lielpof 'I‘iitkerbell (Julia Roberts) before doitig battle witlt Dustin IIottlltttn's(‘tlptitilt Ilook. 'l'he second most expensiy e filrtt ever. btit it's all tip there oit screen.

I New Visions An international festiy al of Film aitd Video iii ( ilasgow.


I Theatre Scotland The first quality magazine dedicated to Scottish theatre ltits the streets 5-1 pagesofinterview s. debate and a complete playscript. Putting Scottish theatre on the titap four tintesa year from now oit.

I A Woman of No Importance Not content with filling only one theatre in (ilasgow. ('itz' director l’hilip l’row se w elcontes audiences into the Theatre Royal tosee his RS(‘ production of Oscar Wilde's

comedy direct front London‘s Barbican.

I Scottish Student Drama Festival lt‘s Edinburgh's turrt to host the SSI)I‘. and this year'sbusy week-longprograntitte includes workshops. readings. lectures arid performances w itlt contributions from Brian (ox. l.iz l.oehhead. Stuart llepburn. 'l‘om .\le( iratlt aitd practitioners front liastern litirope.


I The Charlatans .ltist gimme indie rock? Preferably w itlt a potit that pttts botlt Mick Jagger aitd Ian Brown toshame. Sun 5. Barrow laitd.


/ ' Guardian

The 4th British and International Festival of New Short Film & Video

The Travelling Picture Show

11th & 12th February

12 Rose Street, Glasgow G3 6RE Box Office: O41-332 8126 - Access/Visa General Enquiries: 041-332 6535

For leaflet with full details send SAE to Helen McDouga/ at G F T

I Sonny Rollins Regarded by many astfte greatest liy iitg jazzman. Few sa/ophonists ltave ever ntatched his prow ess iii the art of the extended thentatic improy isatioti. Tue 3 l . (ilasgoyy Royal ('oneert l lall.

I Ornette Coleman At last. the greatest ntoulder of the shape of contemporary jazz firtally makes his first Scottish appearance aitd breaks the musical habit of a lifetinte by bringing along a pianist in the latest Prime Time line-up. Mon 37. lidinhurgh ()ueen‘s l fall.

I Edinburgh Folk Festival A cosiitopolitan ntix of folk aitd roots sounds hit the capital. with the associated I tarp festiv al atracting performers from Brittany as well as the legendary Irish group I )e l)anaan. per‘f'tti‘titiitg at the Queens l lall. I-‘r'i Ill Stiii l‘).



I CarterThe Unstoppable Sex Machine .»\ very much louder arid itot inconsiderany crustier ’I‘eititaiit aitd l.ow e t or Almond arid Ball. or Reeves and Mortimer l w hip tip a storm. l’ri S and Sat 0. Barrow land.


I MaytestUlasgow's popularspring testiy itI goes Robert Robson asecolid crack ofthe w hip to ptit together a package of local. national and internationalevents. Hi I Sat 33.

I Tron Theatre A He r three months w itlt ortly the cafe-bars in action. the l mu 'I‘heatre's main stage returns ltilly relurbished. with new raked seating and an increased capacity.

I Scottish International Children‘s Festival lidinburgh's litverleitlt l’ai k is w here arty self-respecting minor w ill be in the last week of Slay. A typically crammed itinerary includesa specially

Sponsored by British Petroleum

A Selection of British and lnternationa/ Short Films from The London Festival at Riverside Studios


criteria: Ti i‘. si Tii i' To iii 5


S'I‘he List 17 3(llartuaryilz)92


FEBRUARY: John Turturro is Barton Fink in the Coen brothers’ latest

commissioned rtew play by l lullaballoo (‘hildren's 'I’heatre. as well as performers from all oy er the world.

I Spring Fling Stretching iittthitte. l-'.dinburglt's coittntunity lestival is giv en ati extra boost to ltigltligltt the his presidency of the littropeait ('ouncil of .‘ylinisters. which culminates iii a liuropean ('ouncil Surttntit irt lidinburgh at the end of the year. The catclt-phrase is l’iirlitinio Iiiiro/te arid the festival will celebrate ‘pait-liuropean arts aitd culture'.


I 1492-1992: the America Project the first major retrospective of the New World should (‘oluntbus have discovered it . or left well alone'.’ Make your mind up at the .\lcl.ellan.

I Ken Currie 'l‘lte (ilasgow l’rint Studio's contribution to .\lay lest is art exhibitionof (‘urrie's prints. arid of troubled ( try. one of his monumental oils front last year's big show. If size impresses you. don't tttiss


I Scottish Cup Final By this point in the season eitlter l learts or Rangers w ill have w rapped up the league arid it's likely that one or the other will be figlttirig hard for the double. Sat‘).


I JalZ'l'oiti Morrison t('ltatto 6‘; Windus) Sixth novel tront the rum-American Pulitzer Prize wirtrter ortce again weaves past aitd present. the liviitg arid the dead to create a ntagical and poetic vision.


I The Naked Lunch Former Robocop l’eter Weller is the extermirtator-cunt- w riter lacing tip to talking insectsand other v ery strange happenings iii David (‘ronenberg's filmed version ofthe tiiifiltiiahle William S. Burroughs novel.


I Guardian Angel Sara l’aretsky (llamish llaritiltott ) The seventh (aitd last. for the time heing'.’) instalment iii the V. l. Warsliawski series. guaranteed to be hugely popular despite tltc distinctly duff recent filiit version.



I Breaking the Ice A major festival ofall things lcelartdic. from art tocuisine. brings sottte cool air to(ilasgow‘s

I Twelfth Night and Macbeth Second visit of the year for the tinglish Sltakespeare ('ontpany . this time to the main-stage

space of ( ilasgow 's theatre Royal. MUSIC

I Diana ROSS ( Kill Itcl' .Ulvv Ross atiLIshc just might agree not to throw away her fittest songs in a rushed medley. \Vctl III. Sli(‘(‘.

I Erasure Sltow iitansltip‘.’ l luntmable ttines'.’ Itlllls aitd nipple-rev ealiiig bodysuits'.’ You got em. Mon 2‘)

June» Sun 5 July (except 'l'ltursl).

I’Iiiy house.


I Paula Rego: Nursery Rhymes A timely opportunity to see the works of this bizarre priittiitaker at ls'ely iitgrove she ittakeslack attd Jill look like something otit of Roald I)ahl.


I European Soccer Championships I-‘or the first time ey er. Scotland grace the final stages whilst. amongst others. ltaly watclt the action itt Sweden at ltotite on 'l’\'. But ltow are the l'SSR going to field a team? \‘i'cd Ill I’t‘i 3ft.


I Curriculum Vitae Muriel Spark (Constable) long-awaited autobiography front one of lidiitbuigh's most popular aitd acelainted daughters.

I An Evil Cradling Brian ls'eeitatt (Hutchinson) Moving and harrowing account of captiy ity by the lirst of'thc Western hostages released last year.

I JFK— Life and Death at an American President You've seen the film. now read the book Volume I of the ‘defiititiye' Kennedy biog. w lticlt promises revelations about his ‘extraordinary' youthful sexual exploits. alongside lotsof scholarly analysis. of cotirse.


I Batman Returns Iilii Burton again delves ittto the shadows of ( iotham ( 'ity

MARCH: Pierre brings budget-conscious French cuisine to Glasgow