I 15 Premier League's Opening Saturday I The City Art Centre The possible ( the With. as we consult our crystal ball. ('OUDC” MC Still C(mls‘rfiltg) OPL‘ning Of Hearts defending their title. one of Edinburgh‘s main art venues.

I The Olympic Games On 5 August. brilliantly refurbished. with two extra

hopefully. finally. Tom McKcan will floors ofgallery space. lecture roomsand contest a major event's final in the 800m. at new cafe. i lf he can make it that far. he hascvery I TDK Round Midnight Jail FBSlival ! chance ofwinning Scotland's first goldof Anotherinternational line-up ispromised i the games. A much more definite for this well-established event at the

certainty is Liz Mc('olgan in the lt).t)t)()m Queen's l la”. 3] Aug—4 Sept.

2 " t 2 on 7 August who will stroll to victory'if

' '1' l South Africa remain banned and will

i *1 I -' probably only be pressed a little harder if

' AUGUST: Mel‘s back in Lethal Weapon Ill t they are not. 31 Jul—9 Aug. Barcelona. E


with the liirther adv eiitiires ol millionaire

: Phil“) “WW\V4I>'1s‘\\itlililntc . IEdinburghlnternational Festival'i‘aking l alter-ego. \o Nichnlwll. but “Cdt’hiiw L over everyinchofthe capital.together I! diminutive. Danny l)e\'itoae'1‘he with the fringe and mm {Cmmlxthis IJesus .»\..\'. Wilson (Sinclair Penguin and the purrlect Michelle year's Festival is the first to be steeredby Stevenson) l’triiClICiill} guaranteed 101101 \ l’teii le r as ( atw onian. : Brian McMaster who is promising major 5‘02"“ Cimcril'ng "0m “‘9 Cfmf” "1C m0” N ( retrospectivesofScottish-born right-wing clergy. a portrait of the

theorist Harley Granville Barker. lo

i E PliIVWright ('.l’. Taylor and turn-of- Messiah as man rather than myth. i the-century director. dramatist. actorand

TH E E i Aug-5 Sept. I Alter-Ego/Sell-Portrait :l'wenty big l I Streetbiz Free entertainment for names. including June ( arey . Joseph : I Traverse moves Scotland‘s traditional (ilasgow shoppers to save the fare Dzn'is‘. l’ctcr l lo“ son and Adrian home oi new writing closesa chapter in its i through to Edinburgh. Buskers. jugglers Wistticwski take a look at their mm lair history as it niov es from the atmospheric. ? and sliowpeople from the worldover. imEIgCS- but cramped quarters in the ( irassmarket l I The Guicl Sisters The 'l'ron Theatre's to the all-new basement facilitiesbeneath highly-successful Glaswegian the office block nest door to the l'sher f interpretation of Michci 'I'rcmbimnsplm lldll- is revived for a tourthat should take itto Yonkers.liill1l0ltlC(llltH'SSllierCll Edinburgh‘(ilasg()“'and SiontrcuL tip their Beattie puns as Maureen l.ipman M stars in \eil Simon's award-winningplay 2 I Columbus Ridley' Scott brings the lil’eol from lWl at the 'l‘heatre Royal. l I Glasgow [Memational Jazz Festival the so-called ‘discoverer of America' to (ilasgow 3 Exp“! [he usualStarlinvup‘whilc Carla the big screenon the Slltlthanniversaryol Bicywil makcmc mostimrigumg hishisloric voyage. (ierard l')epardieu i incumbent 0th (‘Ompmcplw hoists the mainsail while :\l‘lellCil l luston : Resident.C Sknfiflan ThurS 3_Sm 1 1. takestothe throne as Queen Isabella. l I Edinburgh International Jazz Festival A E IThe Open atMuirtield laii Baker-Finch ; new accent on youth toleaven the major will be deleiidiiig his title at the links I names from the traditional side ofthe I "is" 39350" (ilil-‘E"““~‘IIT”” Tth l course w hilsi Scotland's Sandy is music. plus a reprise ofthe hugely hi“ bccn CXlelng lhc drum” “WW ,‘ liiially returning to form after four years ; successful Jazz. ()n A Summer's Dav Emmi!“ NC Md (“0th it Pitt‘kittls‘t’l in the doldriinis. From 'l‘hurs lo. ' event in Princes Street (iardens. Fri 7*Sat thC bC-‘l Plul‘hm'cr “‘0 “0“ l““”""”‘“-‘- ART 1 '-~ MUSIC : IJohn Bellany()neol Scotland‘sitiost MAY:Isi"he end onheline 'o'sam .Cllll Richard “is (‘llffness litistakento admire-ii mine-m mrai‘x artists» catch him - announcing his concert dates a fullvear ' .it ls'elv iiigroy e. i ' Pan‘s" immune? ahead. ()bviously. he's had reassurance l from above that he‘ll still be here then. I 'l'hursZ9—Sat31.Sli(‘(‘. FILM NOVEMBER

I Lethal weapon 3 Same dll'e'e‘ltii‘. same stats. same ideas. Richard Donner directs \lel ( iibsoii lllie oli-so-w acky madcap one l and Danny (ilovei' ( the. long-stilleiing. family-losingoiiel through a series ol y ioleiit . but liiiiiioiiious adventures.


I Tom Jones Knickers and liankics at the ready 3 Mon 2. Sl:( '( I


I RAC Rally With the same loriiitila aslast year. the rally will be blasting through Scotland for a couple of seconds beloie returning to the soft roadsot lzngland. Sat ZZ—Thurs 2t».


I Royal NationalTheatre .\‘o iirmtieiails G L A s G o w

as yet. but the .\"l' is peneilled iii loi alevs

days at (ilasgow‘s'l‘ron 'l'lieatre. ° . ' IServantolTwo Mastersooldonis 1” I V’ “(1,10,)”, ever-popular high-speed larce is brought

to (ilasgow's'l‘hcatre Royal by ('onipass ’A z 2



SUMM” "The largest, most


IEuropean CounciISummit‘i‘het'K‘s diverse festive, of its half-year Presidency of the litiropean . . ,, (‘ouncilol .‘vlinisterswiiidsiipin klnd In the U -

Iidinburgli for the litiropean('ouiieil Summit and. with any luck. .loliii l)rummond w ill put some of the to

million he has at his disposal as l )Irccltir ; of the l‘urOPL‘an Arts Festival inour —_-_—_ direction at the same time.

The List 17— 3(lJanuary 1992 9


MARCH: Dizzy (pre-Vic Reeveslame)