I CODA is a fast-growing i

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QMU-based music organisation which has been taking its first tentative steps in the last few months, and can now offer its members discounts at some record and music shops in Glasgow (and Pet Sounds recording studio) as well as providing young bands g with access to equipment ' and other musicians. The group has more plans. i including promotion and ! PR, in the pipeline. and now that it‘s semi- established in Glasgow intends to expand from

The Australian Doors ‘Jiiim, Jiiim!’ Her hands are stretched started three years ago. ‘The wild campus to campus. ; towards the stage, tears streaming Iilestyle is hall the myth.’

Currently, one can join at a meeting point in Queen Margaret Union on Tuesdays, 12—2pm. with

down a lace screwed up with anguish. ‘Jim is actually called Biggles and The comlorting arm oi her companion, he's lrom Guildlord in England. He was who understands completely, is blindly travelling the world when he saw the

two passport photos, j ignored as shereaches lurther and ad. When he sang the two audition (Also, once they‘ve sorted I cries again: ‘Jiiiml‘ songs staring in a trance straight out the details, there will As with Abba, lirst came the ahead, we knew we’d lound the right bea Placgpvertgc legendary band—The Doors-then the Jim.’ counyar rom ct movie and, as winter surely moves into In Australia, the band plays tour or 53:215':£:'fyou ca" spring, we are now blessed with the live gigs a week to up to 2300 people. Ly“ Jam}, you." be Australian look-alike band. But where ‘There are so many youngsters that are watching BBC Swim (1.5 Abba Impersonators Bjorn Again were into this sound,‘ continues Potato. Timon Bumy Mghe m a knowing camp joke, The Australian They know all the Doors songs, so we which a bunch ofartists Doors are serious stull. Deadly can play the rarer songs. We don’t have including Deacon Blue. serious. to do all the hits.’ Hue & Cry. Michael . The man onstage looks not unlike Jim Looking around, though, one sees a gage Gda‘E'gf'aflfaM'kc Nlorrisonand he certainly sounds like lew thinning hairstyles which prove sin" {3; own'rcrfgiticgns Jim Morrison, so to an audience riding there are still original lans who can’t

g j _ _ high on alcohol and atmosphere, who’s tor et. So ilthe band is not car in the of Burns songs. 9 N 9 may we" be keen Way to say he’s not? But when the stage is same drug-crazed message as the your hands on one Ora constantly invaded by people yearning original Doors, The Australian Doors limited edition oiT-shirts to kiss and dance with their idol, it’s not does have a message tor its audience. that was printed up forthe surprising that the band is quick to ‘The music is really lush. We just crew and production distance itsell lrom the excesses oi its want to help everybody lush out.‘ team. The shirts feature audience. (Richard Griffiths) nine re roductlonsof . - Bumsgoman a“- m We are a sound-alike not a The Australian Doors play King Tut’s, different colour's‘ in a look-alike band,' explains Potato, the Glasgow on Sat 25 and The Venue, rough approximation of band s lighting manager, who has . Edinburgh on Mon 27. the way Andy Warhol worked lull-time with the band since it

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Norwegian tour soon. ' and' law" Bob w'lbur' i ' , ,

Serious applicants onlyto More recently, he has been i gu1de t0 the Tramway S

call 041 423 7837. associated with that great home at i celebration Of tthe best mainstream jazz, Concord Records. . . , Apartirom cutting a numberol records new SCOttlsh rOOtS mus'c ° under his own name, he has toured as a Glasgow's Tramway opens up the member at various Concord All-Stars New Year with a week-long blast of balms. Playing Willi a new generation what their programme calls ‘the best ; of players dedicated to the mainstream new Scottish roots music.‘ 'l‘hat

I Saldllorence. bright hopes from Bellshill. signed a deal with Epic at a party held in Bruce Findlay‘s house the night before Christmas Eve. As calculated as the Yuletide

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the 605‘ “sending the now, but his latest visit to Scotland rhythmic charge which led critic Ira Polkas). but no one is complaining.

whole band do“ ‘0 takes him to Glasgow instead and Gitler to observe that the pianist ‘is his as the range and quality of the groups

I‘m-"1:" aTQR‘fmnfiTcT, continues the Glasgow Society oi own rhythm section.’ His solo sessions and soloists amounts to a festival of

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just for putting some music at excellent but olten overlooked equally at home Wllh a band, where he with traditional and national

signatures on a contract. mainstream jazzmen to the city. pays the same scrupulous attention to overtones, perhaps, though, the

We‘re having a party McKenna began playing early and nuances ol sound and beauty oi performers are united in disetimttirt Lajway“ the former was already performing with pickup delivery. (Kenny Mathieson) at the shoresighted description 0!

28 - 30 January 1392