GABARET ! mama-

Cabaret is listed by date. then by city. Shows will be listed. provided that details reach out otlices at least ten days belore publication. Cabaret Listings compiled by Marlt Fisher.

FRIDAY 17 Edinburgh

I Theatre Sports Bedlam 'l‘healre. l-‘orrest Road. lllpm. £1 l5llp). ladinhutgh University Theatre (‘ompany 's popular itnprovisation teatn returtts lot tnore free-form fun.

SATURDAY 18 Glasgow

I The Comic Club Blackfriars. 45 Albion Street. Merchant ('ity . 552 5934. 9pm. £4.5ll(£3.5lll. (ilasgow 's hotne ofcomedy brightens up your weekend witlt another dose of local stand-up.

,. ~ I Fred MacAula I Fools Paradise ()ld Athenaeum Theatre. 17‘) Buchanan Street. 332 2353. 10.30pm. £5.50 (£3.50). 'l‘htrd home fora comedy cluh which has earned a terrific reputation since starting three year‘sago inSheffield (‘laimingonly tohooktlte hcst. l‘ools l’aradisc opens upa two-month season with an all-Scottish hill l competed by ex-Mcrry .\lac.les Benstock. who'll he throwing in snatches ofhis

patter. panto and karaoke hetween acts. Headliner is the dry and laconic Arnold Brown w ho is ahly supported by haldy-hastard l‘red .\tac.-\ulay . Sec feature.


I Rico's Comedy Church 'l‘ohago Street. (Li-'5 h5"ll5. £2.5ll. New .‘tllll-scalet caharet slot. running tor an initial twomonths. promising three quality eonues e\ct‘_\ week. l’arrot is local-hoy . organiserand eompere attd he‘s aiming to come tip w ith tilteen minutesol new matertaleyery Sunday llis guests tonight ate tank-poet (iill Peacock w itlt her acerluecomments on life. and the very funny .gental ex-accountant. l-‘red Mae-\ulay . See feature.

FRIDAY 24 Edinburgh

I Cabaret Club Young's l lotel. 12 14 Leamington Terrace. details 343 38%. 9pm. £3 (£2 l. (iordon .\'eish introducesa mixed line-up of local comedy hopefuls iii the first of the tw ice-weekly caharetsol the year.

I Theatre Sports Bedlam Theatre. l-‘orrest Road. lllpm. £1 (5llp). See Fri 17.

l Street. Merchant City. 552



I The Comic Club Blacklrtars. 45 .-\lhion

5924. 9pm. £4.5ll(£3.5(l). Local comedians share their wit and wisdom for another night of laughs.

I Fools Paradise ()ld Athencuem Theatre. l7‘) Buchanan Street. 332 3333. 10.30pm. £5.5(l(£3.5ll). A challengeto heeklers is issued this w'eeek. asJeff (ircen exercises his observational

comedy. Lee (‘ornes aspires to being a

modern-day Marty l-‘eldman and Kevin

. Seisay .strums through hisoff-lhc-wall songs. Jes Benstock is ringmasteronce again. See feature.



I Rico's Comedy Church 'l'ohago Street.

U475 S37ll5. £2.5(l. Parrot welcomes London-circuit regulars Lee Comes.

; whose numerous TV credits stretch toa teacher on (image Hill. and Jeff(irecn.a

charmer with sortie very funny

ohserv ations up his sleeve. See feature.

; THURSDAY 30 ~ Edinburgh

I Comedy Club Bannerman's Bar. 55 Niddry Street. 556 3254. 9pm. Free. (iordon .\'eis'h isyour compere for a night of local comedy attd entertainment. 0an

micopportunttiesforfirst-timers. I Transporter Room Upstairs at the ; Meadow Bar.4llBttccleuchStreet.

lllpm- latn. Weeklyentertainment slot.


Dance performances and classes are listed by city. than alphabetically by venue. Shows will be listed. provided that details reach our otlices at least ten days betore publication. Dance Listings compiled by Mark Fisher.


I NEW MOVES THEATRE 'l‘he ('entre for (’ontemporary Arts. 346—354 Sauchiehall Street. 227 551 1.

Men Solo: Paul Ribiero and Nigel Charnoclt 'l'hurs 33—Sat 25 Jan. 7.30pm. £(i(£3l. The old 'l‘ltird liye (‘entre is reactivated under a new name as this year's New Moves lesliy al of new dance gets under way. This lit‘st in a series of three programmesol male dance solos features Paulo Rihiero lrom Portugal. specialising in 'inspired say aget'y '. and Nigel (‘harnoek a tounder ol l)\'t\‘e\ploring loneliness and Ittst. See prey iew_

Men Solo: Iztolt Kovac and Russell Maliphant ‘l‘hurs .‘tillan—Sat l l-‘eh. 7.3llPln. £(tli3). ‘l lus week's helping ol ntale dance solos comes from Yugoslay la‘s athletic. witty and radiant l/tok Kovac and Britain's Rttssell Maliphant. noted for his control and sensitivity. See preview.


I DANCE BASE Assemth Rooms. 54 (ieorge Street. 2204348.

Mime. Mask and Movement Course Sat ls Jan. l lam 4pm. £(t(£3). Sean Curran. a Lecoq trained actor and director. leads this general level class which introduces movement preparation. physical and vocal release. rhythtn. tinting and character. llc'll also be looking at the effectsot the ‘neutral tnask‘.

Touch Base Sat Z‘Han. 9.15pm. An exciting new company called Saors'a. formed in the Highlands. presents a new programme of performance directed by John llasw'ell with script by John Harvey and music by David ('hristopher. Taking to the stage are (‘hristine Devaney . Frank Mc( 'onnell and Caroline Rae.


“"1 illillllllls I

“a CY COLEMAN - “it lllCi‘Afl STEWART t '“lltllfit3F.1l.‘.E'.tT

_ (($494?!

6‘ _ 994? o' S” 4’;

“The stage is filled with dancing singers, marching bands, people hanging upside down, bouncingofrom a trampoline, juggling and whizztng through acrobatic routines"

The Guardian

“A display of dazzling staroquality . .. only a standing ovation Will do” WEvening Standard.

“Roll up Roll up! Barnum is a brainstormer - the liveliest, most colourful and certainly the most energetic show to hit town" Birmingham Eve Mai/

Concessions and Group Rates available ° CREDIT CARD BOOKINGS TELEPHONE 031-557 2590 GROUP BOOKINGS TELEPHONE 031-557 0560

i’ootal applications will! 3.0 TICKETS FROM £8

m 39553332 13.22 GREENSIOE sauce mm To £1 7,50 2 ' EDINBURGH CHECK Box AYHOUS °”""-°"*'~‘«‘-‘3‘=~"~t¥i&"‘"'“ °”’°”°" Mink/v1“ unicorn. DETAILS





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