The best of the rest of the TV viewlng overthe holiday period. For movie details see previous page.


I Roseanne (Channel 4) (>—(i.3tlpm. The ("tumors hay c trouble with the IRS. so Roseanne and Dan decide to take the opportunity to giy e the kids a crash course in accountancy.

I Caught In The Act ( BM '1 ).’.3ll—‘)pm. Shane Richie introduces tfie )‘uu'i't' liven l-rumi't/ imitator featuring assorted shelf-suited nalfoids hoping tlteir wacky y'ideo Clips yy ill yy in them a prize. ('heap and relentlessly cheerful TV that used to be beneath the BBC.

I Ouizbowl t ( ‘hannel 4i 8.3tl-‘lpm. Will Buckley hosts the wacky sports quiz with teams from [he .Veir's ()f'l‘lii' War/(land 'I'm/uy' competing for a place in the quarter-finals.

I Victoria Wood As Seen On TV ( B B(‘2) t)~—‘)_,itlpni. .-\ yyeleotne repeat showing for the comedy series from l‘)85.featuring sketches. songs and the ctilt soapxtcom .‘III!I(/ll(’\.

I Cheers it ~hanriel 4 l 9 0.30pm. Boston (‘eltics star Key in .\fcl Iale gticstsas himself . obsessed yy ith finding the answer toone of t‘liff's tiiyiaquestioiis.

I The Good Guys (st-urtish ) 9— Itlpm. Tsich timers and Keith Barron star asunlik'ely' heroes sharing a (‘liristian name. unemployment and a flat in Richmond. pltis a penchant for getting intoserious trouble.

I The Washington Version: Response (813(3) 9.3“ ltl..‘~tlpni. The second part of the ( iult \Vai documentary closely follows 1.8 deliberations before using force against an Iraqi tanker. \Irs'l'hateher

ady ised by telephone ‘I)on‘t goyy'obbly' (ieorge'. l‘nbelieyahle isn‘t it'.’

I Love Hurts i titit‘i two— iti.3iipm. Third part of the Marks and (iran comedy drama with 'I‘essa ( Xoe Wanamaker) still sensibly rejecting I‘rank‘s ( Adam I’aith) romantic oyertures.

I The Very Bits Of Absolutely ((‘hannef 4) Ill..‘~t|- l l.(l5pni. A compilation of highlights from the last series starring I’ete Baikie. .\Ior\senna Banks. .Iack' Docherty. .‘yforay llunter'. (ioi'don Kennedy and Joint Spar kes

I Rock The Box: The Rocky Horror Picture ShOth’hanneI-ll IJHF lfillamfl’he endear ineg daft spoof of science-fiction. horror and rock genres that became a huge cult hit. hurt in ry starsas the triad transyestite doctor yyhocrcates theperfect male Suppoi 1 comes from the lils'esol Barry Hostys ick. Susan Sarandon and Meatloaf. Stockings and eye-liiieraren't

compulsory btit are encouraged



IGrandstandi Btit‘t i 12.15 Stifipin. l-cattiiing liyc coy crage of the(‘aleutta (‘iip rugby international from Murray field \yith Izngland looking to repeat tlteir comfortable \\ orld ( 'tip yietory oycr Scotland l l'uri'rt' fired [ti/l.

I Right To Reply i ( 'hanncl 4 i nan 7pm. Sheena \fcl )oiiald hosts anotliei set of

y rcyseis' complaints and ideas. and offers tfierti a chance to tackle the pitigraiiiiiie-riiakers.

I The Washington Version: Wart Rm ‘2)

some List 17-. 3tllanuar-y i993“

ts’. Ill—9pm. The three-part inside y'ieyy on the Americans part in the (itilf\\'ar concludes with the final run-in to yy ar and the American embarrassment at Soy iet and French peace plans.

I Dirk Bogarde: By Mysell ((‘hannel 4 i

9— ltlpm. In the second of the intery ieyy programtnes. the actor talks about British cinema and directors and his most recent work in Iiurope. haying returned toacting after a tyy'ely'e-y'ear hiatus. IBrazil(BB(‘2i 9.5tlpni- IZ.ll5;iiii. 'I‘erry (‘iilliam's nightmarish futuristic fantasy has become recognised as something of a classic. Jonathan I’ry ce play s a neurotic ciy'il sery'ant ys hose daydreams becoriie grim reality. A fine supporting cast includes Robert De Niro. Katherine llelmond. Ian llolm. Michael l’alin. Bob lioskins and Ian Richardson.

I Aspel And Company ( Scottishl

lll.2lf—l l.t)5pm. A neyy seriesol anodyne chat from the ersat/ \Vogan. opening \s itli guests('atherine Zeta Jones and Alice Cooper (presumably not the neys man in her life).

IVictim ((‘hannel 4) fit l 1.55pm. Dirk Bogarde stars asa gay barrister risking his career and reputation to track do\y n blackmailers preying on homocesuals, Well ahead of its time( WM l.

I La Cage Aux Folles ll tt'hannel H 13.35 I. liam Sequel to the classrcgay comedy \yith Reiiato ( l 'go'l ogna/zri beliey trig lte ts too old to lie .isttcccssfttl female impersonator and becoming embroiled in a spy ring yy lien his partner tries toproy eotlierysise.‘


IScottish Lobbyitstit‘ji Norm 1: trip," The first Westminster -based piogiarnme dealing yyith Scottish issues. presented by parliamentary editor .lohn foster

I Scotsport: Tennent's Sixes i Scottish) 3.05- 5. l5pm. The first session of the

annual sis-a-side tournament from


(ilasgoyy 's SI:( (2 (irotip ( )ne matches include Celtic. Dundee l 'nited. f-alk'irk. I’artick 'I'histle and St .Ioltrtstone. the tournament continues Itttltttt‘t‘oys.

I Scottish Eye (Channel 4).; 5.30pm. The inyestigatiye series looks at the rapidly e\panding deer population and the problems this poses for eonser yatioiiists. in particular those fighting topresei ye

\s fiat remains of the (‘aledonian forest.

I Visions Of Sport i( ~hannel «I i .\‘ 9.30pm. (ilenda .lackson narrates a teley ision anthology tracing the links betyyeen art and sport. from prehistoi iccaye-paintings to the lit-tech modern day. ITryingTimesrtiBt‘lrxSS vlfipmjl'his yy eek‘s episode of the offbeat American comedy import stars let I (iarr as iilted art historian Robiii Stone. picking trptlie piecesof her life and taktltgdt'iy in}: lessons.

IATimeTooanceititit'lNIH lflpm. the second part of the .\fe|\ y n Bragg adaptation starring Ronald l’rckup asa retired bank manager embarking on a tempestuotis on e affair \y itli a headstrong eighteen-year-old girl tl)ciy fa ls'iryyani

I Screen Two: The Grass Arena t BM ‘3) Illllfi fl..‘~5pm. .-\ nets seasoiiof promising film drama opens \yithtiilhcs Mackinnon's adaptation of the hatroyying autobiography of John Ilealy . a ho\trtg champion \s ho falls into ‘fhc grass arena' yyorld of y agrant alcoholics stii'y l\ irig by begging. In prison he diseoy cis an ay entrc of escape by yyay of his astoundingtalent for chess. Mark Ry larice plays I lealy See pI'L‘\ IL‘\\_ .

I Accident t ( 'liariiiel ~1i lllpm riirdnight. .Xttotltct in the liogarde season. this reunites the actor yyith director .loseph loseon //ie.\r'rifur/tame liogar'de plays a married ( )\foid don suffering a mid-life crisis \s hen he falls in loyc yy itli undergraduate Jacqueline Sai‘iai'd

I The South Bank Show l seoiiishi HIS“ ll Sllpm .\felyyn Bragg presentsa

portrait of classical trumpet player I Iakan l lai'denberge r.

IYellow Earth ((hanneH)

Midnight l.-lllam. :\ remarkable first feature frorii (‘hinese director ('hen Kaige. examining the life and cultural attitudes in a remote Northern ( ‘hinese yillage in WT“). obliyioustotheonsetof

yy ar yy ith .lapari.


I Open To Question i tint ‘3 i 7.tiS 7.4ripm. .-\n audience of young people question comic actor Robbie ('oltraiie about his career. ambitions and \y lictlier Iimma 'I'hompson is as snotty as she looks.

I Desmonds t ( 'hannel 4 ) R..‘\tl-()piii. Desmond and Shirley decide togiy‘e Michael a crash course in his roots.

I Canan Nan Gaidheil (Scottish l t) fllpnt. (iaelic unacconipaiiied song featuring four leading female singers. yy itli original animation combined yy itli their filmed performances.

I The Falklands War: In Peril On The Sea ((‘hannef 4 l ‘) lllpiii. "the second programme in the four-part yyar history - l'olloyy s the search for a peaceful solution and tells the story of the sinking of the lie/gram; yy hich tended to rule otit any chance of one.

I Goodbye Cruel World t BM ‘3 i r) ltlpm. Sue Johnston and :\ltlll Armstrong star in the final part of the drama serial about a woman yy itli a terminal disease. While she continues her decline. her husband

iny estigates suspicious dealings in the charity the couple hay e founded.

I thirtysomething ((‘hannel it

fit Ill.55prii. The gels get a bit miffed

yy hen all the lads organise a bachelor party for Billy's stag night. sothey plantheir oyyn yet'sion.

I The Pall Bearer's Revue t 1313(3)

lll 10.30pm. (iet‘ry Sadoyyit/ continues the mixture of magic and dtibiotis taste that hasn't quite gelled.

I The Scotsman Debate: A Time To Choose (BBCI l 1”. ill flpm. Kirst \Vai‘k presents a report on the Scottish constitutional debate taking place at the l'sher I fall in lidiiibur'gh.

I Global Image: The Stranger In our Midst ((‘hanneHi llfSFpm 12.55am. 'I‘he feature-length documentary series continues ys ith an eyamination ofthe plight of the refugee ysoi‘ldyyide. The official figure is around I-I million. btit the truth closer to 3ft million. still treated with little compassion.


IEiItontScottislilb .1“ “pm 'I he religiousser res that looks at moral and ethical issues. presented by Don I .indsay. .\l.iri.i .\Iacf)oniie|l and Simon Iliagi.

I Gamesmastem'tiannel No.3“ “pm, l)onirnik Diamond presents the lryely and original shoyy deyoted tocoriiptiterand arcade games lonrght .-\nnabel ( ‘i'oft takes on a young challenger at coriiptiter tennis. Sire suier can’t be any ysorse than she is at the real game

I Without Walls: For Love 0r Money ((‘hanncI-ll‘l lllpm lhequriky artarid antiques collecting shoyy continues yy ith \Vendy (‘iaig play ing \ aleire. an agony aunt yy ho ady rses her readers on the appeal of romance to the collector ( )ther reports coy ci' art connoisseur Roberto Polo and the history of portrait painting. I Spendertlilit‘t l‘)..‘so llllfipm. Jimmy .\'ail \y rites and stars in another don't-miss adyenture for the may erick ( ieordie cop. seeking to bust a particularly y illainous I drug dealer.

I40 Minutes: Wild Menttmt‘li

05H Ill,.‘\llpiii. 135 regular .'\lifel'le;tli guys gather at a 'I’e\as ranch to discover the

yy ild man deep yy ithrn them. This is

aehiey ed by undergoing traumatic initiation rites. drumming and camp-fire confessions. 4/! .llmuti'y folloyys four men on their journey of personaldiscoyery.