to the nearest operating resort at no extra cost if the intended one has no SHOW.

Accommodation and hire

Hotel accommodation for room and breakfast costs l80F—825F per person per night. dependingon time ofyear and the hotel itself. Self-catering apartments with storage place for ski equipment also

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Days on the ski slopes and f late-night horror movles vary in price. depending on size and make a strange . , a 4 _ affirm . d . .I H ' . . I . -v ,. , " j V‘ "’ ' . z .‘ ’1 ire orsix aysisavai it) eat a fimbindtlgn' Alan b th ' ~ . i numberofshops and costs roughly OfI'lSOfl ISCOVCI‘S O

. i a; ' -' 38(lF—48()F for skisand 215F—285F tprS Of amidst the it ,7 . _ l . for boots. Daily hire also available. Alpine scenery Of A“, I ' 0. ~ ~ ( inema tickets are priced at 45F

each or 950F for the entire festival.

AVOI‘IaZ. 'Mm , Further information and more t ~ detailed pricing structures are . . this is Wh." h" “he Week it Yet" it January when the monsters come to available from the Avoriaz Office du

If the “0595‘ 30” .VC mmc to mm" m becomes a second home for Caligari town Cértajnlv provides a unique 'I‘ourisme (010 33 50740211). the snow '5 Shivering at the from“ “he Nt’Stethte type-‘3 SheW‘Peeked skiing experience. After a hard day Exchange rate at time ofwriting was te‘tttttef "meek N‘Chols‘m “1 the end streets are out of bounds to cars. and on the pislc‘ I tried to catch up by 9,5F; £1, 0f Tl“: ‘Shlmn‘g‘ the“ prep“? m exeePt h" the Odd Shew'ettt~ the spending most of the next day in'the “men?” “to.” Shed)“ at “’5‘ "“”d' } horse-drawn sleigh is the Preferred cinema five films in a row. finishing Because “this IS the mlddlc 0t mOde t’ttmhsport. with the recent remake ofNig/ztof January." imd the crisp Show under the Skhhg t5 beet Shited it" these ttt the Living Dead. As I shuffled home. - your skis is that ofthe pistes around intermediate level. The 24 ranges avoiding the icy patches with caII’HQOI’m Awful?“ then that guxv With the and twelve Valleys et’Ver hwkm 0t stiff-legged gait. l‘m sure 1 was a I Travel Bus or train to Aviemore; Sinpy Jumper unqkmvcs for . “the thteteehheeted h)’ 260 hits and more believable zombie than any of A9 by car. fingernails Slamming down behind eeVet meet 0f the AVt’rteZ/Pettes d" the ones that had just graced the I Full area day pass £14.50 (Jan yim mum we” be Freddy KrUgcr Sette' ttrea- A Variety t’tgteeh‘ hhte screen. F weekend and all after 1 Feb): £1 1.50 himselff _ v and red “m5 take in mt’gUtS‘ Wide Thanks to Teresa Judd ()flthpress until 1 Feb.

Amnaz‘ pchth 1890"] “bow 5.” deseehts thte the "alleys belt” and and Sandrine Gauthier at A Farm: I Facilities Scotland‘s biggest resort. level on the French/Sw'iss border. is

. . g Seehte tripS thmugh the teeth fete5t5- Tourist Centre. which can be very busy at peak umquc among EurOPwn-Shl rcwn‘s' For the expert there is 1‘ Pttrttehthrty times. Seventeen lifts'when fullv in N-m only was it hum Spccmcany as a popumr blaCk run that takes you operation. Ml run has been w'mcr Sp0"S centre a mere 25 years over the border from France into H t t extended {or [his season and new ago. but each year it plays host to one Switzerland (no. passports aren‘t 0W 0 98 ere lows are planned

of France‘s largest film festivals. '

_ _ . needed) and. in the name of Flights to (ieneva (80km from . Funher info 0479 86126]. White the AVOTt'dZ teSttV'dt the)" net ' research‘ I was all for giving it a go Avoriaz) from (ilasgow cost (on I snow "omne 0898 654655 he Ptttttehhttly We” knew“ to the , , , ifir hadn‘t been for that near average) £169 for seven nights; for i ' i ' general PUhhe this Side Of the vertical drop at the beginning. The those under-2t). (‘ampus Travel Glencoe Chtthheh th the eyes Of the Fteheh tt nursery slopes are small, but rarelv recommend flying from London for I Travel Bus. or [rain to F0” comes Second only to Canncs' busy afid have [he added advantage £107. It‘s best 10 check with travel William [hén bus. to Glcncoc. A82 SPCCiaItSing infilms étranges and of being close [0 the town centre, In agents about arrangements for by ca; t filmsfantastiques horror. science fact. one of the best things about transporting your own ski puns,“ day pass £10011 1 50 heth)" hhdthe generally wettd‘ t" Avoriazisthat it is possible toski equipment. (‘oaches catering for S.n/Sun) u ye” find me i the Festival this Yet” right through the town, stop for a skiers leave the central bus depot in .‘ Facimies New access double httS "5 tWehtteth tthh‘VetStttY Over I drink and continue on right to your Geneva about four times a day. and Chaim“ Opened Dcc 1990 has made the years. many hex Othee and i apartment door. the trip to Avoriaz (about £ 18 thc runs more accessible. New “them successes have h'pped 0” There are plenty ofother ways of return) lasts approx l'./:hr. cafe/{OHM building planned. Six tows with the Grand Prix Carrie-The : enjoying the snow and scenery if you Campus Travel also offer a set of in Operation. Elephant Man and The Terminator— ; need a break from those pummel wmpctitiwly priced holidays in I Funhe' ""008552 303 having “'0” the Vetes etlttdges turns, I was more at home with the France. Austria. Switzerland and I snow homne ($98 654658 including Alan Parker. Robert De i Swimming pool. gym and sauna. but Andorra. arranged through . ' Ni“) and Steven Spielberg for [he more adventurous 'l‘opdeck. Travel is by air. coach. News Range My hm V'ewetAVetteZ “'33 parachuting. hang-gliding and train or self-drive. the cheapest .Travel Bus ortmin to For! hterhh." htet‘ththkthg- Cenheaed t0 bungi-jumping (diving offa 1()()ft coming in at £99 from London to William the") bus to Nevis Range. the real world only by a highvcmnc. held on only by a piece of France. A major advantage of the A82 6). C‘ar. snow-covered. winding road and a elastic around [he ginklesfseemed to 'I‘opdeck holidays is that. as well as . F0" 3,“ day pass £14 50 (Jan weekend Single cable Ce“ "5 “'00an “Oder” I be the things to do. Because it is so gum] gmth reductiOHS~ they cater and all after 1 Feb); £1 11.50 until 1 Feb. baroque apurtmemS and Midweek self-contained. the Avoriaz buzz for Singles. and although shared I Facilities Now in its third season. l out at bizarre angles from a subllmc stays around well into the earlv accommodation can be arranged. boasts a new two-lane access road. 1 AtP'he lehdsehpe' rhe “'hete Place hours. ' there is no supplement for a single Two new tows. including a 3 seems t0 hfitveheehgl‘eh Seme 50“ The season really gets underway room. Also. under a special beginners‘ button tow. make nine in ; 9t EXPTeSStOh'St t“"5t~ and maybe around February. but that week in insurance scheme. they will take you total, L

52 The List 17— 30January 1992