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64'l‘he List 17— 3(lJanuary' 1992


MacDiarmid. the centenary of whose birth is celebrated this year, was

voicing a widely-shared view when he

expressed his disgust at the sanitised, sentimentalised, over-formal occasions which many Burns Suppers have become today. It‘s more than likelythat the amorous. revolutionary ‘ploughman poet' would teel extremely out at place at many otthe gatherings

. held in his name. While tor many Scots . 25 January is simply a good excuse to

altogethermore serious business, complete with pipers, grace, speeches. toasts, replies and

get together and till up on haggis and

whisky (it excuse were needed), with a bit at poetry thrown in, lorthe 100,000 or so members of the Burn Clubs which 5 exist from Fiji to Fort Worth it‘s an

recitations, all delivered with po-taced .

j Rabbie, wadst thou wert here

solemnity, often by people whose only connection with Scotland is a mythical ‘Scotch‘ great-great-grannie lrom Auchtermuchty. All you really need tor 3 Burns Supper is plenty ol haggis, neeps and tatties, a group of hungry

3 triends, ample suppliesot whisky and a

collection at Burns“ work to read. A


more in keeping with the spirit of the

man than any amount ottartan-

swathed, hills-and-heather nostalgia. Haggis is made from sheep’s ‘pluck'

—the lungs, heart and liver, boiled i togethertor about three hours. The

meat is then minced and mixed with fat, oatmeal. onion, stock and spices before being stuffed into the casing at a sheep’s stomach.

Non-meat eaters needn't be lett out of the festivities MacSween's oi

Edinburgh have been making a vegetarian haggis tor the past six years, and it now accounts tor around 15 percent ottheirtotal sales. Made from oatmeal, kidney beans, lentils, nuts, mushrooms, carrots. turnip, onion, vegetable lat, vegetable stock, salt, pepper and spices, it’s encased in i a plastic skin. i

Haggis istraditionally boiled, but this } can often cause the skin to split, with unpleasantly soggy results. According to Charles MacSween, the best method is to wrap the haggis in toil and place it in a casserole or roasting dish with about an inch of water, then cook in a moderate oven tor about halt an hour per pound. Serve with champit tatties and bashed neeps (mashed potatoes and turnips), washed down with whisky. (Sue Wilson)

Sic (runs 1'! glorm Seou’ue —— a' the l'loo’e rs 0' the Forest are wede awa’. (A hlin' bird's nest

lsaihlinshiggin' in the thistle tho"? . ..

And better hlin’ il“ts hrood is like the rest!)

You canna gang to a Burns supper even

\Vi’oot some wizened scrunt o‘ a knock-knee

(‘hinee turns roon to say. “l lim llaggis— velly' gootl”

And ten to wan the piper is a ('ockney.

.\'o' wan in titty kens a wurd Burns wrote

But misapplied is a'hody's property. And gin there was his like alive the day

'l‘hey'd he the last a kennin' haund to gi‘e

('roose London Scotties wi' their hraw shirt fronts

And a' their fancy t‘reen's. rejoicin' 'I‘hat similah gatherings in 'l'imhuetoo.

Bagdad -- and Hell. nae doot are voicin‘

Burns' sentiments o‘ universal love.

In pidgin English or in wild-fowl Scots.

And toastin' ane wha's nocht to them hut an Excuse for faitherin' (ienius wi’ their thoehts. A‘ they We to say was al‘ten said al'ore

A lad was horn in Kyle to hlaw ahoot.

What uneo l‘ate mak‘s him the dumpin’-grun‘ For a' the sloppy ruhhish they jaw oot‘.’

Mair nonsense has been uttered in his name 'l'han ony's harrin' liberty and Christ.

If this keeps spreedin’ as the drink declines. Syne turns to tea. wae's me for the Zeitgeist!

Rahhie. wad'st thou wert here the warld hath need.

And Scotland mair sae. o' the likes o’ thee! 'I‘he whisky that aince moved your lyre‘s heeome

A laxative for a' loquacity.

l’rom l lugh .\Iacl)iarmid's .-i Drunk .tltm Looks arr/re 'l'lu'sI/e. included in the anthology 'l'lie l-irher Book (if/NINA. /)I'III/\(‘I'\ and Drinking l'.d Simon Rae (l-‘aher and l’aher £15.09).

. I - \ "is . é. ' i :

\ '0‘?" (

,:;. ..\

.1: 47' I. .r

I Charles MacSween and Son to Bruntslield l’lace. lidinhurgh. 33‘) lilo. 'l'he undisputed king ol


haggis-makers. Using a family recipe

' i-amm.rglr.55n 7(r4.‘~.('omingin a

handed down since the turn of the century to produce all sizes up to Zillli. l’ull mail-order service.

I Crombie’s t)7 Broughlon Street.

strong second tor their own


traditional and vegetarian haggis rccipcs.

I Not The Burns Supper 'l’raverse 'l'heatre Bar. 1 12 West Bow. info 22‘)

4731) no] 5087. 7.30pm. £4 ( £2 at

door). A ‘(‘eilidh-('ome-All-Ye‘ evening ot‘caharet and music. organised by ('eneraslus magazine as part ol its MacDiarmid centenary celebrations. Guests include Sheena

. ~- (I . ~- I .* .3 .i - A - 5‘ . X f e -‘ / ~ .~'. :‘-’.5. l. R.“ J. ‘3» _ l i f\ v4, ‘1‘“ as" . ~ Mfr . ' . Y Z. ,I "If i if?! i i -. m... .. a. 12m : l I ‘c b" '

MacDonald as ‘l leid Bummer" and

lain(‘richtonSmithgivingthe . lmmoral Memory (sic). with music i from the Vladimir llych lflyanov (‘eilidh Band. I Companion to the Burns Supper l ('hamhers. £4.99. [Everything you need to know about organising a l full-scale. l‘ormal Burns Night. with

tips on speeches. etiquette and dress. J