Phone 031 220 1145 (after 6pm).

I The Salisbury 080'" WOMIIODSI I Floor sanding Private and I Antique telephone doctor I 5‘99""‘39‘ I‘m” 53? PM"

i Divine Dowsing with Maggie commercial premises bakelite telephone guru most §°°ks WOIk' w'dc “um”! I C 0 M M 0 0 N

: Thompson. Sat 25 Jan. throughout Scotland. Fast. elusive spares available 'mcrcsw '"cmd'"g blucs' “’th

mam-5pm. f 1 8/113- efficient workmen sand and seal (drawers. chrome dials. reggac‘ SOUL New Agc'

i Metamorphic Technique with to your specifications. Usually 'mouthpieccs). Complete service makossa‘ c‘c' Day 10b: 50 Prefer

i Adela Stockton. Sun 261an. £12 per metre. dependent on by established specialist. night WW3 Where POSS'bIC- BOX I Comfortable room to let in l()am—5pm.£lS/£l2. floor condition. Telephone (131 Display bakelite models: ideal N0 "WM’ ‘- spacious Polwarth “at £135 pluS

. Lile Choices and Life Changes 229 2489. pub, cafe. stage. £18, Rod joncs I Bassist and keyboard player bills pcm. Prefer non-smoking. ""009" 'maOBW'k with Dina I Muralist Professional artist on 1131 667 1834. needed to complete rock/pop 21 + . Tel: Mary on 031 229 2933

I Glouberman. Sat 29 Feb and Socks commissions for children‘g line-up with original material. from January I992.

Sun 1 Mar. 10am-5pm. £45. canoon charactm‘ company I Squeezebox music: French Warm rehearsal space and

'1 Book by 3l Jan. To book please moms and designs throughout waltzes. Scots hornpipes. storage. Dedication.

i send name. address and £10 Scotland. Liven up‘ personalize Tex-Mex polkas. Cajun blues. enthusiasm very important. ROOM REQUIRED IN EDINBURGH

' deposit to: and enlarge mu, mom or on accordlon and concertina. Edinburgh-based preferably. from end of February. by young

! The Salisbury Centre. workspace. Tel Lisa Bylevcld on All functions. Steve Sutcliffe on Phone Colin on 031 334 7288 professional. Preferably in

I 2 Salisbury Road. Edinburgh 0313392489 .0416361167. . (aflcr4pm) or Mark on 031 453 clean. left-wing. 21 + flat. Phone

- El l I6 5AB. Tel: (131 667 5438. 2513 (after 7pm). Brian on 0524 65201 ext4320.

I I African Dance (Beginners 1 I Fiddle or banjo player wanted

' cusses); cvcryThursday at tojoin others for lengthyjaunt , ,

1 Community Education Centre. I A “’EUTOPCJCflVingin spring.

1 35 Avenue Park Street. Pubs. clubs and busking. Any . . . I . y

I Maryhill. Mixed class: standard considered. Phone 1§t'rl'ng('cmml‘ g1"? hml‘w'

; 6.30pm—73tlpm. Women's now. Anne on (I41 357 l()18. 5 {TIL ,0?" {Tim “m ‘us‘

i Chm: ./.30pm_8'30pm' o argc pp 1 1c rooms. 1tc ten

I For more information: 67 33210 ; MALE S'NGE,“ REQUIRED and gardsn' Spawn“ hnu‘w‘ "H

I I 101mmworkingbandwnh mod cons. Non-smokersonly. orll-H 946 )617. . g. . , l

l . A wide range 0' classes for a I A residency. Modern materlal and I htmt “786 7330)-

: wide range ofabilities. in two I"ltlg’jfiirn/tfflgcn:3:22:1anIy

fully equipped studios. Ballet. . « '

i tap. jazz. aerobics. dance “L 0506 412414“ yam.)ch VEGETAEAN

l . -. ~. . -.. . . . seeks room ln gregarlous

; eserc1se.(.allanet1cs. yoga. . Edinbur ,h ml

1 ballroom and belly dancing. ; MALE VOCALIST 1“ '


write to BOX No166/ANN/1.

Courses for those wishing to I work on personal projects. Places strictly limited. Venue:



I IG 1 "Th e E t (irindlay Street. Edinburgh. 5 Tucizuay “befits; If l:ur1he1 details: phone Mark or you're stuck,dissatisfied with

[\IEIII 0n . g your lifc‘ discover h()“l to make


Phone (MI 423 9430: The Dance seeks talented accompanist to l-‘actorv. I42 Calder Street. form cabaret act. Abilitv to (ilasgowCi42 7QP. write and arrange helpful.sense i of humour vital. . mammal” FILMS Box No TED/MIT . offers a ten-week beglnncrs \‘ltICOCOUI‘SL‘ covering NEW DRAMA GROUP storyboarding. editing. vision ESTABusflED AVALANcflE 3”") starting up in Glasgow for mixingund add'fltl Sound. 4 rcQUIT“ l"“""mivc~ aggressive anybody aged l8 and upwards bcgllmmg 7Pm~ r905 .1 (“h and dedicated guitar player. with no p'rcfious expcricncc and Jamil”). 1992‘ pncc £3” Pleas" “mum MiCh‘w' 0" an interest in theatre and drama. "W ““m‘d “W "m “'Cckcnd NATIONAL ARTS & an":er NMENTs 031228 3631. For more information please

Grindlay Court Centre.

(mm: mm“ “nlY- i better. more creative choices for NEEDED | . t. . - . . Areyouasports/musicartstan'.’ IFreetorm Dance/Movement ' v "m" inf‘rm’" " W m

I Sue Licbcrman (m ()3; 229 2746. Share a few hours of your time i withaperson withalearning disability. Training. support. “ypuomgngpy expenses provided. psycuommApy Tel: 031 444 2242 ext 308.

You can free yourselffrom

: stress. allergies. asthma. l anxiety.emotionalproblems.

Group meet on Sundays 7.3tlpm—9. 15pm. Salisbury Centre (near Commonwealth I’ool ). The space. place. time. and rhythms to explore movement. Join Us! £2/'£l. Details from Kate on (I31 447

71'2. . . . . I D P OFESSIONAL ARTIST . hablts. paln. panic. phoblas. B ' m' ’t’i in 'tc.C1nc ‘s-‘ions offers private tuition. Alllevels 3 POSTERS ' I‘EAFLETS ' M AGAZI N ES i widely Call the iidrnan Mm” MAC"'”53 and standards. includinglligher 3 PROGRAMMES ; pcrmrmancc minim," Biofeedback linked strobe grade and portfolio preparation. i 041 337 3327_ sunglasses with scan and search. Call0312291861. Reliable Distribution Nationwide l auto-brightncwndsafety . ! cut-out. Medicallyqualified I The minim” Pm" “We ; R&D. Mild hallucinogenic 182; Tloiphwllzen SJreetdns the OFFICIAL PUBLICITY DISTRIBUTORS FOR 5 AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE effect. For that cxm, Vision. on y ' “‘08- use Stu '0 m ' - i TIN" Yourself“) Improved insight and edge. llluminatorv swuanfi' The Pilatcsgicmmj The LlSt Magaz'ne 3 health and relaxati‘m With me my dear Watson. £72.50 or sac: Went“ C"$~ “me-9 3" 'mPTOVCS . . . , helpofthis ancienttherapy. Higmand psionics. 330mg. posture with genuc‘ controllcd EAR has been provrdmg a reliable and effic1ent Reasonable prices and Madonna". “055-5.."9 m3 295. exerc1ses. Open Mon—Frl from public“): distribution service for [he arts, concessions. Gift vouchers 9.3021m . from 102"“. Phonc o o o . . available. For information. Jane Paris on 1131 229 2868. emanammcmt “must & 16‘5"“: Industry Sm” 1987- contact Liz Highet (AMAMA) on W I Learning a language doesn‘t , _ o 041 357 4494. haw m be difficult! 'nyour We pride ourselves on our flexrble and friendly I GAY? LESBIAN? CHRISTIAN? introductory lesson before 'ou ° Lesbian 8; Gay Christlan enrol. I11ten'sive/Semi-interisivc. ap-proa-Ch the prOblcmé Of managmg an Cffccuvc LEARN MASSAGEs MOVL‘mCm met“ I” frlcnd-‘hll’ weekend and Evening courses. an dIStrlbmlon Camping“- Evening class starts Tues 28th social activities. All welcome. Contact L.A.F. Language . Jan. 8-l0pm at the For detalls phone (Jay serviccs‘ 3 Quayside 5mm . The i If you want publicity material targeted to a potential Complementary Medicine Switchboard on (141 221 3372 or

Centre. 17 Queen‘s Crescent. St Lesbian Line on (Lil 552 5768.

Shore. Leith. Edinbur h EHo audien ° ' ' g i ce or would like to receive regular supplies of George's Cross. Glasgow G4 I GUEST an organisation of

6E]. Telephone/fax 031 554 6524.

I Fiddle. mandolin and Mk arts & entertainment information then contact us 93L, phone [an Honandm people who can. deeply 2mm”

guitar lessonx Beginners 0" ,. TEL: 0" t0 bOOk- IhCIr {in-d SCAUZIIII)’. i welcome. Phone 041 332 7702. éltZotllgh prlmél‘rtyly for gay}1 't o res anv rls 1an w o i PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY ' v . ' . . . . ‘I‘ " h‘l .' 'th; 3 I c Spec1allse 1n contemporary D U SIC THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE {:EISSSLfdgmLffrmfyu m

. , .O black and white portraiture. ITEC qualified massage inf )rmmi'on about mew" ’\

: IJOIIlerJE. DUggdn. RLIIdeL Studio “r location. Make-up therapist in Glasgow. “Icst (WI i I. d ~ . I Irifdcsman- A" type-8 “I _ mist and hairstylist available. I Desperate to record a demo but Ring Geoffrey West on 041339 5‘0“? “Vamfd'l‘d. “:prm‘ 0 41 I Joinerwork undertaken in Coma“ Lesley fordcmils' can {afford it? can Lesley/on 3222 for appointment or further :Onta:t ) ucstd' 1n, lgcron yd. Q ( “Will Smilimd. PhOflC 18'. 0415445555. ()3 555 221 for value-for-n‘lonev information, 33 9‘ M 5"" "y ‘m “‘5 "-\ i l’enicuik 76565. ' studio time, ' between 7pm and 10pm.

68 The List 17— 30 January 1992