Healthy debate

In amongst the usual Christmas paraphernalia ofyour last issue (magic cover!) I was most interested to read the articles on complementary health practices. But I am always disturbed to see the sort of unsupported and broad sweeping claims that were put forward by Jonathan

. Clogsten-Willmot. who seemed to

be saying that we could all get by without drugs or Operations.

This is completely untrue. I went to a reputable alternative practitioner some years ago as I was suffering a lot of pain. They totally failed to find anything wrong with me. but suggested I change my diet and all would be well. It was not. I later consulted a GP who made a prompt diagnosis and now live a (mostly) pain-free life with the occasional aid of drugs and constant use of complementary techniques.

The point of this is not that all such practitioners are quacks. but that this type of medicine should be complementary and not exclusive. It certainly has its place in the NHS. as the consultant at the Homoeopathic hospital pointed out.

Name and address supplied.

Peaceable protest

I write to congratulate The List on

the recent article on the Animal Liberation Front attacks which I thought was extremely well written. Hopefully it will demonstrate to your readers that not. everyone in the animal rights protection movement resorts to such irresponsible actions. Les Ward

Advocates for Animals

10 Quecnsferry Street


EH2 4P0.

Glad you liked our style. Les. xlny readers who like xi d i'ocates for Animals' non- violent style can contact them at the (ll)()t'(’ address.

Format lrenzy

The overall tone of press reaction to

What are your desires and fears for 1992? Bruce Springsteen at the Livingston Exhibition Centre perhaps. or Macaulay Culkin in Creature from the Black Lagoon 11. even Donnie Munro for

10 DowningStreet‘.’ However romantic or depraved, 50.000 List

3 Letters readers are just yearning to find out. You might even win a bottle ofJose Cuervo Tequila.

W.II. Smith's recent announcement that they are to cease stocking LP records was one of resigned acceptance. often with the implication that it is only sentimental. foolishly nostalgic vinyl junkies who are lamenting the apparently inexorable decline of the 12in. The rest of us. we‘re told. are happily switching to the superior sound of CDs or digitally recorded cassettes. or salivating in anticipation of the much-heralded

new audio technologies such as DAT


Well. I'd love to listen to these superior sounds ifI had the money. but the fact is that there are still a lot ofpeople. like myself. who buy records for the simple reason that we can't afford the new hi-fi equipment needed to play (‘Ds or DATs. Even if we could. the falsely inflated prices for the recordings themselves would soon break the bank. Cassettes aren‘t much of an option. either— most pre-recorded cassettes are of such abysmal quality that the sound starts deteriorating after just a few months of regular playing. whereas vinyl can last for years if treated with respect.

The withdrawal of Li’s. justified by falling sales (perish the thought that it might have something to do with bigger profit margins on ('I)s). makes a mockery of ‘eonsumer

choice‘ - ifthe records aren't there to

buy. ofcourse no one's going to buy them. The only solution. it would seem. is for us abandoned record-lovers to buy some good quality blank cassettes and copy the

sounds we want from the (.‘Ds or DATs of our better-heeled friends. Yes. I know it's illegal. but then so‘s market-rigging.

Isabel Fletcher

Broughton Street


main“ W Vinyl is dead. Long Live l/inyl.’ You 've struck a chord up here at The List Isabel. After all. what's the point ofhaving a hideously trendy set of early Dylan bootlegs ifyou don 't have a needle to scratch them with." Have a bottle of scrumptious J ose ( 'uervo Tequila.

Talk Radio

I‘m a recent (and. I must confess. somewhat reluctant) convert to your publication and I can't help but notice a certain something missing from the magazine. We get Listings for Films. Music. Art. etc and Backlist includes Books etc but where's the Radio‘.’

There are still some of us out here who regularly listen to the radio: people who do not need visual and aural stimuli. Where are the reviews? the reports'.’ the info‘.’

OK. so the ubiquitous .‘vlr Peel gets a regular mention (and thus R l ) but there are four other BBC channels. not to mention the numerous (and diverse) local and national

independent stations. Come on. give us one page. at least. even if it‘s only in Backlist!

At least. think about it . . .please‘.’ Ann-Marie Millar Shettleston Glasgow. Why so reluctant A nn- Marie? You have in your hands. after all. the best Listings magazine in Scotland. As for that 'certain something '. we actually do have a Radio column as well as ' regular features and previews for


Texas holiday

Silje‘s ‘Tell me where you‘re going'. 10.000 Maniac‘s with "Trouble Me‘. Kate Bush ‘Running Up That Hill' and Edie Bricknell's ‘The Circle‘. and that was just the pre-show tape. Ifthat was Carol Laula's choice then I salute her musical taste and then congratulate her on an excellent performance. Ms Laula at the Tron was the highlight for sure. of my festivities. But where was ‘Angel‘ and does she need a new set of fingers everytime she sings the slow. sensitive one about dancing. such angst indeed. but her hand wringing was really doing my friend's head in. as was her stage gear. However. I ant a fan and refuse therefore to nag the girl about skelves. running about with bare feet and her jim-jams. So weel done. hen. and can I come to Texas please?

Lyn McNicol




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New Umpire: Deborah Warner's Electra comes to Glasgow's Tramway. 7:84 laments the passing of Ravenscraig and Rain Dog returns.

New on the box: TV Heaven gives an overdose ot~ primetime antique telly.

Neii'films: Lebanon hostage movie. llors La We and

mountaineering thriller. K2. plus Steve Martin's

Father of the Bride. New Music: Tori Amos (photo) sings her heart out.

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