I Citizens' expands Glasgow's pioneering main-stage house splits three ways to create a 60(l-seater. a l3()-seater and a

' 70-seatcr. Expect lots of carping from overworked critics who now have three consecutive first nights to attend. but much rejoicing from audiences who can take the multiplex-cinema approach to theatre. I Jump the Lite to Come 7 :84. now under new management. go out on tour with a new play by radical playwright Noel Greig inspired by conversations with the people of Mothcrwell after the closure of Ravenscraig.



I They Might Be Giants A much smaller venue than they were playing after the success of ‘Birdhouse In Your Soul'.and the offbeat American twosome should fill it to the rafters. Fri 3!. KingTut's.


I Scotland v England Rugby International Murray‘field After the travesty ofagamc

in last Autumn‘s World Cup. rugby fans willbe hoping foramore excitingmatch I thistime. Sat 18. Murray-field.


I Odd Jobs John L'pdike t Andre Deutsch) Having finally dispatched Rabbit Angstrom to the literary j hereafter. Updike takes a break from fiction with a collection ofessays and criticism.


I The Funny Farm Glasgow‘s own comedy collective are back fora new sericson Scottish Television. Better than ever before or words to that effect.


I Alan Davie Retrospectives These first major retrospectivesofScotland‘s foremost abstract artist’s work will at the McLellan. Talbot Rice and Edinburgh Printmakers galleries.

I A Daughter's View Thirteen photographers explore their own and other women's troubled relationships with their mothers (rumour hasit that their mums are teaming up for a retaliation. . .)See it at Street Level.

IV 3

I Rah C. Nesbitt (iregor Fisher returns as the string-vested philosopher in BBC

Scotland's smash-hit comedy. the series I that introduced foppish southerners to the delights of fish suppers and lrn Bru.


I Barton Fink The (‘oen brothers' winner of the Palm d'()r at (‘annes finally graces these shores. John Turturro is the Hollywood scriptman stumbling over a massive writer's block while trying to come to terms with his very odd neighbours.

I Delicatessen Bizarre goings-on in a Gallic tenement where the cannibalistic inhabitants find their meals interrupted by a subterranean vegetarian resistance group. A black French farce that is destined to become one of the cult hitsof the 90s.


I An Honourable Death lain (‘richton Smith (Macmillan) Latest offering from the distinguished Scottish scribe. based

MARCH: The mouse scene from Dancing At Lughnasa l l


I Eric Clapton (‘ompared to his endless Albert Hall stints. this two-nighter should pass in the blink of an eye. though Slowhand's preferences for all things laid-back might slow things down a little. Mon 2 and Tile 3. SH ‘( ‘. I IThe Red HotChiliPepperslslistering i funk-rock. oy erhcated libidos and one of the most influential and exciting live bands of the last ten years. Tue l(l. Barrowland.

I Ride Infectious buzzing indie-popsters with chart hits to their credit. Thurs 13. Barrowland.

I WOT WBl wet The local heroes may just have got their album out by the time these

on the true story of a Wthcentury croftcr‘s son who joined the army tosec the world. only for his career to end in disgrace and tragedy.

l l l


I Manic Street Preachers All secondhand (.‘lash slogans and glam cast-offs? ()r are they 4 REAL? Tue 4. Mayfair. Wed 5. Music Box.

I Fairport Convention The most renow lic‘tl folk-rocksters in the history ofthese isles. Tue 18. Qtieen'sllall.

I The Wedding Present After play ing The Queen's l lall on their last visit. indie superstars The Weddoes have decided that this cramped place is the only one they really want to play this time. Book

I early. Mon 2-3. Edinburgh Venue.

1992 IN A PLATE! _

1992, the year Teenage Fanclub topped the charts for sixteen weeks, Gordon Durie scored the winner in the European Championship final, Rab C. Nesbitt became Pope and lager dropped to 50p a pint. Well we can dream. For those of you with a rather more realistic approach, The List presents dates for your diary this year: the gigs, the films, the books, the other stuff. Remember, for a detailed and witty critical analysis of all the arts and entertainment events in your area in ’92, there’s only one publication, and it ain’t Builder and Construction Worker Monthly.

we in / 1" .‘, ‘g r s a; n ’3‘ o r - ¢'.‘ _\ ; -‘. ;"-r'"’ , . w- .r‘ . ,4,” M. l. - u, ,, g. j»>‘- 5- v ,f R}. ; ‘s I I _ '{r . i ‘" a. a ~ » , new.» .,. ( s- '. T. -. W as 3% X's, “MA”; i. p P . - J v i ..~n~<‘ u ~ v. M n;: 41%; a." e, H ~ 'A i ysn. a”. , We .‘ r, A h“ ‘w . '._ - ".1" ’r ‘c .p 3 n r J a h "1.1. r; S ' . M,- y' I} l~ ‘1‘. K *3. -, -. . _. " " '.— s s1 H‘ .l ..H t J " ~;‘ . g s. I' ’l c

6 The List 17 - 30 January 1992