gigstake place. Fri l3. SECC. Sun l5. Playhouse.

I Lou Reed The last great songwritcrof his generation. they say. and we’ve never argued with that. Reed bringstwo guitars. bass and drums to serenade us with songs from ilrlagic Ami Loss and. presumably. further back. Mon lo. Playhouse.

I Dizzy Gillespie Diz celebrates his 75th year with a return to his roots in a bebop quintet. pltis a special trumpet summit featuring Freddie hubbard and ntorc. Thurs l‘). lTsherllall.

I The Rocky Horror Show It's the pch ic thrust that really drives its insane asit did to the more extreme acoly tes ofthis classic cult musical. by the looks of it. l"ri leand Sat 2 l . Playhouse.


I Enemy to the People Michael Bogdanov returns from running the l)eutsches

MARCH: Sleazy rocky lunk lrom Red Hot Chili Peppers

Schauspielhous in Germany to join fellow English Shakespeare (‘ompany director. Michael Pennington. in devising this compilation of scenes from Shakespeare's Roman plays. calling in at the Old Athenaeum. (ilasgow. The first in an intriguing series of spring touring shows at the theatre which includes a production of Ibsen‘s Brand.

I Dancing at Lughnasa Brian Friel's run-away hit comes to the Theatre Royal to give (ilasgow audiences a chance tosee w hy this tale about a seven-year-old boy living with five unmarried women in 1936 won prestigious ()livier and [iv ening Standard Awards after its initial success in Ireland.


I Scotland v France Rugby International The two teams which fell to [England in the World (lip. meet in the Five Nations ('hampionship. Sat 7. Murrayfield.


I Cape Fear Martin Scorsese‘s remake of the classic 196] thriller has a truly psychotic Robert De . 'iro asthe ex-convict out to terrorise the family of the lawyer who put him away. Advance word says ‘it is so terrifying it makes Silence ofthe Lambs look like Mary Poppins.

I Raise The Red Lantern Magnificent portrait of the jealousies and friendships of the four wives of a (‘hinese nobleman. from the director of Red .S'urgliimi. Likely to be one of the tnost visually and psychologically enthralling movies ofthe


I Otto Dix 1992's big event at the Scottish National (iallcry of Modern Art isa major exhibition of works on paper by (iermany‘s greatest realist painter. in celebration of the centenary of his birth. The show coincides with an exhibition of l)ix's works at the Tate (iallery. London. also organised by S.\'(iMA.


I Ever After (iraham Swift ( Picador) liagerly-anticipated fifth novel by the author of the hugely successful Water/and explores ‘the terrible cost of remaining civilised'. linking the vagariesof contemporary existence to the revelations in a set of Victorian notebooks.


I Pierre Victoire liine French food at affordable prices has been an Edinburgh staple for several years. Now lucky (ilaswegians can join in the fun when Pierre opens his new restaurant in Sauchiehall Street. Keep an eye on our Food page for details.


I The Advocates Our slightly battered briefs return for a new series ofthe critically-mauled legal drama from Scottish. This time they're on the trailof an Edinburgh serial killer.


I Edinburgh Science Festival Life. the universe and everything are covered in the user-friendly collection of lectures. demonstrations and films. including visits by leading experts in space research. Sat ll-Sat35.


I Expletives Deleted Angela (‘artcr ((‘hatto & Windus) Essays and criticism

JANUARY: 1992 is Alan Davie Yean otticlal

FEBRUARY: Futuristic cannibalism in Delicatessen

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