There’s nothing like a nice hot steaming bowl of Frontline come February, we always say, preferably liberally laced with plenty of sadly feeble captions.


2 The List 14 - 27 February 1992



I Love the outfit, but lose the hat. pleeease. Christian Dior's New Look is modelled in1941. giving the title to the exhibition at 50s design at Glasgow's elvingrove. See Art preview.

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I ‘Hight. who had the expensive starter. come on own up? I don't see whyl should have to pay the same as everyone else, when I didn’t have dessert or cottee . . .' Post-prandial squabbles begin in iwannabewoliman. a iarce irom Bodies In Flight atthe Edinburgh Traverse. See Theatre listings.

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I Michael Caine and Stanley Baker are nowhere to be seen, but The Adzido Pan Atrican Dance Ensemble trick up a storm anyway. periorming Siye Goli at Glasgow’s Tramway. See Theatre preview.