I flight. which one otyou growth-impaired bastards has nicked myleather basque? You know Prince Charming likes a spot oi domination once in a while .. .‘ Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs return tothe multiplexeslorthe school holidays. See Film listings


I Samuel Beckett. you crack me up, you really do. This is the sort ot thing that goes on in Strathclyde Theatre Group's production at Endgame at Glasgow‘s Arches Theatre. See Theatre listings.

I Old rockers neverdie. they iust retorm themselves into new combos. Ry Cooder. Nick Lowe, Jim Keltner and John Hiatt are Little Village, rocking Edinburgh Playhouse on 23 February. Se Rock listings.

I These are the voyages ot the Retirement Home Enterprise whose 28-year mission should have been terminated years ago. The old crew beam down once again in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. See Film review.



‘MacDiarmid was a thief. a liar. a plagarist. a coward. a wimp. a poultice to what friends he assiduously cultivated. a snob. scarce a man at all.‘

Herald colzmrnistlack McLean finds the muse upon him when it comes to demeaning Scotland 's other national hard.

‘He put his thumb in my mouth all the way. and then pulled it out all the way. I‘ll tell you exactly what it felt like. emotionally like someone walked up. penetrated you. and then walked away.‘

Juliette Lewis. teenage star of the forthcoming Cape Fear, describes the scene with Robert De Niro that has caused a storm ofcontroi'ersy in the


'Ifyou're a journalist. you have to know roughly what‘s going on in all spheres. . . you have to know that Ally‘s Tartan Army isn‘t the Duke of Atholl‘s private army.‘

K irsty Wark reveals the intellectual pressures we poor hacks face at all times.

‘Hurt my image? Who am l‘.’ A politician‘.”

Keanu Reeves reckons playing a male prostitute in My Own Private Idaho might stop his chances ofrunning for President.

"l‘he reaction to that title was negative. People thought it was about a yellow baby.‘

Howard Zieff. producer ofcurrent Macauley (.‘ulkin hit My (iirl. comments on the movie's original downbeat moniker. Born Jawuliced.

The List-iii— Ztlhebruary 1992's