with believable characters. witty scripts . . . OK scrub that first bit. Anyway. it's back fora new series.

I lied Dwarl(BB(‘2) 9—9.3Upm. The space-ship sitcom returns for a fifth series with all the regulars. Rimmer. Lister. Kryten. Cat. and Holly the computer. present and correct. The first episode finds Rimmer discovering a ‘holoship' which is everything he ever dreamed of. See feature.

I Brides Of Christ (Channel 4) l(l—~l 1.05pm. Australian drama set ina Sydney convent during the 1900s. Sister Paul ( Lisa Hensley ) goes to a family wedding where she inconveniently fallsin love with radical ex-priesl Jack (Simon Burke).

I NB (Scottish) 10.45-1 l . 15pm. Entertainment events reviewed and previewed by Janice l‘orsyth. Bryan Burnett and Allan Campbell.

IJust ForLaughs (Channel-l)

l l.()S--l1.40pm.('live Anderson hosts highlights from the 1991 Montreal (‘omedy Festival. The fifth programme

features coverage of some of the more nasty and outrageous acts at the festival.

I Late Night Love: Bingo. Bridesmaids And Braces (Channel 4) 12.05-1 .25am. Australian director Gillian Armstrong filmed the lives ofthree working-class women from Adelaide over a period of twelve years. The film captures funny and sad moments as they look back on their lives. their dreams. their mistakes and how they came through.


I In Sickness And Health (880) 8—8.3(lpm. The tired old bigot AlfGarnctt returns for yet another series. James Ellis turns up in an attempt to bolster a flagging cast.

I Ouizbowl (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. The final of the sports quiz with The Mail On Sunday taking on The News Of The World for the title.

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Frazier brings his low-self-esteem group to Cheers to get the Cliff and Norm treatment.

I Arena: Six Degrees Of Separation (BBCZ) 9.30—l().3()pm. Young black delinquent

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David Hampton successfully masqueraded as Sidney Poitier‘s son before eventually being arrested for fraud. Out of jail. he is now sueing playwright John Guare who based a hit Broadway play on Hampton‘s life.

I Dream (in (Channel 4) 10-10.35pm. Martin tries to cheer up his depressed secretary Toby by taking her to the wake for his Aunt Millie.

I The Funny Farm (Scottish) 11.10—11.40pm. Stu Who? hosts more assorted comics. including John Gillock. Kevin Day. Parrot. John Hegley and music from Boogalusa.

I Rock The Box: Head (Channel 4) 12.05am—l .40am. An indulgent 60s attempt to recapture the spirit of Help and send it up at the same time. It‘s all intercuts and mixed media and The Monkees wacky antics. Yes. you probably do need to be on the same drugs as everyone was in 1968 (co-written by Jack Nicholson. fact-fans).


I High! To Reply (Channel 4) 6.30—7pm. Sheena McDonald hosts another collection of complaints from the Video Box. and studio discussions.

I Fine Cut: The Forgotten Men (BBCZ) 7.30—9pm. A film from Otto Olejar about the heroic Czech pilots who fought with the RAF during the war. After the 1948 Communist coup. they became political targets accused of being Western agents. I Inspector Morse (Scottish) 8—10pm. John Thaw continues to pull in 13 million viewers a time in these tortuous but intricately-plotted whodunnits.

I TV Heaven (Channel 4) 8—] 1pm. Frank Muir remembers 1974. the year oftwo General Elections and West Germany winning the World Cup. Programmes covered are Thick as Thieves. asitcom that later mutated into Porridge; Regan. the ultraviolent pilot for The Sweeney. and a This Week documentary on the activities ofthe National Front.

I Court TV: America On Trial (Channel 4) llpm—midnight. Footage from a manslaughter trial where a woman‘s defence is that she was justified in stabbing her boyfriend because of his abusive behaviour towards her.

I The Long Goodbye (BBCZ)

l 1.20pm—1'. 15am. Robert Altman succeeds in dragging Chandler‘s Philip Marlowe into the 705. Elliott Gould stars as the slobbish private eye trying to help out a friend accused of murder. The plot. though. is a sideline to a lot ofknowing pastiches offilm noir cliches. and a general antipathy towards American moral values.


I The Darling Buds at May (Scottish) 7.45—8.45pm. Larkin about with Pam Ferris. David Jason and Catherine Zeta Jones in the popular HE. Bates adaptation.

I Maigret (Scottish) t)hl(l.45pm. Michael Gambon plays Simenon‘s classic detective in a less-than-riveting revival ofthe ancient crime series.

IThe Smallest Show On Earth (Channel4) 10—1 1.25pm. The Peter Sellers season continues with a delightfully offbeat comedy starring Sellers as a drunken projectionist at a tiny run-down cinema inherited by that couple from Born Free. Look out for the Godlike Sid James in a supporting role.

I Screen Two: My Sister Wife (BBCZ) 10.05-1 l .3Spm.The writer Meera Syal stars as Farah who happily reconciles her modern independent lifestyle with her Pakistani heritage. When she falls in love with the married Asif(Paul Bhattacharjee) though. things don‘t go as smoothly as she anticipates.


I Underbelly (BBCZ) 9L9.SSpm. The

political corruption story continues. with John McArdle (Billy Corkhill in Brookside) turning up as a blackmailing prisoner.

I El CID (Scottish) 9— lilpm. John Bird appears as the Costa Brava investigator. aided by his daughter (Amanda Redman). I Ex-S (BBCl) ll). iii—10.40pm. A new spelling and new look for the BBC Scotland arts programme. concentrating on a single topic in each programme this time around. The first show profiles Scottish singer/songwriter and occasional actress Eddi Reader whose first debut album. released recently. did much to lay the ghost of her previous work with Fairground Attraction.


I Class Action (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. The fifth edition ofthe hard-hitting documentary series looking at the problems besetting Britain‘s education system.

I 40 Minutes (BBCZ) 9.50— 10.30pm. A profile of the former pirate station Radio Luxembourg and the DJs who began their careers on board ship.


I The Jack Dee Show (Channel 4) ll)—l(l.3llpm. The latest of a stringof successful stand-up comics to be given their own TV series. Dee specialises in the low-key one-liner. This somewhat begs the question as to how he‘s going to fill six half-hours.

I The Secret Cabaret (Channel 4 )

10.30—1 1pm. Simon Drake presents another collection ofgrisly stunts. golhic illusions and a fascinating expose of con-men's tricks.

I The 291 Club (Channel 4) ll.3()pm—12.3()am. llackney Empire plays host to more wannabes trying to bring a little bit ofllarlem to East London. Introduced by DJ Elayne and Miles Crawford.


I Fire In The Blood (BBCZ) 9.30- 10.20pm. BBCZ looks at the Spanish. in a series introduced by Ian Gibson. coveringthe culture. religion. history. attitudes and aspirations ofa nation returning to its former glories.

I N8 (Scottish) 10.45—1 l . 15pm. Entertainment events reviewed and previewed by Janice Forsyth. Bryan Burnett and Allan Campbell.

I Late Night Love: Chicken Ranch (Channel 4) 12. 10—1 .2()am. Nick Broomfield spent two months in one ofthe USA‘s legalised brothels in the Nevada Desert to film this candid portrait of the Ranch‘s working girls.

62 The List 14— 27 February 1992