If you are interested in having your new play (preferably small-scale) performed during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1992, please contact Connect Theatre now.

We have the venue - do you have the play? Phone Judy 0875-340106


I Educational Services Private tutors provided and required. all subjects. all districts. Postal tuition. mathematics. physics. bookkeeping. scholastic assessments. intelligence.

subject abilities. career

interests. translations. letters

and documents -- most

languages. Phone 041 637 8254.

I Learning a language doesn't have to be difficult! Try our introductory lesson before you enrol.

Intensive Semi-intensive. Weekend and livening courses. Contact l..;\.l". Language Services. 3 Quayside Street. The Shore. l.cith.lidinburghlill66l'51.

; 'l'elcphone fax03l 554 652-1.

INTRODUCING BUDDHISM , 'l‘cachings. meditations. i discussions. with Iinglish monk

Kclsaltg Zopa I: ridays 7.30pm. from 7th February at St Mark's Church Ilall. ('astle Terrace. . lzlll 3l)I’. £3. Details: contact I Marie on 031 668 2855.

! I Fiddle. mandolin and folk guitar

I lessons. Beginners welcome. Phone

Ill-11332 7702.

I I Singingteacher lormer RADA.

i \\'ebber-l)ouglas tutor; trained

} Royal College of Music: all

i standards and styles welcome: classical. musicals. jazz. pop; no vocal problem too large! Ring: 031 667 l 1-198.

I I Build sell-confidence Private

1 coaching. speech and drama. public

7 speaking. acting for beginners.

preparaton for auditions. drama

lschool entrance. Individual or

; group lessons. all ages welcome.

’1 Professionally qualified actress. l’honcll41647l3l3.


Make bread. Share your

f know-how through our

I I’RIVA'I'I‘. TUITION column.

L--- _-

68 The Listl4 :27 Peter-Ga;th


I The Salisbury Centre Workshops: The Way of Storytelling with Peter Vallancc. Sat 22 and Sun 23 Feb. 10am—5pm. RSV/£25. With separate performance at 7.30pm on Sat.

To book please send name. address and £10 deposit to:

The Salisbury Centre.

2 Salisbury Road. Edinburgh EH16


I The Edinburgh Pilates Centre 18a Torphichcn Street. is the only Pilates-based studio in Scotland. The Pilates method strengthens. tones and improves posture with gentle. controlled exercises. Open Mon—Fri from 9.30am. Sat from 10am. Phone Jane Paris on 031 229 2868.

I Freetorm Dance/Movement Group meet on Sundays 7.30pm—9. 15pm. Salisbury Centre (near Commonwealth Pool). The space. place. time. and rhythms to explore movement. Join us! £2X£1. Details from Kate on 031 447 7352.

I African Dance (Beginners classes): every Thursday at Community Education Centre. 35 Avenue Park Street. Maryhill. Mixed class: 6.30pm—7.30pm. Women‘s class: 7.30pm—8.30pm. For more information: 67 332 Him 041 946 9617.

I A wide range ot classes for a wide range of abilities. in two fully equipped studios. Ballet. tap. jazz. aerobics. dance exercise. (‘allanetics. yoga. ballroom and belly dancing. Phone 041 4239430: The Dance Factory. 142 Calder Street. Glasgow (342 701’.

I Tracy Hawkes. ARAB. teaches: Adult jazz. ballet. tapand Flamenco: Children's RAD ballet. jazz and tap at Epworth l lalls. Nicolson Square.

Also children's ballet at

St Philips ('entre. ('anonmills.

-Tcl:(l3l 2291071.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY Specialise in contemporary black and white portraiture. Studio or location. Make-up

artistand hairstylistavailable.

Contact Lesley for details.

Tel: 041 644 5656.

I Antique telephone doctor bakelile telephone guru most elusive spares available (drawers. chrome dials. mouthpieces). Complete service by established specialist. Display bakelite models: ideal pub. cafe. stage. £18. Rod .lones on 031 667 183-1.

DESIGNER Young interior 3D designer looking for creative ‘one-off‘ Commissions. ()wn city-centre studio. Contact David Eatonon 041 221 8827.





TIMESHARE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Are you a sports/illusic/arls fan'.’ Share a few hours ofyour time with a person with a learning


AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE Treat yourself to improved health and relaxation with the help of this ancient therapy. Reasonable prices and

uite and operator for hire.

8mm’l6mm film to video transfer assignments undertaken. Contact

eme Campbell on 0555-3591.

I Squeezebox music: French waltzes. Scots hornpipes.

disability. Training. support. expenses provided.

Tel: 031 444 2242 ext 308.

concessions. Gift vouchers available. For information.

contact Liz Highet (AMAMA) on

Tex-Mex polkas. Cajun blues. on accordion and concertina. 0‘1 357 “94' All functions. Steve Sutcliffe on BUY AN D SELL 041 636 l 167. LEARN MASSAGE SIX . Evening class starts Wed 26th MIND MACHINES Feb. 8—10pm at The Biofeedback linked strobe Complementary MCdiCinC sunglasses with scan and search.


Centre. 17 Queen'5 Crescent. auto-brightness and safety

St George‘s CTOSS. Glasgow G4 cut-out. Medically qualified Phone '8" HOIIand on hallucinogenic LAID ON DTP 0413345846t0b00k- effect. For that extra vision. insight and edge. llluminatory WEI-PRINTED ONLY £3 my dear Watson. £72.50 or sac: - Deluxe or gives yOu the most Highland Psionics. Scoraig. W me “we growth-oriented and personal Dundonne'l' Boss'sm’e W23 2RE' .‘vchicharot reading vou may Tue:- p‘. i . . . . 3.1 ‘\\ re. d .th‘.s 031 334 527i “r “m” be“ “' ‘d‘ ‘0 INSTANT ATTRACTION

Brad, Strathlillan Suite,

l24 H0051 Carbeth House. Killearn 653 see.

Attract the girl of your dreams. Subliminally. undetectany with

ATTRACTANT 10. the fragrant men's cologne ARE containing synthetic C heromones(nature's potent ABOUT use P smell chemicals). . . . .. . .. . . 0 ATTRACTANTGOLDisthe (’0‘\ “RAIL IAIIUA‘S ' ladies‘version. the perfect ' ' perfume substitute. & A:::;:|eosus £10.95 paid. ON YOUR DRONDALE no 60BROL'GHTON STREET RECENT can help ypu EDINBURGH Free Helpline Access/Visa03l 5561471 M A R R l Ah E - Warning: not lorthe lainthearted Tel. 071 281 8889

A-\ I) I Compaq Deskpro 386/20c 4/40. £950. llercules graphics station (‘ard +3811}. £250. NRC-ll). 16in monitor £250. (‘oreldraw 2.0. £100. Immaculate complete 1 system with DOS. Windows. I mouse.extras.£l50llono. Phone03l 5562787.

I Saxophone for sale Selmcr ““Pl‘m‘n? MW“ “" "3' 33" l Oll‘flifxtlRulijtfgllttsul

I . t i . 7148' ' £450ono. Phonell-ll 3308919.


If you would like To be in The audience for The Television recording, in Glasgow, of a brand new, off-beat, seriously funny siTuaTion comedy:


on Thursday 12 March 1992 at 7pm

Write for tickets to: Kathy Nettleship. CP ProducTions Ltd. 8 Lonsdale Road. London NW6 6RD Closing date: 28th February 1992

(Minimum age: 16 years) 00.00.0000...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


I Desperate to record a demo but . can’t afford it'.’ (‘all Lesleyon I 03 555 221 for value-for-money studio time.

I Immediate work available for multi-instrumentalist and or pechssionist. Phone