. ' . ' .i I Midday some“ Stevenson “ant 100 chfrcw Street. 332 5057. 10am. ' 3:2)2énd the symphom N05 sec also RSAMD~ 100 Ra‘me Simm- 332 5057~ Free. The Lawrence Glover Memorial EdInbu'gh I Songs Sacred and Profane Concert Hall. 1Pm° Adm'ss‘on free by “CR”; Thc 5C0 Prize Competition - Schumann‘s chamber I Marriage of Figaro Playhouse Theatre. Glasgow University. Tickets: at door. Chamber Ensemble. 8""? the {"5‘ music with piano. Greenside Place. top of Leith Walk. 557 7.30pm. £4 (£2). An evening ofmusicfor performance of White Lines byJanc TU ES D AV 1 2590. 7.15pm. Extra date: Fri 13. See Sat vocal and instrumental ensemble by Sargncrlail‘ldbA gecfld Giggc‘iifvoss _ 29. Glasgow. . . . . .- . -. na geril y au ones. lnls ingup gggfgianéhgfiz “an. chwsm and with Schumann's Op 44 Piano Quintet. G I ' U R S D 1 2 . I The WWW" 003"“ Ki'mardinny ' I Lunchtime Concert Hutchcsons‘ Hall. 2 House. 50 Kilmardinny Avenue. 943 john Strch Tickets; at door. .- 0312. 7-459m- String quartets by Haydn. 1 . l5pm—2pm. £1 .50. Students ofthc I Lunchtime Concert Concert ilall. Fliegiit door. Jam“ and Brahms' “mi” DCPt Ol‘hc RSAMD 0'88ng University: 1-15pm. Free at 1 I 10pm. The Edinburgh Quartet with i IThe Concerto Project New Lanark door. The RSAMD Chamber Ensemble. string quancts by Mozart (K172) and . V1s1tors Centre. Further info/tickets: 031 director James Durrant. plays Mozart‘s Sibelius. I Edinburgh University Concert Reid 557 6802 (SCO). 7.30pm. Pupils of Quintetfor horn and strings and the ()cm I the Gypsy Baron King'sThcatrc‘ chcn Concert Hall. Bristo Square. Free at door. B1ggar.Carluke and Lesmahagow High 0;) 32 by Spohr. Street. 229 12()1_7.30pm' Extra dates. l.l0pm. Organists Stephen Doughty and Schools and Lanark Grammar present the I Celebrity Recital Stevenson Hall. wed 4‘ Thurs 5‘ F116. Sat 7_ £547. See Andrew Wilson. results ofthe SCO education project. led RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street, 332 5057, Mon 2. I R80 Usher Hall. Lothian Road. 228 by Gordon McPherson. linked to Peter 7.30pm. £7.50 (£5). John Lill plays music I 155. 7.30pm. Extra date: Sat 7. Glasgow. Maxwell Davies‘s Slralhclyde Concerto for piano by Beethoven. Brahms. Chopin W E D N 4 £4—£17.50 (standby £3.50). Walter No 6. to be premiered by the orchestra (Ballade No 4 in Fminor) and Schumann Weller. the orchestra‘s Musical Director. later in March. (Carnai'al). conducts a very popular based programme h - h h . suns Masterclass Stevenson “a”. of Rossini‘s William Tell overture. In RSAMD. loo chrrcw Street. 332 5057, Beethoven‘s f’astowl SWPIW'W find I La Traviata Playhouse Theatre. I Edinburgh University Concert Reid 2pm. Free. Brass masterclass directed by TCha'kPVSKXS V’Ol’" ""“em’ “"1" Greenside Place. top of Leith Walk. 557 Concert Ilall. Bristo Square. 1.10pm. irumpcicr John wanacc, Che-Liane Lin as solve}- 2590. 7.15pm. Extra dates: Thurs 12. Sat Free at door. Pupils ofSt Mary‘s Music I sco City Hall. Candleriggs. 227 5511. I "'9 GYPSY 33'0" King 8 Thwmfi Levy" 14. see Fri 2s. Glasgow. School in lunchtime concert. 7.30pm. Extra date: Thurs 5. Edinburgh. 5"?“ 1 22? 1201‘ 7-30Pm- 5“” dim: 5‘“ I Nelson Hall Concert Nelson Hall. I Spring Concert Scottish National Gallery £2,504] 1, Barry Tuckwcn is soloist in 715—17500 MO" 3- McDonald Road Library. off Leith Walk. of Modern Art. Belford Road. Strauss‘s Horn Concch No 1. Jose R 7 FTCC at door. 7.45pm. Th0 TOVCy TriO- 1.15pm—2pm. Tickets: at door. £3 (50p). Screbricr is conducmr in Haydn‘S La piano. horn and clarinet give the last in Young Composers Scotland a new group I’m-same and Beethoven‘s Symphony No this year’s series of free recitals. committed to performing the work of 7. young Scottish composers. I Glasgow UHiVCTSity Chapel Chat! . Organ Reflial Glasgow University,- . La Traviata Playhouse Tithth . Glasgow University Chapel. 7.30pm. Free Chapel. 3pm. Tickets: at door. James Greenside Place. top of Leith Walk. 557 at door, Lancelot of Durham Cathedral playsa . O 2590- 7-15Pm~ EX"?! dim” 31” 14~ 599 Fri Ed, h h sclccmm Morgan music in a celebrity I Competttlon‘Stevensop Hall. RSAMD. 28. Glasgow. . _ . In urg recital for the Royal College “(Organism- 1‘00 Renfrew Street. 33-;5tis7.‘ifiitm. . _ I Edinburgh University Renaissance . Hamsicho'd Recflal French Institute. 13 I “so Glasgow Royal (“men “a”. 2 Free. The iilidinBRalittjy I Eliaefitimpetltlon Singers Grey/friars R1rk.( andlemake’r Randolph Crcsccm‘ 225 5366. 7.30pm. Sauchichunstwct. Tickets: 227551 1' it)‘;\ll(')iltthtind the o ert 1g gate door.y7.45p.m. £4(£..). Martin Souter plavs works by Couperin. 7-30Pm- “417-5” (Standby B-Soi- 399 m m ‘m .li?‘ . H . .t EL RS‘ dint“)? Niel Q Regun‘ are CPE Bach and Du'mcniw Sc'arlam. Fri 6‘ Edinburgh. I Competltlon‘Gumness Room. RSAMD. jOlnCd by Scottish (rabrlell Ensemble I The Gypsy Baron Km ,' - Th ..t s L w . - 100 Renfrcw Street. 332 5057. 10am. for an eliciting programme of Schutz. E‘ 5 L“ rL' L Ln Free. The Watson Forbesl’rize Gabriell and other le'ldin v Ren'liss'ince Street. 229 I201 . 7.30pm. Extra dates: C M, m fur viola hvc“ 1 y i c is r ._t Thurs 5. Fri 6. Sat 7. £5—£7. Sec Mon2. I Edinburgh University Musical Society “min I u p ' ' Lon ix 5”” TH U 5 Chorus aqd ifCheSifZMCtiy'28 iiiiiil.li3r::tt) S uare. ‘ic cm: at oor. .. pm. ay n's . 7;i1(,(.rmli(mmnductcd byJumCSWhiw In the presence of H.R.H. The Princess Margaret I The Gypsy Baron King's Theatre. LCVL‘II I Lunchtime Concert Concert Ilall. Street. 229 120] . 2.30pm and 7.30pm. 2 5 t h A n n i v e r S a r y Glasgow University. 1.15pm. Free at £5—£7. See Mon 2.

door. A programme of Russian song performed by tenor Algirdas Janutas and N 8

pianist Gintarc Skerytc. I St Petershurg Exchange C'lncert Glasgow

Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew I Promenade Music Courtyard. The Street. 332 5057. 7.30pm. Admission free Burrell Collection. Pollok (‘ountry Park. by ticket. Top performers from the Pollokshaws Road. 2pm—5pm. Free at RSAMD prior to their exchange visit to St door. Senior pupils from Gordonstoun

Pctersburg State (.‘onservatoire. in a School,

Concert of music for voice. clarinet. viola. I Promenade Music Library. The Burrell

percussion and pianos which includes the Collection. Pollok Country Park.

first performance of a new work by l’ollokshaws Road. 4pm—5pm. Free at

Andrew Robson. ()ther works by Mozart. door. Gordonstoun pupils' flute and piano ‘A

Peter lnness. Brahms and Rachmaninov. trio

I 830 330 Studio One. BBC. Quccn i I Concert West Kirk. I lelensburgh. - - _

Margaret Drive. TiCkctS: from BBC i Admission: at door. 7pm. Music from 1

Reception. Queen Margaret Drive. pupilsof l Iermitage Academy.

7.30pm. Free. Matthias Bamcrt conducts i I Glasgow Chamber Orchestra Stevenson

Rossini‘s overture to .S‘emi'ramirle and the Hall. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street. 332 M d . I R h . S I

Symphony No 8 by Dvorak. 5057. 7.30pm. £4 (£2.50). An all-French : e I C a e S e a r c l n C 0 t a n d

evening including Faure's I’t’llcas c! DENNIS O’NEILL MARIE SLORACH Melisa/tile sum: and the Songs ()flllt’ ; LINDA ORM15TON DONALD MAXWELL

The Glasgow Jewish Choral Society The City of Glasgow Philharmonic Orchestra

conducted by

I Spring Concert Scottish National Gallery A were"? by (‘antclvuhc with lrcnc of Modern Art. Belford Road. Tickets: at Drummond 1‘5 WIN“-

door. 1.15pm—2pm. £3 (50p). The North ' Winds Quintet play Sweelinck. Bach.

Hindemith and Zcmlinksy. I Organ Recital Grcyfriars Kirk.


I The Gypsy Baron King SThCMTC- LCVCn Candlemaker Row. Tickets: 668 2019 m I 0'

Street. 229 1201.7.30pm. Extra dates: Fri (Queen's Hall Box Office), 4_3()pm. £4 1 ' "

6.5817- £5—£7- 300 MO" 2- (£3). Music by JS Bach. Mendelssohn and POPULAR OPERATE WES PRELUDES

I 8C0 Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. 668 Vicrnc performed by Timothy j AR'AS ENSEMBLES 5‘ CHORUSES by

2019. 7.45pm. L‘HIZ. Sec ch4. Byram-Wigfield ofSt Mary's Episcopal : “wwgh'mf‘fismgg’ym

Glasgow. Cathedral. . __m FRmAY 5 {Eilggt'gtlfiWflihg'atgg'ggmmnl ! rat classes new casein-t- Han.

arls urc . 1c e s: _ ' (Queen‘s Hall Box Office). 7pm. £5. ' SLNDAYSAPRH' 1992 “7'30 pm Durufle Requiem and Dvorak Mass in I) i Tickets £7.50, £10, £15, £17.50, £20 I Workshop Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. with Morley Whitehead. organ.

Personal 8: postal booking to Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 2 Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow ()2 Telephone booking 041-227 5111 Credit Cards accepted

i l l i l l

100 chfrew Street. 332 5057. l lam. _ Free. Short pieces by Jane Gardner and M 0 N 9

David Paul Jones in open rehearsal with

the SCO players prior to concert

performance at midday. I Competition Stevenson Hall. RSAM l). ""qu‘m’i 'h' am" "WWW" 1”

11.: Medical and Dental om: ulna» of Scotland 5: Madrid" Stmhousr UK in: J

The List 28 February :TitCiareti 196271