I MARYHILL SKATEBOARD PARK Garbraid Community Centre. Free.

Film I GROSVENOR CINEMA Ashton Lane Hillhcad. 339 4298/7814.

Cally Kids Club Sat 2pm. 80p. Films. cartoons and games.

i i Th i I, L I s T l N G s IOUeEgNS‘fiALLClerkSt.668345o.

Magic Bob meets Mr Boom Sat 29 Feb 1 1am.

£2. Two ofthe best on the children‘s entertainment circuit.

i layoutlaidimmhc SW10 “0% George's Marliellous Medicine,Pavilion

Theatre . Acuvmes and Fun 1 I museum or CHILDHOOD 42 High Street. ; I KOKOS (‘raigpark New (.‘ruiehall road. I MERCAT THEATRE Drumchape1.944 I CRAWFORD ARTS CENTREJordanhill E 225 2424. 1 (369 9085. Mort—Fri 1(1am-opm.9(lmins f 9022. College. 76 Southbrac Drive. 9503437. I The History otJigsaws Until Sat 28 Mar. sessmns from £243. Adventure maze. i Snow White Fri ll) Mar 1.3(1 and 7pm. Kids mama WOWSIIOPSTUC (8-108). The humble puzzle from its conception to . bmmc)’ CilSth. softplay area and climbing 3 £1: adults £2 (£5 iffrom outside the ' Thurs( l 1—13s); 4—6.30pm. £1 per class. present day. Also permanent display ' "01H3 upwards [ml UHdCf 4 f17|n)._ ! Drumchapel area). I’urves Puppets in a . Low-key classes with the emphasis on fun. ' includes toys. children's costumes and slot 3 I ROYAL EOTANIC GARDEN lnvcrleltn glittering show. I CUMBERNAULD THEATREOZ36 732887. machines. Iéovyl'. 552p 1731. I)zlll}"lilitlttt-1—4pmt;)l. l-ree. 2 'vv .332 Sat 1.15 m. Kids£1.25; adults£l.75. - - - :xp oret te ornean .ong ouse TOJCCI. | :gggwuo" THEATRE] ] Rmm M i (3—11s).p : agiant jungle Wendy house which looksat 1 Gear e's Marvellous Medicine Wed 4—Sat 7 Mr Bones Sat 29 Feb. 1 I MNSUE pARK LEIS RE CENTRE Pinon the conservation of the rainforests. MargMatinees 10am and 1.31)an Kids Pictish Puppets Sat 7 Mar. i Drive. 55] 240” U l I THEATRE-WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton £3.75; adults £5.25. Sat 1.30pm and 7pm. . I GLASGOW ZOO (.‘alderpark. wide range ofsporting activitieslor mac“ 326 5+1“ 5 kids £4.50: adults £5.75. See panel. L7ddingstt)n. TH 1185. Children including trampolininu‘ ! Fun Facmry Slmduys l_~2 Mi”. Hilm- £3- ° ' ' Dim." mam—512m~ Kids“ ~90; “dUIL‘B- beginners karate. aikido and dance | Dress up‘ make priips' playgamcwnd Lions.tigers and bears. Classes. i perform at an activity packeddrama I HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrews Drive. E I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street.887 I BLACKHALL LIBRARY Sh I’lnlhnusc sessions. Booking advisable but the 427 2725. Moms“ 1()um_5pmh 1010. Sat 1.30pm. Kids 75p: adultsU-25. Road. 557 1265 ! factory vvtll be back-due to popular 12am—6pm on Sun. : WCCH."C"‘C”“'“WC“‘ {Wm W‘de Best Books for Children Fri 28 mi. Free. 1? “33m” "Pm-“"1”- . Inspired by the Hobbit A show put together “"lhpi‘rcm"guard'a"' , . i An all-day event for children and parents. ' I . STON SKATEBOARD PARK He“ by members ofthe Special Unit at 28". The 9°mpu‘e'wm Tenms Shoes 5‘" I EDINBURGH ZOO (‘orstorphine Road. I Fl I m Barlinnie. Also permanent activitiesand *9 Feb' F'Im' 334 9171. 1)aily‘)am—4.3(lpm. Kids £2; ; - exhibits including period rooms. quiz MI 890'“ 52" 7 ME” I adults £335,113”,liomandhwre I EDINBURGH FILMHOUSE Lothtan Road. sheets and treasurc hum curds, Famlly cm" sesswns Cd “lilm‘l -3(I3m- I (303mg cny FARM 51 (‘mrgic Road. 337 l 228 2688. Saturday matinees 2pm. £1.70. I SCOTLAND STREET museum Scotland I 90W" 5573 CENTRE 71 limcsstrccli 4202. I Le Petite Bande ( L' ) sat 29 Put». A groupof Street. 429 1202. Br'dgcmnt 53“ 7449-. Daily gamqpm. Frcc, Spring has sprung i Children cross the (‘hannel in search of Charles Rennie Mackintosh-designed Pane” Classes '07 Chad's.“ anurdaxs so dt'm‘i miss the Chance to SC} lambs. ; adventure. An enchanting French film SChOOI “'hICh “0W hou-‘CS W‘de SChOOI inpm' Yearly [ncmhmh'p “501135505 bab,V guinea Pigs and baby rabbits in the “mm”! dmkn‘iuc‘ , rooms. Each landing has a hopscotch ()p' centre of the town. i The Black Stallion ( I] I but 7 Mar.

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Tues 14th April - Sat 2nd May A it y i TICKETS from £3 - £20.50 _

1 J "The hills £17 3 alivem " Tickets available from The Ticket Centre, Candlen'ggs and all Ticket Link Box Offices. : "My favourite things”. ii ,,> k Tex, Enquiries and Credit Cards - Tel: 041-227 5511 "Edelwezss " "Clzmb every mountazn " g I FAX'A'T'CKET- 041227 5015

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