been seen since.

I The Mary Whitehouse Experience ( BBCZ) 9—9.3(lpm. The return of the facctious four. Steve Punt. llugh Dennis. Rob Newman and David Baddiel. with their blend of Essex-style humour. See preview.

I thirtysomething (Channel 4) lf)—l().55pm. The dreary drama lurches towards its conclusion. Melissa receives a photo assignment in Hollywood and begins to feel good about herself.

I Ex-S: 0n Stony Ground ( BBCl)

ll). If)—l(l.4tlpni. The Scottish filmmaker Bill Douglas. who died last year is profiled. Director Lindsay Anderson is joined by Jeremy lsaacs. lmelda Staunton. Eileen Mc(‘allum. Terence Davies and Ian Sellars in paying tribute to one of Scotland’s most talented directors. See preview.

I Sport In Question (Scottish)

10.45— l 1 .45pm. Archie Macpherson presents the sports discussion show. tonight tackling soccer. snooker and boxing controversies with guests'l'erry Butcher. lan Doyle. Barry I learn and journalist Alex Cameron.

I Global Image: Utopias (Channel 4) 10.55pm—1 .Ztlain. A portrait ofseven different versions of socialism as seen through the lives of several activists. 1 lot strong coffee maybe needed. . .


I Scottish International (Scottish) 6.3tl-7pm. Margo MacDonald wonders whether Scotland should regard itself as part of the Third World rather than asa developed country.

I Gamesmaster(Channel 4)o.3(l—7pm. Dominik Diamond presents the lively and original show dcy oted to computer and arcade games. Tonight. boxer Barry McCiuigan gets his glove round a joystick. I Men Behaving Badly (Scottish) 8.3fl—9pm. llarry Enfield and Martin Clunes play a couple of flatmates of

contrasting character but both in love with Leslie Ash. Tonight they each try to impress her in radically different ways.

I Murder Squad (Scottish) 9— ltlpm. Scotland Yard allowed film cameras to follow their famous Murder Squads in action. The third programme looks at the strangest case in the series. concerninga missing baby.

I Without Walls: J'Accuse (Channel 4) 9-9.3(lpm. Russell Davies. mediocre I’imeli writer gets stuck into the reputation of Sir Laurence Olivier. claiming that the late Lazza was nothing more than a useful technician. And there was me thinking he w as an actor. . .

I Without Walls: Serge Gainsbourg (Channel 4) 9.3(l—ltlpm. Known over here solely for the heavy breathing/e 1'24 ime. in France he was regarded as theirgreatest songwriter and poet. What a sad bunch they are over the Channel. This documentaryfeatures rare footage of his work with Brigitte Bardot and (‘atherine Deneuve and his controversial video for Lemon Irit't’sl.

I Rides (BBCI ) 9.3(l— ltl.2(lpm. Jill Baker stars as Patrice Jenner. still shaky after her encounter with (‘olonel North (no. not that one silly. . .)She decides to takea break in the country at daughter Beki's insistence.

I 40 Minutes: Elvis In Jarrow ( BBCZ) (ISO—10.30pm. Pub entertainers Elvis. Junior. Geno and the rest are all tovarying degrees suffering from mental or physical illness. Are they a freak show' or genuine performers?

I Film 92 (BBCI) 10.2(l—l 1.05pm. Barrv Norman talks to the ()scarless film director Martin Scorsese about his latest shocker. Cape Fear. and his previous work.


I Rapid’o (BBCZ) 7.3(l—8pm. Antoine De (‘auncs presents an exclusive report on London‘s hip nitespot the Ministry Of

Sound and catches up with Ride and the award-laden Seal.

I The Food File (Channel “8.30-9me The start of a new series featuringthe tubby Dutton family. They agree to swap their lard-packed diet for Mediterranean cuisine as part of an eight-week experiment under the guidance of dietician Amanda U rsell.

I The Golden Girls (Channel 4)

10— 10.30pm. Rose attempts to rewrite the ending of Dorothy's school play.

I Frantic (Scottish) l(l.4()pm— l 2.55am. A nicely made but ultimately turgid Paris thriller from Roman Polanski. llill‘rlStHI Ford plays a conference delegate who. after a series of misadventures. enters a stirrcalfi'lm nuir world. accompanied by a swinging punkette Emmanuelle Seigner.


I The Big One (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. ll'liost' Line Is It. . . regulars Mike McShane and Sandi 'l'oksvig get their own sitcom. He plays a large American writer with a tidiness fixation forced to share a flat with Toksvig's slobbish copywriter. (‘ould be OK if she manages tocoiiceal that awful hockey team captain accent she usually employs.

I Focal Point: Money To Burn ( BBCI) 8.3(I—9pm. Arson is a crime where fewer than one in five of the perpetrators is ever caught. The head of Strathclyde Region's fire-fighting force calls for radical new measures. including the creation of a L'S-style task force.

I LA Law (Scottish) 9— l(lpm. More writs and personal crises in the offices of the LS legal eagles.

I Red Dwarf (BBCZ) 9—9.3(lpm. Rimmer. Lister. Kryten. (‘at and Holly the computer encounter a moon which takes on the psyche of visitors. imprisoning Rimmer inside his own sordid little mind. I The Camomile Lawn ((‘hannel 4)

9—1 lpm. The first episode of(‘hannel 4's big-budget period drama. Paul liddington

and Felicity Kendal star in the adaptation of Mary Wesley‘s novel recalling heady days just prior to the start of the war. See preview

I Fire In The Blood ( BBCZ) 9.3o—lil.2(lpm. The final programmme in the serieson Spain looks at the thriving province of (‘atalonia and wonders if the rest ofthe country could learn from their example. Satirist Albert Boadella points out that reliability can be boring.

I NB (Scottish) lil.45-—l l . ISpm. Entertainment events reviewed and previewed by Janice Forsyth. Bryan Burnett and Allan Campbell.

I The Making Of One ((‘hannel 4)

ll --l 1.15pm. A short film covering L3 in Berlin making the video for their latest single.


I In Sickness And Health ( BliCl)

8- 8.30pm. The tired old bigot Alf(iarnett persuades Mrs l lolliiigberry to cut his toenails. Now doesn't this smack ever-so-slightly of a dearth of ideas'.’

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9— 9.30pm. (‘lifftries to become a stand-up comedian. while (‘arla's son decides to be a priest.

A ~\

I Roseanne (Channel 4) llL-lll.3(lpnt. A brand new series of the tubby L'S sitcom that is several leagues ahead ofanything the home channels are currently producing. Roseanne and Dan are somewhat nonpltissed when daughter Becky wants to go on the pill.

I SilkwoodUiBCl ) ll).2(lpm—12.35am.



II sruos g-

The World's Rounchiesf Dating Game


62 The List 28 February 12 March 1992