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bleeding-heart liberal.


Buzz with excitement with the thrill of computer games. Gasp in amazement at the Bread and Puppet Theatre. Grin with embarrassment at Spinal Tap.

v . _ U ALI. THIS I’LUS: Rickie Lee Jones, Jesus and Mary C liain. 5 ' ' Harry Enl‘ield. Melanie Griffiths, Michael Douglas. Guy

J ' t " Osbourne. .lethro Tull. Dancing at Lughnasa. Second Stride. 1 A. (.‘ommunicado. Laurie Booth and many more.

72 The List 28 February- 12 March 1992 Printed by Scottish County Press. Sherwood Industrial Estate. Bonnyrigg. Midlothian. Tel: 031 663 2404.