Like the Mary Chain themselves, My Bloody Valentine lorced people to

\ , completely revise theirview at what a ‘rock’ sound was like. Upon the release oi the now-legendary ‘Glider’ EP in 1990, Brian Eno pronounced that it had ‘set a new standard ior pop. It’s the vaguest piece at music ever to have been a hit.’ Alter running up studio bills at a quarter oi a million pounds lorthe LP ‘Loveless’ - worth every penny-

. they have parted company with

Creation Records.

Dinosaur Jr posed plenty oi questions themselves, namely just how can someone sing like J. Mascis and stay awake? Bursts oi ramshackle brilliance, like the singles ‘Freak Scene’ and ‘The Wagon', showed that ior all the unevenness at their live shows they were capable at music just as blissed-out as any Hacienda-bound

In such company, Blur will have to

work double-hard to shine, but as the best group to come out oi Colchester since Modern English, they‘ve . obviously got a head start. Deiinite 60s ] inlluence and lashionable monosyllablc name, but their ‘chameleon-llke’ tendencies could ensure them a longer lile span than many at their contemporaries.

The List 13 26 March 199213