I Lou Reed's hamster dies and inspires another 60-minute song cycle. Laughing Lou is atthe Edinburgh Playhouse and sold out a long time ago (around the time olthe motorbike ads wasn't it— Ed). See Music listings.


I 'I got an Oscar betore you dearie.‘ Jessica Tandy gets one up on Kathy Bates in

Fried Green Tomatoes. See

I Those Antipodean Scots sure stick out in a crowd. Ex-Blow Monkey Dr Robert checks out the vibes tor his Glasgow gig. See Music listings.

I “Provincial. nous?’ Cynthia Geary and John Cullum are just two olthe local yokels you'll encounter in Channel 4's new ottbeat drama Northern Exposure. See TV preview.

I Bread and Puppet Theater (they're Americans) presentthe ugly lace of message theatre (about Columbus) at Glasgow Tramway. See Theatre preview.



‘Mr Major is wrong when he insists we should stand by the union. Scotland could only benefit from having its freedom.‘

The Scottish edition of The Sun gets behind the drive for Scottish independence.

‘The Prime Minister deserves credit for standing by the union. . . lfthe Scots do decide to take the high road they might have precious few bawbees in their sporrans.‘

The English edition of The Sun gets behind the drive. . . eh, waita minute. . .

‘Everyone who rides it gets off smiling.‘

Sir Clive Sinclairflnds at least one reason why his new invention, the like an electronic bike should be more popular than the C5.

‘The books have been updated and we will be going with the 19905‘ Noddy who uses unleaded petrol in his car.‘

A BBCspokesman comments on the non-sexist, non-racist, New Man image of Enid Blyton '5 children ’5 character.

‘People come up to me from the drug days and go, ‘Hi. remember me?’ And I‘m going. ‘No, did I have sex with you? Did I take a dump in your toolbox?‘

A suitably reformed Robin Williams reflects on the not-so-good old days.

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