Begularweekly clubs plus one-off events are listed by city, then by day. then alphabetically by title. Clubs will be listed, provided that up-to-date details reach our offices at least seven days before publication. Clubs Listings compiled by James Haliburton and Andrea Baxter.


I The Ark at the Tunnel. 11pm—3.30am. £4. Rap. Italo house. techno and upfront dance music in well-trendy atmosphere. I Club Sanctuary at Reds. Strathclyde University. 9pm—2am. £1 .50 (£1). House. garage and a bit ofsoul.

I Cash at the Cotton Club. llpm—3.3Uam. £3 (£2 with matric card). Good time indie dance and chart pop. DJ Dave Ross recommends early arrival.

I Devotion at the Art School. 9.30pm—2am. £2. House and techno.

I Europa at Circa. llpm—3am. £4.50 (£2.50 with matric card). Tonight's DJs are Michael Kilkie and Paul N‘Jie playing garage and mellow house sounds.

I Fuel at Joe Paparazzi. llpm—3.30am. £2. Student-y oriented dance night.

I Goodfoot at the RAF Club. 27 Ashley Street. 8pm—lam. £3. 13 Mar only. Sixties Northern Soul. ska. jazz. reggae and garage— fortnightly.

I JuJu at the Sub Club. “pm—3.30am. £4. DJs Harri and Oscar (of Rain fame) playing funky rather than upfront dance. IJungle at Rain. 11pm—3.30am. £4 (£2 with matric card). Nick Peacock and Nigel Hayes with funk. soul. jazz and Latin music. going for an older. Sandino type crowd.

I Loog at Rooftops (Secrets Lounge). 10.30pm—3am. £2. Groovy mix of60s garage. ska. psychedelia and soul with 90s indie and grunge sounds.

I Phasers 0n Stun at Level 8. Strathclyde University.9pm—2am.£1.50(£1). ' Alternative. indie. with Star Trek fetish. I Radio City at the Mayfair (Cameo Suite). 10pm—2.30am. £2. Well-known rock and pop classics that you‘ve probably got at home. Watch out for creepy guys tryingto chat you up.

I Shag at Fury Murry‘s. llpm—late. £3.

classic chart hits and silly singalongs.

I The Slow Club at the Apollo. 8pm—midnight. Free. Every Fridayin March from 13th. Mooted asa pre-club club. playing slow music (hence the name. pop pickersl)ofall types. What. like quite

56 minus"; 26 March-1992


Started in November of last year, Delirium, on Wednesdays in Edinburgh’s Music Box, has been proving increasingly popular. Not ones to rest on their Iaurels, however, the

three organisers, Steph, Hat and Bea,

are looking to the future with plans to introduce regular live bands as well as a newsletter detailing forthcoming events and pertinent issues.

Events kickoff on 25 March with a benefit gig in aid of the Edinburgh Hunt Saboteurs. June Frost, a New Zealand band who combine folk and rock, will join the heavy funk sounds of Papa's Magic Beard and Edinburgh's folk rockers Pure Blind Panic. The night


runs from 10.30pm—3am and admission is £3.50 with £3 concessions. Meanwhile, check out ten of the records currently getting the house jumping at Delirium.

1. Chumbawamba: Whitewash. A satirical description of Unilever’s policies. immensely danceable.

2. HDF: Landing Party. Ultimate Crusty stomp.

3. Bob Marley: Three Little Birds. Smooth reggae vibes in an all-time classic.

4. The Rolling Stones: Sympathy For The Devil. Mick Jagger’s condemnation of the Lucifer in mankind in a song that clears the seats.

5. Led Zeppelin: Whole Lotta Love. Hold on to your pants for a triple climax.

6. The Pogues: Sally MacLennane. Shane McGowan encourages a drunken fling (take care).

7. The Dead Kennedys: Holiday in Cambodia. The best punk politics combined with infectious rifts.

8. The Levellers: One Way. ldeallstic and poignant, this song elevates the spirit.

9. Jimi Hendrix: Crosstown Traffic. One of the best from the greatest.

10. The Velvet Underground: Venus in Furs. Appallingly tuned violin combines with death-like lyrics to create a raw beauty.


Enjoyable mish-mash of indie-dance. pop.

slow. very slow. and a bit on the slow side'.’

Anyway. Massive Attack make art appearance on the play list. sowe're happy.

I Rock Club at The Venue. 10pm -3am. £2.50 (£6 for weekend ticket). Rock. metal. thrash. punk. goth and ‘good indie sounds‘. All drinks £1.

I Time at Heaven. l0pm— 3.30am. £5 (£3.50with matric card). ()riginal rave sounds with Terry and Jason.

IThe Volcano 10pm ~2am. £3 (£3 with matric card). Chart and techno; v ery busy and poseur-full.

IThe Alhambra Spin—midnight. Free. Pub _

withlive DJ.

IAsylum at the Network. 10.30pm—2.30am. £3.

I Bennet's l Ipm~3.3ilam. £2.50.

I Calhouse at Hollywood Studios. llpm--3.30am. £2.50 (£1.50with ticket ). Rock club.

I Cleopatra's 10.30pm 2.30am. £3.

I Follies l0.30pmv3.30am. £4. (£1.50 before 1 1.30pm).

I Stomp at Mardi (iras. 10.30pm-3.30am. £3.50.

I Xposed at ( 'Iub Xchange. llpm—late. £3.50.


IAtlantis at the Sttb ( ‘Iub 1 1pm» 3.30am. £6. House and techno sounds. crowded and trendy.

I Casbah at Rain. 10pm—330am £41..»

Funk. soul and jazz with DJs ()liverand Gordon.

I Club Mandela at ('lyde Hall. b‘pm—2am. £4 £2. l4 Mar ONLY. Note the new venue for the monthly ska reggae African music night run by .»\nti-Apartheid. Bound to be busy and with a good atmosphere. especially with special guests the wonderfully named Ska-B-Dugs.

I Decadence at (‘irca. llpm—3am. £7 (£5 members). l'pl‘ront dance in one room. soul. funk and a \"II’ bar in theother.

I Defect at Fury Murry's. llpm~late. £3.50. Dance music and 80s pop for the medium-hip student types.

I Divine at the Art School. I lpm—2.30am. £2.50. A bargain the entry price covers not only the very bUsy

psychedelic garage soul club. Divine. but upstairs as well. which alternates weekly between Tankin' (indie and pop. 21 Mar) and Neighbourhood (jazz. fttnk. hip hop and dttb. 14 Mar).

I Dream Sequence at Root‘tops(seerets lounge). 10.30pm—3am. £2.50. Agood selection of indie dance faves in congenial atmosphere with your host ‘L'ncle' T-(‘oy I Filth Dimension at (ilasgow Polytechnic. l0pm-~3am. Students and guestsonly. 'l'raditional (trans. ‘boring') indie and goth night.

I Heaven l0pm~3.30am. £7. Two floors of rave and dance.

I Heller Skelter at the Mayfair.

l . i l0pm 2.30am. £2. Sad old bikers and

youngsters who think that Jimbo Morrison is God.

I Big lied Fun Bus at the Network. 9pm—2.30am. £3. Student night.

I Rock Club at The Venue. l()pm—3am. £2.50. More ()0s and 70s rock alongthe lines of Friday night.

I Saturday Afternoon Sessions at King Tut's Wah Wah Ilut. 1.30—4.30pm. Free. 14 March only. Ex-Hypnotonic and Good Vibe Club DJs launch an experiment in clubbing for those junkies who just can't fit in enough dancing at the weekend. with jazz. funk. soul. house. garage and hip-hop. every month.

I The Tunnel 1 lpm-late. £6. Big dance night for the well-dressed more 60s grooves in Room 2. Extremely busy—by the time you get to the dancefloor. your chosen record is over.

I Unity Reggae Club at The Apollo. l0pm—lam. £2. 21 Mar ONLY. Very popular reggae and African dance night in a very small venue. so come early or don‘t bother.

I The Volcano 10pm-2am. £4 (£3 with matric card). Student night with Rab and Alan. retro and progressive dance grooves.

I Wild at the Cotton Club. llpm—3.30am. £4 (£3 with flyer). Commercial (trans. ‘feeble; Gary Davies likes it') dance and pop.

I The Alhambra 8pm—midnight. Free. Pub with live DJ.

I Bennet's i 1pm—3.30am. £3.

I Blackout at the Sub Club. 7.30— 10.30pm. £3. Under 18s.

I Calhouse at Hollywood Studios. llpm—3.30am. £3.50 (£3 with ticket). Rock club.

I Cleopatra's 10.30pm—2.30am. £3.50.

I Follies 10.30pm—3.30am. £5.

I Heaven Under 18s 7pm—l(lpm. £4x£3 with flyer. DJ Marc Smith.

I Joe Paparazzi's 1 lpm—3.30am. £5.

I Libra at Hollywood Studios. l()pm—3am. £3.50. Over-25s disco.

I Mardi Gras l0.30pm—3.30am. £5.

lThe Network 630— 10pm. £2 (£1 .50with leaflet). Paisley under- 18s disco.

I Strathclyde University Union 9pm—2am. £2.50. Students and guests only. Studenty on Level 8. very popular dance and techno in Reds with Two Man Sound.

I The Tunnel L'nder- 18s club. 730—] lpm. '


I Blueprint at Circa. llpm—3am. £3 (£2 members). Sace and Easy present jazz. Latin. soul and funk.

I Bob's Full House at The Volcano. l0pm—2am. £2. Daft disco with Robert and chttms. watch out for super postcards. I The Cage at the Sub Club. l()pm—Zam. £2. Upfront dance. funk and soul with a cult following.

I The Double Deckers at Fury Murry's. l0pm—2am. 50p (with matric card or leaflet) £1. Tam and Dave‘s groovy mix of indie. dance. pop and soul.

I Limbo at Rain. llpm—3.30am. £3’£2. Nigel and Harri play underground house through to James Brown funk to the trendies. Look out for free passes.

I The Network 10.30pm—late. £2. The Avengers: fun night with Continental house and Balearic beats. Drinks promos. I Tighten Up at the Cotton Club. 10.30pm—3.30am. £2. Mod/skinhead