A selection at television highlights. listed by day. in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Tom Lappin.


I 100% (BBCZ) 7. lS—Spm. The youth magazine show cove rs skating in Paris. the latest news from the art world and an investigation into youngoffenders‘ institutions.

I Short Stories: The Big Issue (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. The Big Issue is Britain‘s first newspaper produced by the homeless. This documentary looks at the paper and the extraordinary characters who sell it on the street.

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9—9.3(ipm. A birthday surprise for his son reveals a well-kept secret from Frasier's past.

I Growing Rich (Scottish) 9—1tipm. Continuing the Fay Weldon drama series set in the Fens with the satanic driver (Martin Kemp) returning for Carmen.

I Arena: Otto Dix-A Tale 0t Two Germanies (BBCZ) 9.3(1—1t).3()pm. Dix. whose works were burned by the Nazis as examples of degeneracy. has been acclaimed as the last great German artist ofour times. Nicola Roberts‘s film looks at the influence ofthe painter who. before unification. insisted on holding passports for both sides of the wall.

I Educating Rita (BBC) )9.3(H 1 .Zopm. Willy Russell‘s screen adaptation of his stage play is shown as part of the BB("s Adult Education initiative. Julie Walters plays Rita. a 26-year-old hairdresser who decides to enrol in an ()pen L'niversity literature course. where she encounters

the drunken and disillusioned don Michael (Taine.

I Roseanne ((‘hannel 4) ll)— 10.30pm. Dan and Roseanne start their custom motorcycle business. only they can‘t seem to sell any bikes. Meanwhile. Becky isin charge at home which means it‘s party time.

' i ii“, ". I Rock The Box: Under The Cherry Moon (Channel 4) Midnight—1.50am. Another of Prince's lavish showbiz fantasies. He plays a poor musician in the South of France who falls in love with a beautiful heiress. Needless to say. herold dad isn't too sold on the idea. Ludicrous plot and overblown performances (look out for Steven Berkoff and Francesca Annis)but sortie hummable tunes. as they say.


I Right To Reply ((‘hannel 4)().3()—7pm. Sheena McDonald hosts another set of viewers' complaints and ideas and offers them a chance to tackle the programme makers with their objections.

I Innerspace (BBC) ) 7.05—9pm. Joe Dante's sci-fi comedy reprises the old miniaturisation idea. shrinking Dennis Quaid down to microscopic size. Unfortunately. he is accidentally injected into a hypochondriac supermarket clerk. Predictable gags ensue.

I Fine Cut: In Black And White ( BBCZ) 7.3()—9.()5pm. Australian director Russ Karel gives a fascinating insight into US life between the wars by looking at the all-black films that flourished in the segregated cinemas.

I TV Heaven: 1978 (Channel 4)

8—] 1.10pm. Frank Muir remembers punk rock and the Argentina World Cup. Actually it‘s old TV shows he concentrates on including Edward and Mrs Simpson with Edward Fox. a South Bank Show special on Ken Dodd. and the pilot episode of Rumpole ()f The Bailey with Leo McKern as the tubby brief.

IThe Sicilian (BB(‘2)‘).()S—l 1pm. ('hristopher Lambert stars as the bandit who rather ambitiously planned to free Sicily from Italian rule and make the island the 49th state of the USA. A glamorised version of Mario Puzo's novel. with plenty of action and violence.

I Guitar Legends (BB(‘2) l 1pm—-12.3Uam. More doddery old legends indulge in laddish plank-spanking. (‘rumblies include Bob Dylan. Keith Richard. Joe Cocker. Jack Bruce and Phil Manzanera. I Court TV: America On Trial (Channel 4) ll.l()pm—12.4(lam. Featuring footage from actual trials in the American courts. Tonight's case is a custody battle with the father claiming that the mother's religious views (she is a Jehovah's Witness) put the child at risk.


I Scottish Lobby (BBCZ) Noon—12.30pm. The first Westminster-based programme dealing with Scottish issues. presented by parliamentary editor John Foster.

I Star Chamber (Channel 4) 5.3U—bpm.

Politicians get a grilling from the Star 'l'es! computer in the ‘pop politics' series. Today it's the turn ofTory MPGillian Shepherd to reveal that she grew up with rock 'n' roll.

I So Haunt Me (BBC) ) 8.35-9.05pm. The Jewish ghost is getting beyond a joke for the characters and viewers alike.

I Screaming (BBC‘I ) 9.05-9.40pm. What the world needs now is a new (.‘arla Lane sitcom? (Ewen Taylor. Jill Baker (ofth truly awful Rides) and Penelope Wilton play three friends who decide to share a man-free house (shades of The Golden Girls here). They soon discover they have more in common titan they originally thought. ..

I Burning Books ((‘htmnci 4)9.3o-1tipm. Featuring a discussion on a photographic history of London's fire-tightingforce. and a review of Dirk Bogarde‘slt’rit'lio. I Mastermind (BBC) ) 9.55--l(l.25pm. The erudite quiz hosted as ever bygrirn lcelander Magnus Magnusson. asking questions about Ibsen. Ludwig ll of Bavaria. Eleanor tiquuitaine and the Liberal Party.

I Best Sellers: Two Way Stretch (( ‘hannel 4) ML! 1.40pm. More dire earlyslapstick stuff from Peter Sellers. He plays the leader of a criminal gang (Bernard (‘ribbens and David Lodge actually) who carry out a daring robbery and establish a perfect alibi. More evidence tosuggest that British cinema has been responsible for some real turkeys.

I Screen Two: Ut2(BB(‘2)

1015- 1 1.40pm. Brenda Fricker. Paul Scofield and Peter Riegert star in the adaptation of Bruce ('hatwin's story. about a mysterious porcelain collector whose fascination with Mcissen was matched only by his sexual appetite.

I Old Boy Network (Scottish)

10.05— 10.35pm. Tom (‘onti takes a break from flogging cars to appear in this comedy about a couple ofex-spies returning to the real world.



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